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Sohbet Mawlana Syaikh Nazim Adil

Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Qubrusi Al-Haqqani
Cyprus, May 18 2003

Au'dhu billahi mina-sh-shaitani-r-rajim. Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim. La haula
wa la quwwata illa billahi-l-'aliyyi-l-'azim.

If anyone is unhappy here) I am sending him to the mental house; if happy it is good for you to be here. It is an association, nothing else, to make people, a little bit, to be with themselves. It is a humble meeting, and they are asking something but yet it is not clear to them what they are asking. Now if a person is not knowing what is necessary for him, he is a pitiful person, he is a heedless one, and he is wasting his life. Wasting his life that is the most valuable aspect or valuable thing for ourselves. They are wasting it, and at the end of that wasting, taking nothing. He is like a person giving a coin to a shopkeeper and not taking anything and leaving the shop.

What we are going to say to that person ? He put a golden coin but took nothing . After that what you are saying that person? And we are saying (ya sultanal- awliya, meded ya rijal Allah.) And we are saying; 'audhu bil-Lahi min ash-shaytani-r-rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim. La hawla wa la quwatta illa bil-Lah al-'Ali al-Adhim That is the opening for a believer. When he is going to do something or to speak, he must show to whom he belongs, because there are 2 hisib, two groups of people, hisbullah and hisbu- shaitan. So, with your words and by your actions you must show which group you are from. We are saying 'audhu bil-Lahi min ash-shaytani-r-rajim , refusing to be of the group of Satan. And by saying Bismillahi-r-Rahmani r-Rahim, we are announcing to the whole of nature, to all people and to jinn also, and to satans, that we are belonging to Allah. So we are saying Bismillahi-r-Rahmani r-Rahim.

Most people they are just tied by satan and enslaved, taken as a slave by satan. Most people are running after satan because satan has tied them, but so many people are not happy to follow satan, but also they are not able to save them selves, by themselves. Therefore they are saying, "La hawla wa la quwatta illa bil-Lah al-'Ali al-Adhim oh our Lord we can't do anything by ourselves. The stream is taking us, but we are not happy. We are asking to save ourselves from that bad stream. Help us! We know that You are the only one that can save us You are the only one Who can keep us on Your right path. You are the only one that we are believing in." So, that is the opening for everyone's addressing to people; if not, it means he is not showing his colour or showing his mission, hiding himself; and who is hiding himself, he is going to be punished by Allah Almighty

Now we are here, this is an armatorised place; - because our government is a secular system. They never like to make such centres through their own authority or powers. They are not doing that because a secular system means that they are not interested in anything that is coming from Heavens. Therefore those secular governments dislike places (like this), and those who are attending, are disliked people. Even (so) we are here, we are not asking any help or support from them because they are supporting satan and are not supporting the way of Heavens. Therefore it is blameworthy for a mu'min to ask support from governments that are secular government and following satanic teaching. No. We are happy. We may sit on the ground, - it is ok. We may drink soup, it is ok We may dress in old clothes. It is ok. We are happy, because here our souls feel their freedom, they are free, they are not slaves of anyone, except they are servants of Allah Almighty.

This is an association. In such a way we are speaking ( to those) from East, from West, from earth, from heavens, every kind of to make people to be interested in something. The main point of our centres, of our guidance of our associations, it is to carry people from outside to inside, to save people from being occupied with what is around them, and to carry them into themselves. That is important.

All the nations are running, and they have a kind of national aim for themselves. That nationality just destroyed everything of the ummah, that they are taking for their education what is guiding you western people; and they are following. Western people they are only interested in the material life, nothing more, because they do not believe in the next life, as we are believing. Their most important aim is to reach much more material aspects, and that is all. Even their religious centres, religious people, their interest is in material aspects. There are only very few rare people asking about spiritual matters. That means that mostly, in our day, religious people are running after material aspect, making 'Number One' most important,VIP.

The concern for religious people through East and West- it is dunya, but dunya has no value in the presence of the Lord of Heavens. The most interesting thing for them is dunya. What is dunya giving you? Will dunya put a crown on your head on the day of resurrection? Who is saying this? No one is saying this? It is nowhere mentioned that Jesus Christ was putting a crown on his head, or that Moses was putting a crown on his head, or even Sayyidina Suleyman, even he, putting turban. No one is saying that Sayyidina Muhammad (peace be apon him) put on his head a crown of gold or precious stones , no. Noone saying this. According to our traditional knowledge, ( these Prophets) were following the most simple life, close to nature, not making a distance between themselves and nature . They were friendly with nature and nature was friendly with them. The Prophets, they were keeping nature, and nature was keeping them. Those who are giving benefit to nature, nature was giving benefit to them.

In our days people are running away from nature . They are making themselves to be 'special'. They are looking at themselves and saying, " We are different, we are especial ones compared to other creatures and from nature, therefore we must (shape) our lives as much as possible to run away from nature, and to be friendly with our new world." Their new world is steel buildings, concrete buildings and nimrods towers. They like to live in such places as much as possible. They like to run way from nature. As long as they are not friendly to nature also doesn't like them. Therefore nature now is angry with people, and is not giving its favours to people with generosity, - no generosity from nature. It is happening in nature that the people in the 21st century, they have to use so many kinds of medicine to make trees give their fruits, and fields to give their grain or other vegetables. For everything they are using these kinds of poisons, that they are hormones. In their appearance they are attracting you, but inside they are not good for your health. It is because nature is angry with mankind now, because mankind is not giving respect to the earth. That is the reason for every trouble now, through countries.

And people, are running away from themselves, and leaving themselves to be an unknown. Their teachings, they are not about mankind himself, but about what is around him. It is a dangerous situation in our days. So, I am saying, religious people must be much more interested in their inner lives. They are interested in dunya. Those who are interested in dunya - they can't give you anything for your spiritual life. They have been poisoned, and if giving you something, they are poisoning you also.

Therefore it is a famous advice to be given to people, if you are asking, "to whom should we go and listen to him?" The answer is that anyone who is taking you away from dunya and carrying you towards your Lord's Divine Presence you must keep that one, that one.And you must not be cheated by their clothes, because ALLAH ALMIGHTY never looking your outward appearance, what you are dressing, what gold or jewel you are wearing, no. Allah's interest is not in your clothes and outward appearance no. He is only looking to His servant and His servant's heart that - qalb al-mu'mini-arsh-allah. Allah is saying; " Your whole body is for you, oh My servant.. Only keep for Me your heart, to be for Me. Keep it Don't put anyone there. It is for Me" If you can keep your heart with Allah , He is happy with you and pleased with you. If you are not taking care, you will carry biggest responsibility here and hereafter, yes. We are in need of association for correcting our steps, because our steps are going to the material world, and ALLAH ALMIGHTY is looking at His servant, to see who is stepping to Him, to His Divine Presence
If you are finding such people, keep it. Foreigners are mainly secular, or Christians, or unbelievers. They prefer for themselves everything, but we are not forced to accept their teachings, no. We must keep our teachings to be for Allah, toive for Allah, and to die for Allah, to live for His pleasure and for His pleasement, and to make Him pleased with ourselves. Therefore I am saying we are not taking too much care over our place, because the Prophets were never building anything, and Companions they, were sitting on earth, on sand , on? hasir, on simple things, on stones, but they were happy because they felt they were with Allah, and they were following His Prophet (peace be apon him ) Now people have lost their way, and they are giving everything to reach much more from material aspects. Yet, as long as material aspects are increasing your burden increasing also. Try to be light ones as much as possible. Give a chance to your soul much more than you are giving to your physical being Your physical being in the end is going to be a carcass, - but your soul, not. Don't put your soul in prison. Try to make your soul free for its Lord ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

May Allah bless you and forgive me for the honour of that one who is the most honoured and respected and praised servant in the Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad, (salallahu 'alayhi wasallam) Fatiha.

We are happy with our guests coming long distances and making them to be patient with our lowest, lowest, addressing to people. Their level is not our level but what may we say? Sheikh chuckles) That they are so humble to be with us, and humility is from our souls and pride from our ego . Souls belong to heavens, and our egos belong to hells. Keep your way with your soul towards heavens, and try to defeat the hurtings and harm of (your) ego to you. Try to be free ones from your ego, and to be for Allah, only, free for Allah. May Allah forgive me and bless you. fatihah.

Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Qubrusi Al-Haqqani
Cyprus, May 20 2003

Au'dhu billahi mina-sh-shaitani-r-rajim. Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim. La haulawa la quwwata illa billahi-l-'aliyyi-l-'azim.

(Few sentences in Turkish) It is an association. But at the beginning, something coming, that I should address you in Turkish language. And we are, preparing, I am preparing, or really they are preparing me.... (couple more sentences in Turkish) This, this is something, at the beginning of our association, to prepare people, attenders, to accept, or to be able to accept what is coming from heavens, heavenly instructions to our humble meeting. It is a small meeting but its power as atom - it is a small being but its power, you can't control it. This is a humble meeting. Through east and west, we are going up to Yemen, Japan, or up to Spain, or from north to south, or 3 continents or 5 continents, you can find difficulties, difficulties because no real prepared people for accepting such a real heavenly addressing and knowledge. Knowledge coming with power; if not coming with power, it is not knowledge; it is an imitation, like printed paper as a pound or as a dollar or as a euro - no value; because when you are giving, they are not giving to you anything. They are saying, " This is not a real pound." They are saying, "No what is this?" "But this is your dollar and this is also just the same - why you are not accepting?" "This was printed and its value just put down but you printed this one on an offset machine.They may be similar to each other but one is real, one a forgery."

Real knowledge is full with power. It may control your ego, it may take your ego under its control. - That is knowledge. Countless doctors, particularly among religious people, you can find hundreds of doctors but no power even on their (own) egos or on people. No no value..They are imitation ones, no power with them. They are only like cassettes, registering but no power. No. Therefore knowledge that may control, may put a control on your ego, may ride on it and then may send it as he likes; if not, it is only - no meaning. Therefore the Prophet was saying, when last days approaching (Quotes Hadith), the Seal of Prophets, through his heavenly knowledge, that reaching ourselves, as our traditional knowledge, he was saying and informing, that when the last days are approaching, you can't find from Islam, only its name. And as for practising, all Muslims, going to practise Islam, they are only doing as an outward form. They are doing something, they are claiming that they are praying, but nothing in it, no life. No life. They are going to pray but their prayer is only imitation, it is not real praying, no. It is only a show, making the movements of praying and nothing else, inside there is nothing. That is the Prophet's indications about what would be the position of Islam when the last days approaching.

Now, subhanallah there are perhaps one and a half billion Muslims, but you can't (any) among them who are praying, real prayer.All of them (just) making movements. If you are calling them to real Islam, to real worshipping, they are saying, " Hey, it is enough, what we are doing."

In real worshipping there is a taste; our souls tasting from heavenly tastes, but official prayers they are only like plastic fruits, plastic flowers. (It is like)giving our spiritual being and saying, "Use it, eat." Our doctors can only give people or show them plastic flowers, or plastic fruits. And first people run to them and ask to smell, but then saying "Oh - no smell." - asking to taste but then saying. "Oh it is not a real banana or real orange or real apricot." Then when we are saying, " Are you praying? " they are saying, "No, I am not praying.." "Why?" "I am praying only sometimes. I am praying only on Friday." If they are tasting, what pleasure and peace and satisfaction, it is bringing to you, to your soul . They would[1] run before the adhan, before the call to worship , they would leave everything and run to there; but our imams, our doctors can't bring them anything. Therefore they are saying, "No."- because they are never tasting anything. Finished. And the Prophet was saying 1500 years ago that this time would come, when last days approaching, Yaumuiyyamat. -and we are in it. Therefore I am saying, knowledge must be with power. A bullet – if you are putting only gunpowder in it, though you are shooting, you may hear only the sound of gunpowder, but the spark that touches the heart, no. It is only a sound you may hear, nothing else. And in our days this is the position of Islam, and people are running away.

And Christianity and the Jewish religion, they are out of time; they are finished. They are finished and do not even have gunpowder. We have some gunpowder, but they have nothing not even gunpowder, nothing. Nothing in their bullets. They are out of time but they are insisting that they are enjoying; and they are lying. No. If they are enjoying it is (only) because they are using some means that they have not been ordered to do. Bringing so many things, not for their souls' enjoyment, but for their physical beings' enjoyment. Therefore, some people are attending ceremonies in cathedrals, in churches, in synagogues, it is only for their physical beings enjoyment. No more really, no.No, because, when they are coming out from synagogues, or from cathedrals they are running unto dunya.

Dunya is a carcass. The ceremonies that they are doing in their cathedrals and synagogues, there is nothing in it to carry them to the Divine Presence of the Lord Of Heavens. And the proof is, that they are running away from synagogues to the carcass of this lowest life; and also people coming out from cathedrals and running to pubs, running to their businesses, running to their enjoyments. They are not running to their Lord's Divine Presence, not running to reach a welcome from The Divine Presence. Finish. And I am sorry to say that Muslims also, through those doctors that they are imitated knowing people, even their knowledge, knowing nothing that has any effect on their personalities, they are making people on the same road, on the same level as Christians and Jewish nation.And Islam now just becoming as a name (only) and its practice a routine of movements, (instead of ) real worshipping. There is no soul in it. It is not a living practice. Just like when we are looking at TV, and it says Live. Then they are taking much more care, because it is happening now . Taking much care. Other times it is not 'Live.' And angels are looking at what people are doing, and they are saying, "They are doing something, but it is not alive, no."

Therefore there are people who are making a big advertising against Islam; but they are no mind people because they are not coming to the sources of Islam, and they are not asking those who are practising Islam 100%, or 90% or even 50%. Now our people they are not practising Islam even 1%. No. And they are giving their final decision on Islam, that Islam is not a good religion . They are forgetting their positions, - but I am asking, "If you are refusing Islam, saying that it is not an acceptable faith , - what about yourselves o Christian world? What are you doing? All chaos coming from your world, every troublemaker coming through you. -- You are exporting it and the foolish muslim world also the heedless Muslim world is importing them. Why are you accusing the Islamic world? You are the first trouble makers against religions, against everything from the Holy Commands of the Lord Of Heavens. Yet you are not looking to yourselves, you are accusing Muslims that Islam is not what about yourselves? And Jewish faith also accusing Muslims." We are not claiming, - as I have already said, - we are not keeping the real Islam; because the real Islam never accepting what is happening, in the name of Islam, through some people.

We are not accepting it, and Islam never accepting it, but people, they are following satanic teachings that they have learned from imports from the Christian world. That is the reason that Allah is going punish the Christian world and Jewish people, and then, the heedless Muslim world also will be punished. Only good ones should (would) remain, those who are asking good for mankind. Harmful people must not live. All of them must be taken away. May Allah forgive me and blesses you, for the honour of the most honoured one in creation, Sayyidina Muhammad, (Salallahu'alayhi wasalim) Fatihah

Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al Haqqani
Cyprus 17 May 2003

We are asking for Heavenly support. If heavenly support is not keeping this earth, this earth going to fall down. If no support from heavens, - falling. To where falling? -- In space, there is no direction, and no time. You can't use a watch. When you are leaving this earth and going into space a watch is going to be useless. And when you are teaching further and further from earth, you can't give a direction to show where you are. You can't say, "I am here." You may ask a person back on earth, "Where are you? " but he can't say, "I am on that point." and he may say, " I can't say anything about my position now because my position here is changing every second or less in relation to your time." Even on earth itself, it is difficult to say, "I am here", and to give the exact co-ordinates of your position. Every moment, or every second you are changing. The position of this earth is changing, and when you are leaving this planet you can't find a direction. You can't say, "I am here." You can't give a description of your position in space, and if any one is asking, "What is the time there?" he may reply, "You can't say anything about time. On the earth the time was governed by the sun, but we are not finding your sun here. We don't know how we can tell you about time or direction, on any being there, or here, where we are. "

Everything depends on Heavenly support We are asking support from the heavens . Support keeps everything on its position. Even an atom needs to be supported. If it is not supported, an atom can't exist, can't be seen or can't complete its importance or its mission, because nothing on earth or nothing in the universe is without a purpose or without importance or without a mission . (sound like here Sheikh rapped with his stick) You can't say that this (stick), was unnecessary, that it was too much, or ask "For what did the Creator bring that into existence?" It must have some importance or some mission; it must serve some purpose. When you are looking and seeing ourself as a big creature compared to an atom, you may find within yourself billions and billions or trillions of atoms, all of them just coming together by the command of the Creator -calling them to be in existence, first, calling them to appear in existence as an atom. And then, He is ordering atoms to come together to make a creation. (One day) every creation is going tobe dissolved into its final position, going to be ? This material that you are carrying as a physical being, is going to be dissolved into atoms. Holy command saying, "All together, come and show yourself as a figure."

And those atoms are coming together by the holy command of the creator, and He is ordering that, that amount must be for that organ, that must be a muscle, that to be eyes or to be ears or to be any organ inside or outside. His command !. When coming together they can't keep themselves together if there is no heavenly support on them . Heavenly support commanding "Be all together and show yourselves in the form of a creature." Therefore, you must not forget this. It is a very important point to be known. Everything depends on Heavenly support Our Grand Sheikh, from head quarters of spirituality, they are making anyone, and from that anyone they are making me to address you, and through you to the whole world. It must be known and must be taught to people, that the material of this planet and everything on it just supported by heavenly support. Without it even one atom can't show itself in existence, no. Can't be; because an atom can't work by itself? You, although you are representing the Lord's deputyship on earth, you can't do anything by yourself. Even though you are most perfect creature created, there is nothing in your hand from yourself, or for any other one. How can an atom make anything from itself? Some people are claiming to say "I am here by myself, no need to any one support me". Haha. (They) can say. Can't say!

Therefore first of all we are going to be taught that we exist with heavenly support. We are living with heavenly support, we can walk with heavenly support, we are looking with heavenly support, we are catching with heavenly support, we are doing everything with heavenly support. Nothing is from our own materials. Our material, nothing. That is one point that must be known. Everyone must know that their existence, if not supported from heavens, they would not be not be able to show themselves as something in creation. That point must be taught to every one, to every learning one, from small or big ones, to know that they are living with heavenly support. If heavenly support taken away, you fall down, and even if all the doctors or scientists or technologists came together to make you to stand up, no. All the people in the world they can't get you to stand up (again). What does it mean. ? If people's, heads are not like footballs, they may understand. But satan is making people's heads to be empty, like a football. They are not thinking about anything else.

They are running after a football, an empty thing to kick it. Eleven fools from this side, another 11 stupid people on another side, and countless stupid people looking at them through TV, and through the? They are not thinking on it. Satan is making people not to think "You must not think Who is supporting you." A person may fall into sea and after 5 minutes may be brought out and people are saying, "Oh that person died . " And we are saying, "Why? That one is ok. Every organ inside and outside was perfect. What happened in 2 minutes to change that one, an alive one, a living one, into a dead one. What is that? What is the meaning of that? What is that?" But they are not saying the reason.

Once apon a time an arab was travelling through the desert, and one night he arrived at a place with his camel to take a break, and he was sleeping, taking his break, his rest. And (later) he was getting up to ride on his camel, but his camel was stretching out its legs and its neck and head , and lying on the sand. And the man was saying "Oh , oh my ride. I am getting up, you still resting? Is the whole night not enough for you? Get up because we are going on our way. Get up." But there was no answer. And he was taking up the camel's head, and looking and looking, and that camel, its eyes were closed, and he let its head fall down. And he was going around his camel and saying, "Subhanallah, this camel is same one that I (?left) here but now what happened.? Everything on it is as before, as when we arrived here, but what is wrong with it, or what thing now has left it?"

He was running around and saying, Everything is perfect but what is? " Then saying , "Oh, the Lord of Heavens, You have taken the secret, the secret of life from this creature. Now there is no life for it, finish.Nothing is imperfect, everything is ok, but am looking and – there must be something that has left it. Oh my Lord You are taking the secret of life from this creature. Oh, one day I also am going to be like this." That means that there is a secret power that is making materials to stand up, to be seen in existence, to be seen that they are alive, to be seen that they are living ones. When that secret power taken away it is nothing. That means that everything that is running and moving on earth, they are in need of heavenly support to be in life.

They are not saying this to people; they are not teaching it. Why are they not teaching? because satan is saying "Don't teach this. Make them not to know." Satan is making them not to ask, making them like rocks, and making their heads empty of such questions, making their heads empty of real knowledge for mankind that they? . Everything, if not supported by heavens, no existence for them, finish. Ask for spiritual support I am saying, "Oh my Master support me." People may laugh and say "What is Sheikh saying? Doesn't the Sheikh know how to speak and how to transfer his knowledge to attenders? Why he is saying this asking permission? To whom is he addressing ?" To that One. To that One that is keeping our souls in His hands, This is the time when mankind has the greatest need to run to spirituality.

To run to spirituality , the most needy time is now. If they are not running to spirituality, they are going to be dust, nothing else, and going to be rubbish to be thrown away in the dustbin. Therefore all the time ( the Grand Sheikhs) are speaking on that point, for people to know that, this is the time of most need for spiritual support, and that support only coming from heavens. The Lord of Heavens is making or choosing some people to be centres of heavenly support, to be granted from heavens, heavenly support to those chosen ones, Prophets and Saints. They are representing spiritual power on earth, to turn their faces, not to turn their faces to football, but they must turn their faces to look for someone who may support them with heavenly powers. If not, I am afraid that suddenly there is going to happen on earth an unexpected tragedy that will cut them from the bottom. No existence , no more existence for them . And I am looking, and people, they are not on that way. Their way is just in the opposite direction what we are needing. They are running after nothing, and leaving what is the best for them. And all troubles are coming because people are running after material aspects, and they are thinking that material aspects may save them.

Economy an "Iconomy?" They don't say "material aspects," they say “economy", Iconomy, making material aspects into icon "nomy" that means ," no meaning " (laughter) Icon, iconomy They must try to arrange the economy for Turks, for Cypriots, for European union - Eat onion, is better. ! a support for you. European onion! Union never giving you anything. Eat an onion it makes your physical being stand up a little bit. (laughter) They are fearing, over the economy. I am saying, "You are no mind people, why are you using paper (money)- if you are trying to arrange your economy from paper it is so cheap, you can't do it.You can't stand on a paper building, but you can stand on silver or golden foundations. If you lose (paper), you are finished. You are so afraid over the economy, what is printing, doesn't matter And all the nations, they are very upset over what is going to happen this year, very terrible and dangerous year is coming to us. Economy falling down, .and japonese, looking, looking, "what happened?" Chinese people.

Stock exchange? pocket change!? Stock exchange . The stock for an economy (should be) silver and gold. If you are keeping a carton of stock, when the carton finish, fall down, but if your stock is silver or gold, don't worry. All you nations, you just lost your way using carton money, carton system of iconomy! yeh.! Save yourself by heavenly helocopter Support comes from the heavens. When it is cut down, finished . Oh people, ask for relationship, ask to reach heavenly head quarters 'spiritual support . If you asking to save yourself, and your nation and humanity, ask support from heavenly beings on earth, Saints, who through their sainthood, they may send (support) to you. a hook, to take you out. If not coming , it is like a desert, of moving sand. If a person is asking to save himself on moving sand, it is impossible. As much as they struggle, the sand is swallowing them. Therefore they are in need of a hook from above to take them up. When there are storms on oceans or on earth, a helicopter comes and lets down its hooks, and saves them.

There is no other means of help for people. But people they are not learning the lesson. They are still using satanic ideas and aspects and lessons. They are not awakening. Therefore it is a terrible future for nations, if they are insisting on being with satan. (But) If they are saying, "Pardon , oh Lord of Heavens. Send us from Your lions to save ourselves from the hands of material wolves, of material servants, jackals. Or we are going to finish Oh our lord! Send us Your lions!"

Allah blessing you and forgive me, for the honour of that most honoured one in His Divine Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (sal alahu 'alayhi wasallim.) We are asking humbly that heavenly support reaches us quickly.. Fatiha.

Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Qubrusi Al-Haqqani
Cyprus, April 17, 2003

Au'dhu billahi mina-sh-shaitani-r-rajim. Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim.
La haula wa la quwwata illa billahi-l-'aliyyi-l-'azim.

We are asking for spiritual support - spirituality. We come here in this world to reach more power of spirituality. But the darkness of ignorance doesn't let people to look and see why we are here. And you can't see in the darkness without lights. In the daytime you may see; but at night you cannot. Therefore, we are in need of someone who can see in the daytime as well as in the night.

And very few people reach that point - to understand the main purpose or reason for being in existence with a temporary and physical case. Our souls have been sent from Heavens, each one into a case, a physical structure, into a physical form. Just like people wanting to dive under the sea have to wear a special dress. They need it. If they don't use it, they can't be under water. They coming, put on that special dress, and they may dive under water, into oceans and seas to look and see what is there.

And our souls, according to our creation, belong to Heavenly beings like Angels. Then Allah Almighty made them His Caliphs, His deputies on Earth. This Earth is like an ocean or like a sea. Our souls can't reach their real targets, their real ranks and realities to be Caliphs of Allah Almighty without being dressed with the physical being. They cannot reach what they have been asked to reach. Therefore, Allah Almighty created a physical case out of earth - from the 4 elements. And He created a dress for our souls.Our souls got into this dress and came to this life on Earth to learn and understand something they would not be able to understand otherwise. Even from the time of their creation till the end, they would not be able to reach the knowledge or wisdoms of their Heavenly positions. Therefore, every time one of them is sent down on Earth, it is not able to be in its spiritual appearance. Therefore they are dressed in this material dress and come in it to this Earth.

In this material and physical being, you are going to look only through your eyes, to hear only through your ears, to smell only through your nose, to taste only through your mouth, and you speak only through your mouth, grasp only with your hands and walk only with your feet. Without all these,it is so difficult for a person to become familiar with the Earth and every new creation on it. They are not able to make friendship with other creatures, Therefore our souls appear as an ordinary creature that lives on the Earth, in the oceans, deserts, mountains jungles and continents.

When we are dressed, we are going to be distinguished ones. Because our souls are not like the souls of the animal world, no! Our being is a special being; therefore our understanding is never going to be on the level of understanding of other creatures. Therefore we have been granted souls, and for each soul a special case, a physical being, so that we can be among the animals of the animal world, reaching to them, catching them, eating them and using them. They have been put in our service and we use them as our servants. Some of them for our physical being's service and some of them also give their service to our physical being in another way - a level that other creation or creatures can't reach.

Therefore, we have been created in Paradise and we have been sent down to Earth. We have been dressed in a material dress, that it our physical being.Our souls are put into a case of our material being. We are in it now. And when Allah Almighty granted us this position and this dress, he sent us down to Earth. Because this material dress does not belong to the Heavenly world but to the material world, people are generally on their animal level. If He hadn't sent someone to remind them: "You are not like animals, no! Your creation is not the same as your neighbours from the animal word, no!" They are special beings. If nobody comes to remind them, that they are not like animals, eating drinking and reproducing, no! You are special creatures. If there would come no spiritual authority from Heavens, Heavenly beings, mankind would never know that they have been granted a speciality in their creation. No! No one would have known.

Therefore the Lord of Heavens, in every period - and He knows the limit of those periods - has sent us such spiritually powerful people from Heavens. And they come to people and shake them up, "What are you doing? Do you know about yourself?" They say, " No. We are just someone born from our parents. We were babies, then came childhood, then maturity, then comes perfection, but we know nothing beyond this. We are just doing, what we are just doing, we are trying to prepare something for our pleasure, for our physical being's pleasure, we are looking for that. Those are our efforts. We are doing everything only for our material bodies. We are trying to make our physical beings happy and pleased so that they may feel pleasure and be in satisfaction; to live a sweet life as much as possible - we are trying for this." And the people who have been sent from Heavens, are saying, "O,people! What are you doing? This is not your target. Your creation or existence in this world is not on the same level of animals. You are special beings, and your special being makes you know something about yourself and about your Creator and about your lives and to make you know your final position in this life. Those in the animal world are not like you. You can think, you can see, you can look, you can gain knowledge, you can learn and follow."

And these special beings from Heavens come to correct the people, to make them remember, because they have generally forgotten the Day of Promises. But some of them remember, and some of them understand when you remind them. But the majority of people have forgotten the day of promises; they are heedless. Therefore, our specialty is that our souls can't be the Caliphs on Earth by themselves - they must be dressed in a physical being, so that we can be on Earth, like a diver diving in the oceans, looking and seeing and understanding something. Therefore our souls have been dressed - first the soul of Adam. Allah Almighty prepared for his holy soul a form. Allah Almighty Himself created the design of mankind; He created it in perfection.Therefore the perfection of man's structure, the perfection of mankind's design, structure, leads us to the perfection of the Designer. "laqad khalaqna-l-insaana fi ahsan-e-taqweem" He, the Almighty is the Designer of mankind, and He is saying, "Yes I did it, I created and I am the Designer of my Deputy's material form." No one can think of a more perfect design than the design of man or woman - the dress of mankind. For their souls Allah Almighty is --?--. He chose and designed and then ordered the first soul, the soul of Sayyedina Adam, to come and enter. "Take your place and get up and now look around you what you are going to know, what you are going to learn."

That is the main purpose of creation of mankind - to learn and to know. To learn that He is the Creator; to learn that He is Designer, to learn about himself, to learn for what purpose he has been created. And Adam a.s stood up. Now our physical being belongs to Earth, our physical case. Then came our souls and entered it. And we have been offered to know. Therefore when we are going to be buried in the graveyard, as we have been told, Angels will come and ask. "O you! The one lying here! Stand up and answer what we ask you! Min Rabbuk? Who is your Creator? Who is your Designer, Former - who is He?"

That is the summary of all actions and knowledge that mankind is going to reach - "Who is He? Who is your Creator? Who is your Designer and Former? Who manifested you?" If you don't say: "Rabbi Allah!" My Lord is Allah Almighty . If you can say this, He is saying "That is enough for My servant.He has learned and knows now who created him and who granted to him everything till eternity. The answer is enough." Therefore, mankind came down to Earth, and our souls were dressed by a aterial dress. Our souls are imprisoned and they are looking for someone to ake them out of that prison. Allah Almighty sent His Prophets who told the people. "O people! You are in jail, in prison. You have been imprisoned. Leave whatever you are doing now for your material beings desires. You are only trying to fulfil the desires of your physical beings, leave it aside and come. I have come to you to break the walls of that prison, to show you something, to make at least a hole in the wall of your prison. If the hole is bigger, it may be like a window, so that you may look around yourself what is there. Or to take you completely away from it."

And those who are happy with the Prophets and follow them, finally that opening will come to them. If not, they just come to this life in prison and do not save themselves. They are going to be on the same level when they pass away. They came blind, lost their chance for an opening, and they went and left this place as blind ones. They never understood anything. They were insisting to keep their animal world situation. They were happy with their animal beings. No one was asking to reach higher levels. They are always going to be on that level, they lost their chance to get up to the level of Heavenly beings - they lost their chance. That is the fire for them!

Therefore, every time we ask, they grant us to address mankind and to remind them that if they are asking to reach pearls under the oceans, they must use some special clothes, and with those clothes they can dive and reach those valuable and expensive pearls and jewels. If they don't use them, you are going to be in the animal world up to your end. Animals are finally going to be Earth, but you are going to be judged and asked in the Divine Presence: "Why? I granted to you a chance to know and to reach eternal values and you lost it, why? Those are animals, I did no grant them what I granted to you! But you lost the chance to reach beyond this world, some other worlds with eternal jewels and pearls, but you lost it. And now, those animals are going to be Earth, but you were happy to be on the level of animals. I have prepared some places for you that should belong to you -to be in Hells. Even in Hells you should find your real positions."

This is a rare reality that our Grand Sheikhs and Heavenly Beings have just granted us to know something about ourselves. It is as association about the wisdom of mankind's creation and his aims and final position what it should be. For what they have been created for what they have been granted. Whoever follows the Prophets, Allah Almighty dresses them with a different dress so that they may know something that other people will never taste. Therefore, the physical being of unbelievers is quickly going to finish and melt; but those who have been granted spiritual support by Allah Almighty, they using their whole body for that purpose. Therefore every organ of those people will reach the secret of being "Hayy", of being alive. Doctors sometimes say that the brain of such-and-such person has become dried up. Because the brain has been granted to us be mainly used for our spiritual improvement and to reach our eternal values - reaching our Heavenly and eternal values. Our brain has been prepared for it. And we only need a little part of it in this life to arrange our physical being's needs. Therefore, man uses only 1% of his brain. 99% are going to be unused. If a gardener has a garden of 100 hectares and takes care of only 1 hectare, what is going to become of the 99%? Finished! Doctors say that the brain is becoming dry and those people don't know what they are doing and don't remember so many things. Mostly our brains are for this - to seek the eternal values. How we can reach them? [Arabic..] Allah Almighty likes valuable works and efforts from His servants - that they use their brains for that purpose. If they don't use it, it gets dried up. So many people are losing, because their brains are unused, making our physical being also to become weaker. And if they are old people and if they were not using their brains, they begin to lose everything. They are going to be like a small child or senile, they never know what they are saying or doing.

We are asking protection from Allah Almighty. Keep your brains for that purpose. You should be happy all the time. Your powers should be 100% always. --?-- . May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in the Divine Presence, Sayyedina Muhammad (s a w s) -Fatiha.


We are reading from my Grandsheikh's lectures. Grandsheikh was an lettered man, but Allah Almighty teaches some people because they put everything out of their hearts excepting their Lord, and they choose their Lord over everything—until their Lord loves them, and when He loves His servant He gives him treasures from His knowledge. No one can learn this knowledge through books, this knowledge which is called "`ilm-ul-laddunni," or knowledge directly from His Divine Presence, as the Qur'an declares: "And We taught him knowledge from Our Divine Presence." (Surat-ul Kahf: ayat 65). Outward religious knowledge is easy to obtain, even non Muslims can know it, but this knowledge can't be gained except through purifying the heart of all created things, of all that exists besides Him Almighty.

One of those chosen people was our Grandsheikh Abdullah Ad-Daghistani, Sultan al-Awliya. He was telling us from his knowledge-treasures that every verse of Qur'an and hadith of the Prophet, Peace be Upon Him, contains every knowledge concerning everyone living, already passed away, or yet to be born in future generations; therefore, if a person is thinking about or pondering over verse of Qur'an or a hadith, he may attain the ability of clear distinction, and so he will find his way to his Lord with ease. If anyone takes up his journey with a holy verse or hadith, his path will become clear within himself, as Allah says about His Prophet that he is calling people to a clear, bright, clean and safe way. Therefore, it is important for everyone to search for a verse or a hadith and ponder it so that it will become clear to him and then, so many beneficial ways and Divine Signs will appear to him.

Grandsheikh said that each person will derive benefit from verses and hadiths according to his faith-power. The more faith-power he reaches, the more benefit he may derive; he may dive deeper and deeper into those meaning oceans contained therein. Grandsheikh said that Awliya may perceive at least twenty-four thousand meanings from one verse's oceans of meanings. You can't see anything in a drop of water, but when you are looking with a microscope you may see millions of living bacteria coming and going every which way. Therefore there cannot be any valid objection to this saying, and anyone who claims that there is only one meaning for an ayat is indeed a foolish person.

If anyone is objecting, we may say to him, "Oh my brother, look—Allah sent to Muhammad only one book. Now just look at the Islamic World and you will find huge libraries overflowing with books, and the main source for all these books is the Holy Qur'an; millions of books on the whole range of Islamic topics (and very precious books at that) —where then, do all these books come from?" They are springing from the living source of the Holy Qur'an; they didn't exist, nor could they have ever existed before the Qur'an was revealed. It is then but a small thing to say that a Wali can know at least of twenty-four thousand meanings for a verse. You can find libraries growing every day. Some Islamic authors wrote several hundred volumes on the meanings of Qur'an, and now even Europeans are joining the Muslims in writing about its meanings. This generation may write two or three books on every book which is presently in the library just for their clarification and explanation. And so, you may know that the Knowledge of Qur'an is constantly expanding.

If such is the case for scholarly knowledge of the Qur'an, then what about the knowledge of such people whose teacher is Allah Himself? Allah's Knowledge is limitless, and for all He bestows upon His servants from it, still it will never decrease. We are never going to be satisfied with our level of learning, as mankind has a boundless yearning for knowledge. Therefore, Islam is best and Islam is highest—giving mankind as much knowledge as it could wish for, and explaining the reality of all existence. There is a proverb: Man will never be satisfied with regard to two desires—money and knowledge: whosoever seeks money will never say "enough," and likewise he who seeks knowledge will never say "enough." This saying points out the two sides of man's personality: the ego (nafs) asking for endless pleasures in this life and the soul asking for endless heavenly knowledge.

(from the book: Ocean Mercy Hidden Treasures )


Our Grandshaykh was saying that if you like to take benefit from listening or attending a meeting, you must be present in body and heart. But so many people are just like empty jars, sitting. Divine Knowledges pour out when the heart is present. It means when listening with the ears of your heart it gives you Divine Powers. Our Grandshaykh said that if one person in a meeting is scratching his head, the one speaking must come down seven degrees.

He may lose that Divine outpouring. But some people are speaking with each other, some watching the door to see who is coming and going, some looking at the clock, and the power is going down. Grandshaykh was always annoyed about this. If you are giving care, my heart is in his hands, and he is in relationship with the Prophet SAW peace be upon him, and the Prophet SAW is in the Divine Presence.

Our Grandshaykh told of two mureeds in his homeland. One as in seclusion for spiritual practice. The second came one day by order of their shaykh to take the brother for a walk outside of the village. They were going on the road in conversation about important spiritual instructions when they reached to the fields of the one in seclusion. As they approached, his eyes wandered to those fields. The other said:

”Oh my brother, turn back to your seclusion, you are leaving pearls and turning to fields."
Our attention span is very short, Psychologists say, first fifteen minutes, keen attention, afterwards decreasing. Our Grandshaykh says, not to make any meeting more thar three hours, even though people may be strong and interested. As much as you can make it shorter, more benefit comes, especially in our time.

Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani
Cyprus, April15, 2003

Au'dhu billahi minash-shaitani-r-rajim. Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim. La
haula wa la quwwata illa billahi-l-'aliyyi-l-'Adhim.

We are asking from 'Khalifatullah' - the one who is now representing Allah Almighty's Khilafah. On behalf of Allah Almighty, he is looking after this Earth. Everything is coming to him. He had been permitted to arrange everything according to the destinations of everyone and every nation, according to the Preserved Tablet. The Preserved Tablet is programmed for everything that has happened or is going to happen - up to the day of resurrection. Allah Almighty first created 'Lauh-ul-Mahfuz' (the Preserved Tablet) and then He created the 'Qalam' (the Pen). He then ordered the Pen to write! And everything in existence must know, must hear, must listen, must obey and follow their Creator's Commands. The only exception is of heedless people, for whom all Creation was created. Allah honoured them by making this Creation to be under their control, to give service to them and to help them in their lives on Earth. And all of them know their Creator and
glorify Allah Almighty. Every creature! Every atom has a special way of glorification. Don't say it is a copy! Everything - individually and collectively - is glorifying Allah Almighty. And they are not going to be without that glorification for even lesser than a second. The running of water, the running of streams with its beautiful sound is glorifying Allah Almighty - dawi-ul-ma'.

'Ya man sajada lahu sawad-ul-lail wa dau-un-nahar!' " O He! In front of whom the darkness of night and the brightness of day lie prostrate". The only exception from all of them is mankind, and among mankind, only the heedless ones, unbelievers and the followers of the worst creature Shaitan. They are the only exception. The Pen asked: "O my Lord! What should I write? What is Your Command?" And Allah Almighty said: "Write, 'Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim'." It is enough for those who carry something in their heads, a mind, that they think on it, that this is glorification of the Creator, the Lord of all Creation, to say 'Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim'. And the Pen was writing ..

Through traditional knowledge that has been transmitted up to today, from the Prophet's knowledge, we know that the Pen wrote for 700 years. It took 700 years to write 'Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim'! So great is 'Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim'. The Pen wrote . and when it was finished writing, Allah Almighty swore upon His Lordship: "Whoso says 'Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim', wanting to glorify My Essence, My Almighty Existence, I swear that I am going to grant him a reward worth 700 years of worship." Allah Almighty then ordered the Pen to write under the title of 'Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim', everything that is going to happen on Earth till the end. And it was as He ordered. Everything that should happen or come into existence was written on the Preserved Tablet. And those people, who are on Earth responsible for everything, look at it - and act according to what is written on it. They are open-eyed people; they are not blind. Those who are not looking, they are blind ones.

Therefore, we have been ordered to follow open-eyed people, to direct our steps according to our oaths we took on the Day of Promises, to act accordingly. If you find such a person, you are going on the right path you are never going to go wrong or a mistaken one or a cheated one or Satan's follower, no! Therefore, the Lord of Heavens sent Guides to mankind. And guides can't be blind ones. Guides who may look and see, and one of their specialities also is to be able to see in darkness and look through the darkness of the coming days, they may look and see what is coming. If not, they are not perfect guides. The majority of people live in darkness. They cannot even see in the daytime, because they are blind. And for blind people, day and night are the same. Therefore, we are in need of open-eyed ones.

It is normal and clear, that these open-eyed people may walk and guide us on the true direction in the daytime - and the true direction is only towards Allah. Any direction away from Allah is the wrong direction. And more than this, a real Guide must also be able to show us the way through the darkness of night time, as well as the darkness veiled form our eyes in the coming days and I that what is going to happen in the days to come. Therefore, one of the specialities of the Seal of Prophets, the honour of Creation, Sayyedina Muhammad (s a w s) was that he was able to see in the darkness of the night. No doubt that he was looking with his power of Prophecy, through the Lights reaching to him from the Divine Presence. He was looking up to the end of this life, till the day of resurrection, and also what is going to happen on the Last Day, who is entering Paradise and who is entering Hell. Therefore, if you don't always have a Guide, you are in danger. Anytime you may fall down, anytime some dangerous event or some dangerous shooting or something else may reach you and injure you or kill you.

Therefore, we are in need of Guides. No Guide, no guidance! People may fall into endless miseries, sufferings and problems; they are never going to find a way out. And now, the date is 2003 - the 21st century according to the Christian calendar. All people, including the Islamic world, never ask for a Guide or for guidance. And such people, who may look at the Preserved Tablet, may lead and guide them to their protected and sheltered areas so that no harm will come to them here or in the hereafter. That is a wrong step for all nations and for all people. Because the say like Shaitan: "We know!" You know nothing! You know nothing! What you know has just passed away. You don't know what is coming tomorrow or after one hour or after one minute; you don't know anything! Don't say: "I know". Whatever you know has just passed away but you can't say "I know" to whatever is coming to you in seconds, minutes, hours or days. You don't know anything! Therefore we must have a Guide and take guidance from them.

Allah Almighty promised Adam and Eve that he is going to send Guides, who are His chosen servants and have a relationship with the Heavens. "I am sending them to you, and I am dressing them with My Lights so that may guide you. They will show you which way leads to Heavens and which one to Hells. O People! Ask for them!" Therefore, we are weak people, and we are only saying "destur". O that one, who is Khalifatullah! Deputy of Allah - who represents Allah Almighty on Earth. We are asking from him and he quickly reaches us, and gives us something according to our levels of understanding. This is guidance. Such associations are guidance - according to the (capacity of the) attendees of this meeting. May Allah forgive me and grant you from His Blessings and send us from His Guides. And we are asking for the Guides to show their Spiritual Powers, Heavenly Powers, so that the powers of heedless mankind should dissolve, disappear, vanish and finish. For the honour of the most honoured one in the Divine Presence, Sayyedina Muhammad (s a w s) – Fatiha

Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al Haqqani
Cyprus 22 May 2003

Astagfirullah- astagfirullah, astagfirullah - asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty . Meded ya sultan awliya meded ya rijal Allah 'audhu bil-Lahi min ash-shaytani-r-rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim.La hawla wa la quwatta illa bil-Lah al-'Ali al-Adhim

It is an association. This is a humble place on earth. We are not claiming anything except we are asking our Lord, the Lord of Heavens forgive us. And we are trying to occupy ourselves much more with obedience to Allah. We have been created only for that purpose. We are not created for dunya, we are not created for buildings, high buildings and trying to make this world to be your target. No. It is a wrong idea that everyone now is thinking that they have been created for dunya, to live for dunya. It is 100% false idea, and those people who are thinking that their last target is dunya, they have no value in Divine Presence no. They are rubbish, they should be put in dustbin.

Therefore now going to be killed not millions but billions of people because - no value for them. If there were a value for flies ormosquitos or such insects, you would not be running to kill them. Do you think that any one is coming and poisoning bee hives? Have you heard of anyone that is killing bees? No one; because bees are working and preparing honey for you, so why would you kill them? But you are running to kill mosquitos in so many ways to kill them. You are asking to save yourself from mosquito and from flies and other insects, but no one kills honey bees, honey makers. They have value. Therefore mankind if they are living for Allah, they have value, if they are not living for Allah and living only for dunya, for satan for their ego, - no value they should be killed and taken away. Astagfirullah. That is most important point for mankind for their good lives, for their happy lives, for their enjoyable and enlightened lives. That is the way. If you are living for Allah, everything going to be blessed for you. If you are not living for Allah everything going to be cursed for you.

Now it is 2003 Christian calendar, and in muslim calendar, islamic calendar 1424. And the whole Christian world is living for dunya.And Muslim world they are following them. Because western people they are looking at oriental people, or to Muslim world, even though they have everything from the riches of dunya, and western people and Christian world - to them- we are not on their level. no they say, "We have billions, we have everything that you don't have". And they are running after our countries to reach what we have been granted. How can you say that we are not yet on their level? And they are saying; "No,you are always behind us. You can't be first. We are always in front of you; we are high level and you are on the fifth level. And Muslim leaders are saying; "What can we do?" and western leaders are saying to them "Oh you must try to make your people to follow us in everything.

Then you may reach closer to our level, but you will not reach our level until you are coming and saying 'We left Islam and we are becoming Christians' then when you are becoming Christians, you may reach our level. - otherwise always under our feet, under our level." This is what they are asking to teach the Muslim world; and the Muslim world they are so heedless, they are saying; "You are right, we must follow in your footsteps." Therefore the Prophet was saying there would come a time when you are going to follow the People of the Book step by step. You will follow them in everything. That is biggest false from ummah signing the Prophet (s).

And that is now the general view, the whole Islamic wold is thinking that, when they are reaching their level they are going to be a 'civilised' people. All we are not civilised people. That is the idea that the non Muslim world is always saying and writing through East and West. Throughout the Muslim world they are giving this idea; as long as you are Muslim you are not going to be on our level when you leave Islam we are accepting you on our level; otherwise even if you have everything never going to be on our level. Therefore millions and millions of Muslims running and trying to be like western people.

And western people they are workers for dunya. They are not workers for Allah. Yes. Three days ago I was in the Greek side, and I was looking in the monastery in the middle of the capital of the greek side at the prayer time. And I am looking only 3 people, they are coming as visitors, and they are trying to follow the priest ; and it is big church a big monastery but no one attending noone interested in worshipping. That means they are not working for their Lord. They are busy with dunya; no time for them to come for worshipping Allah Almighty. No. They are saying; "No time , we are busy only for dunya, because our belief is to work for dunya, not to work for Allah."

I am saying, Allah, He is not in need of you to work for Him. No. He does not need. But Allah is saying "I am your Creator. I am only asking from you that you say, is it too much to say to Me 'Thanks to you, oh our Lord?' If it is too much I am leaving you. If it is not too much why are you not coming say to Me 'Oh our Lord, Thanks to You, all praise, all thanks to You Allah Almighty, Lord.' Why are you not doing this? If anyone give you anything you are saying, thankyou or shukr or or merci beaucoup , or evcharisto, or You are saying this for anything that someone making for you. Is it too much for Me, Who created you and granted you everything, to say to Me 'Oh my Lord, thanks to You. All praise to You.' Why are you not saying? No time? No Time I am going to teach you that you are following your
ego and satan, and not coming to say to Me, 'Oh our Lord thanks to You, all praise to You .' I am going to ask you. To ask you."

Therefore now people are100% for dunya. If they would say just once, "All praise to You, oh our Lord, all thanks to You oh our Lord, " this world would change into another world. But they are such heedless people they are just diving into dunya and looking and seeing nothing but dunya. It is not true and He is accepting from his servant even for 24 hours to say, "Thanks to You my Lord. All praise to You my lord." It makes Allah Almighty pleased with them, even if they say just once, but they never thinking on it . Therefore whole people now becoming no value. They are going to be killed, to be taken away as rubbish. They are cleaning their homes, putting rubbish into dustbin and throwing away should be like this.

We have been created for Allah. All the prophets just coming to say that. Don't think that Jesus Christ was saying to them, run to dunya or that he was saying, run to me -because I am running to my Lord . "Run after me because I am reaching to my Lord and you may reach with me to my Lord's Divine Presence. " I don't think that Moses was calling people to dunya. But he was telling them that "My Lord addressing me on mount Sinai, and saying Come to Him." And I don't think that Abraham was calling the Nimrod and his nation to dunya, but he was calling them, "Come with me to my Lord , to His Divine Presence" and saying "'Thanks to You and all praise to You, whole praise for You. All Prophets, and the Seal Of Prophets Sayyidina Muhammad (s) he was on same way calling people to Allah not to dunya. Because dunya is temporary but Allah Almighty's Divine Presence is eternal. From pre-eternal up to eternal . All the prophets calling you to eternity. Satan only calling people for a short time, for a short pleasure, for a short life. Satan never asking for mankind, eternal life. And satan is urging people not to believe in eternal life not to believe in eternity. Eternity, so sweet a word even in European language.

Eternity, eternal life. All the prophets calling people to eternal life but satan saying to common people, "Don't believe these people but follow me. This is a short life, doesn't matter, short life, but I am trying to make it longer, longer, longer, longer for you ." satan is saying, and people are running after him. Then satan is trying to establish, and to build homes, towns and cities as if a person going not to die. That is satanic teaching for them. And so they are building heavy, big buildings, too high buildings, and if there is an earth quake, whole coming down and nonone can escape.

Here I am not calling you to dunya. It is not my mission. My mission insha'allah is the mission of prophets. All the prophets calling you to Allah, and in my mission, I am trying to be like the mission of Prophets. They called people to Allah, and we are trying to call you to Allah. If you are happy you may be here and hereafter in best condition and pleasure. If you are not listening , you should be alone here and hereafter. May Allah bless you and forgive me.

It is a very important point for peace and an enjoyable life, for a happy life for mankind. As long as they are running to dunya and leaving Allah Almighty they will face always difficulties, more difficulties more suffering and misery. Come closer to Allah. Leave satan, come closer to Allah. When you are coming closer to Allah Almighty you should find every thing easy and be blessed ones. But when they are running away from Allah Almighty they will find everything with so many difficulties and hardness. And they never going to be happy because they are going to fear what is going to happen tomorrow. Tomorrow, they may leave everything, and they are closing their eyes and they are finishing. That is their biggest black dream from their coming days. If not coming to day it may come tomorrow, and if not this year, may come next year. Some day going to be their darkness day, terrible day, harmful day, when they will ask to come back and to do what they have been ordered, but it is impossible . Going to be too late. Oh people run to Allah, you should be saved here and hereafter.

So many people coming here, from east and west, from every continent. So many brothers and sisters coming here, and we are not doing any advertising; because for jewels do we need to advertise jewels? No. - but they are doing for shampoo, so much advertising, for cat food, advertising, for dog food, so many advertisements for drinks, so many advertisements - so many nonsense things. If you are entering London big adverts even for what is that mint, - polo, polo!; but I never looking and seeing advert for diamond. Here is a ruby. Here is emerald. No - I never hear. Valuable things no need for adverts. Advertising is a means for cheating people, and satan is the biggest advertiser He is advertising everything that has no value; and people they are thinking, " Oh Must be something, they are making such a big advertisement." and it is nonsense. For jewels there is no need .

I was hearing if they are seeking precious stones they are always remembering where Sri lanka coming from Colombo, yes Colombo, yes, he was my host, he is doing everything fors, and anyone asking rubies must go there, for diamond must go to india, and this? must go to iran for blue (jewel) and for best ones South Africa, Johannesburg. Yes They are going to that place, and so many places in africa, -too many diamonds, people knowing and going. If looking for real diamonds they are not going to a flea market to look for famous diamonds, no, they are knowing and coming and finding them, even though they are hidden.

Who asking to find a real diamond they are running to them and finding them. Therefore, Oh people, here there are real, real jewels - this is an unknown place doesn't matter. If coming to me one person, it is ok.. I have been paid. My salary, working. If not coming, I am saying "Oh my Lord, today no one coming, my salary --?/," "oh ok , don't worry." You are running after real diamonds, spiritual valuable things and they are making me address to you on what is necessary - today - and for tomorrow another one coming. All kinds of people may come. I hope that time is over to show jewels in an open area and protected area, so that people may come and buy from these diamonds and precious stones. Allah bless you because you are coming from long distances and all of them you are young people running after real values. And it is a good sign that people, particularly youngsters, they are fed up with the cheating of satanic groups, from lies of devils. They are fed up and they are running (to know) the Reality of being man and living on this planet. They are beginning to ask, for what we have been created, why have we been landed on this planet. And I hope that it is going to be that, through youngsters, will grow up such ideas, and they should reach valuable treasures, and they should have an eternal life through the eternity of the Lord of Heavens . For the honour of that one who is the most honoured of creation, Sayyidina Muhammad. (saws) Fatiha.

Familiarity Breeds Enlightenment

Shah Naqshband, the most important pillar of the Naqshbandi Tariqah, used always to say: "The essence of our Tariqah is to be found in gathering in the company of the Sheikh or of fellow aspirants. Such meetings generate pure goodness". This kind of gathering is referred to as "Sohbet", and may involve either the Sheikh (or an appointed deputy of the Sheikh) addressing the group (after having linked his heart with the chain of Sheikhs through which he is connected to the heart of the Holy Prophet Saw peace be upon him), or simply an informal "get-together", a happy occasion for intimacy. (Often a Sohbet consists of both aspects, a discourse followed by familiar interchange).

Why does Shah Naqshband assign so much importance to such gatherings? Why does he stress this even more, seemingly, than prayer or Dhikr (prayer-meditation)? Why? Because the familiarity arising from such blessed gatherings opens our hearts to each other and to our Lord. Gathering people in such an intimate atmosphere was the method utilized by the Prophets to soften the hearts of their people, and soft hearts make our worship acceptable in the Divine Presence.

If people cannot bring themselves to defer to another, as when people gather with a Sheikh or a deputy of a Sheikh, they will grow to be ever more assertive, wild and egoistic. In our assemblies one person must be the symbolic leader and address the others. If he is a deputy of the Sheikh, he may be, on the level of everyday life, just one of a group of brothers pursuing a common goal, or he may have already attained spiritual stations which enable him to take on a more comprehensive role in guiding the members of his group. Whether the former or the latter be the case, when any of our deputies puts his heart in connection with the spiritual transmission for the sake of leading Dhikr and delivering a Sohbet discourse, he should become the means for that spiritual power and blessings to pervade that assembly.

Divine blessings descend on meetings where one person is presiding humbly and the others are deferring humbly. Such blessings never rest on a group where each is vying to prove the superiority of his views. No, our assemblies should not be debate clubs. If we follow these guidelines, after one person addresses the group and the others defer both outwardly and inwardly, a special atmosphere of intimacy should settle on that meeting, so that everyone feels well inclined towards the other members of the group, and all are able to exchange ideas in a constructive, non-confrontational manner. Our egos rebel against being on an equal footing with others, so how should they feel about showing deference! The ego is a wild creature, constantly seeking to assert its uniqueness and superiority and to belittle others. If we can manage to get the upper hand in the struggle with our egos, they may reluctantly accede to show deference, but they will never do it voluntarily.

Man is subject to conflicting impulses. He wants to be unique, but he is also a social animal. Uniqueness is an attribute of our Lord, and we have all been given a share of that Divine attribute in that we are all different physically and in the realm of personality. In fact, there is a unique Divine Name reflected in each and every one of us, a Divine Name which the Lord has bestowed us a share of to the exclusion of others. Because of this we have an intrinsic tendency to see ourselves as being unique-because we are - but the mistake is to see ourselves as being superior to others, for it is in unity with others that we fulfill our potential for completeness, as our unique name is made manifest through the act of joining it to the whole of Divine Attributes.

The way to the fulfillment of this great potential passes through familiarity with people. Whoso finds a way to the hearts of mankind finds his Lord's Divine Presence. This is why the Holy Prophet saw pbuh brought people together in such informal meetings. But don't think that this is an easy task! The power to draw people together is a gift of Heaven. The Prophets and their Inheritors have been granted the gift of addressing people's hearts directly, so that all those whose hearts are not of stone, all open-hearted people and all those whose hearts are closed but not locked must be affected by their message.

Usually a humble class of people responded widely to the message of the Prophets, as being close to nature they were more easily able to distinguish something living from a fabrication. In general, women also were more open to the message of the prophets than men, because women's hearts are more easily opened. Men's hearts are often locked tightly. It is impossible for an open-hearted person to reject the guidance of a Prophet or one of their Inheritors. But as for people who are puffed up with their knowledge, and approach men of God in order to make them accept their ideas rather than accepting Divine teachings, such people are likely to lock their hearts to Tariqahs.

The sign of real spiritual transmission is that hearts are affected and softened so that real familiarity and affection grow among the recipients of that transmission. That is the first step towards real faith. You aren't a real believer until you want for others what you would like for yourself, until you can put yourself in the shoes even of those with whom you find yourself in conflict. Until you can feel affection and familiarity towards a group of fellow seekers, it is impossible to imagine sympathy for people inimical to yourself.

How is it possible to open up your heart to your fellow man? Your hearts must meet in the heart of one of Allah's Saints, for in their hearts is Divine Attraction, and it is that power which enables them to be a medium for the binding of hearts. If there is no connection to the Source of all love- the Lord of all beings-then no really durable familiarity can develop between people, only the commonplace surface familiarity that is so easily disregarded when self-interest intervenes.

If a person has not undergone training at the hands of an Inheritor of a Prophet it is impossible for him to bear with people who inflict trouble upon him. He will become like a thorn bush: unapproachable, always ready to prick whoever approaches, friend or foe. Usually, however, such people are unable to perceive that they are prickly, but attribute the thorniness to others. This is not surprising, as it is a common mechanism of the human psyche to put off on others our own objectionable characteristics. We are all mirrors, but we do not realize that it is our own ugliness we are abhorring in others.

The Lord sympathizes with His creatures, and whoso has received a ray of that attribute may find his heart inclining towards people. This familiarity is a transmission from heart to heart. Don't bother with my words, just receive my transmission. Familiarity with our fellow men is only the first level upon which Divine familiarity is made manifest, for the truly loving soul evokes affection even from wild animals. Once I was with my Grandsheikh in the countryside. As we approached the house of the person we had gone to visit, a yellow dog started to rush at us with his tail curved between his legs like a scorpion.

I thought that we would be torn to shreds, but then, as the dog came within clear sight of us, his whole aspect changed (even though Grandsheikh had never been there before, and therefore, the dog did not recognize him in the ordinary sense of his being a frequent visitor) and he began to wag his tail. Then the dog approached and Grandsheikh rubbed his head. At this the vicious guard dog took on the aspect of a frolicking puppy, rolling on the ground and prancing about. Then Grandsheikh explained to me: "He recognized me. I am no stranger to anyone".

Even ferocious lions may become pussycats in the presence of the receptacles of Divine familiarity. Once, in the early days of Islam, a caravan of pilgrims were coming to visit the House of God in Mecca. All of a sudden the caravan stopped. Abdullah Ibn Umar –may Allah be well pleased with him & his father- was with the caravan and when it stopped he went forward to see what the matter was. The people were in a state of great trepidation, for a lion was sitting in the middle of the road, and they were afraid he would attack the pilgrims. Abdullah Ibn Umar made his camel kneel and climbed off its back. He went over to the lion, lifted up its ear, and reprimanded him gently, saying: "Don't stay here. This is not the place for you: this is a road for the pilgrims bound for the House of God. You must be obedient and respectful, and not attack us, as we are under the Protection of the Almighty".

(excerpted from Mercy Oceans: Oceans of Unity )

My Lord, I Love You!

In the name of Allah, All-Mighty, All-Merciful, Most Beneficent and Most Munificent. Everything is happening under His command, everything is coming into existence through His Will. He is the Creator and we are creatures.

That is the most important point to be known by every one of mankind. You may be anything male or female, man or woman, rich or poor, ruling or ruled ones, professors, doctors, sultans, awliya or anbiya, Americans, Canadians, English ones, Arabians, Turkish ones, Spanish, Russian ones, Chinese, Japanese, any kind but you must know that you are creatures, simply created by our Creator, who has so many Names, and we are saying His most famous Name that is collecting all Holy Names in itself is Allah Almighty.
He is the Creator and we are creatures. No other title for the Children of Adam is more honorable or more honored or praised than "servant of Allah Almighty". You must know this and you must teach this, and then you must try to do your best for your Lord, Allah Almighty, and for His creatures.

Every prophet every one just came to teach people something about their destinations and their importance. You may be Muslims, and there are so many sects among Muslims. Christians there are so many sects for Christians -- different groups. Then, in the Jewish faith, Judaism, they have many sects, also, and beyond these three heavenly religions, so many schools of thought or ideas. People, according to their feelings or according to their spiritual taste, are running after some of these different sects. And people are becoming happy, to belong to their groups, and Allah Almighty says about this, "Kullu hizbin bima ladayhim farihoon."1 which means Allah Almighty is saying in this verse that "My servants are going to be different groups, and every group, is happy with their own group." They are happy with their groups, according to their beliefs.

Everyone may choose a belief; among the many different beliefs, he or she may choose and may accept. He may say, "I am Muslim," he may say, "I am Christian"; that may say, "Jewish"; another may say, "Buddhist." Yes; they are believing and they are happy with their beliefs, with their groups enjoying what they have. This is reality; it can't be changed. It is always true. That means truth is one; among one hundred ideas or one thousand beliefs, one is going to be true. That means everyone believes in something, but it does not mean that every belief is going to be a true belief no. You can believe as you like. It is okay; no one will prevent you. Therefore, Allah Almighty is saying, "As you like, believe. If you don't like to believe, don't believe." 2 You are asking to believe and you may choose a belief, but you must not say that every belief is a true belief. No; only one is true.

Eventually we are coming to an end of our lives. In our lives, we must reach an end, and everyone will bring something in his hand saying, "I am keeping jewels. I am carrying a truly valuable thing." Yes, you may say, "I am carrying a real belief." As long as you are in this life, you may claim that I am on real truth, real belief, and I am keeping a real jewel, but finally the reality is you are leaving this life and going to Heavens. Your death is traveling from this lowest life to the highest life. Don't think that death is a bad thing, as people are fearing. No. Death is the way to Heavens.

As long as you are not dying, you are on earth, the lowest life, but when you are dying, you are becoming free of this heavy life and going up. And at that time they are saying, "What have you brought here now? Open your hand." Yes; at that time everyone is going to know if he has brought a real valued thing or he was cheated by devils, cheated by Satan, and they [devils] are taking real ones from himself or herself. He understands fully at that time.

Therefore, O people, it is a new fashion that everyone makes a check-up, particularly rich ones, at least once every year. They come in for a check-up, in America, London, Russia, China or Japan. They are making a check-up -- for what? If you are doing a check-up one thousand times, this body will never going to continue with you. There is no need for all those check-ups, they are useless. But you must do a check-up on what you are carrying, what you are keeping -- if I am keeping a real jewel in this life or the real one was stolen from me and replaced with an imitated plastic one. That is important.

O people, look after your faith. If it is real faith, that is leading you from darkness to illuminated Heavens. How is your feeling this year compared to last year; how are you feeling about yourself? Are you feeling an improvement in your spiritual life or not? Ask that of yourself. Yes, it is an important point.

Another important point: people are running, everyone is running, to eat something from this life, men and women. They are running to take much more something from this life, but mostly they are chasing the material of this life. And as a sign, through holy books, knowledge has reached us that the most valuable capital for mankind -- is what? Ahl ad-dunya, those who are living for this dunya only, for themselves, their biggest capital is money, money, money; for ladies, golden, golden, golden jewels, jewels, jewels. Men are much more interested in saving dollars, while ladies are chasing after jewels, every year for ten fingers, twenty rings or thirty rings, putting here [indicates his fingers]; they can't even carry all their heavy golden jewels. Yes; that is the most interesting capital that twentieth century people are running after. Whoever is reaching their capital, that is material -- either saving many more millions to be millionaires or ladies many more jewels, many more palaces, many more yachts, many more dresses, much more wasting of money.

O attendees, don't sleep! Look at me, don't look at each other. What I am saying, it is not from myself: keep it. And the only real capital, the only one mankind must run after, is love. Whoever is asking for and seeking love, to obtain more and more of it that person receives the most valuable thing from his life on earth. Love love is the greatest grant from Allah Almighty to the Children of Adam. Without love, man is like dry wood. This [ pointing to a table] just lost its love and now is becoming dry. Trees are carrying love and gettting love.

And love gives people beauty and light. Don't put like this [lipstick] something here, going to beauty parlors. You are not going to be beautiful with such things, making like this [demonstrates] or having an operation to make [demonstrates facelift]. This is not making you beautiful. Love makes you beautiful, and tasteful and honored and a praised one. Whoever is receiving more love is going to be more beautiful here and in Heavens. Yes, it is a grant, the biggest grant of the Creator. With His love He created you. Don't think that Allah Almighty created you without love; no. And we are thanking that He is loving His servants and granting to them love.

And what He is asking from you, O servants? He is only asking from you love He is giving you love and asking from you love. Among all religions, among all beliefs, that is important: that He granted us from His divine love and is asking from us love for His Divine Presence.

Now we are giving our love to this lowest life's pleasures. That is the biggest curse on mankind now; that is the reason for violence and wildness and every problem, because people are not giving love to their Lord. And He is looking: "O My servant, just I granted to you from My divine love. What are you giving to Me?"

He is not asking anything from you; no. All your praying, it is a sign of your love to His majestic Divine Presence. As much as you may be able to give, give and take more. Don't say, "I am Christian," "I am a Muslim," "I am Jewish," "I am Buddhist," while you are not giving your love to your Lord. You have been cheated by your enemy, the common enemy of mankind, the headquarters of evil, that represents the headquarters of evil, Shaytan.
You must look after yourself, you must do that check-up, because Shaytan is cheating you every day, making you give your love to this temporary life, and you are giving all your attention and care for this physical body, which day-by-day is coming down, coming down and dying, going in the ground. Look every day; make a check-up for yourself, have I been cheated or not? If you see that you have been cheated, you must not be cheated tomorrow.

Anytime you are saying, "O my Lord, I love you," that is so beautiful from servants to Allah. "O my Lord, I love you." When you are going to be alone, say, "O my Lord I love you, I love you, I love You." Say three times, "O my Lord, I love You." Then no more people are going to be depressed. Take a shower at night and dress in good clothes and stay in an empty place and say, "O My Lord, I love you, I love you." You will see that depression going away in three nights. There is no need to take tablets or drugs; no need. Medicine, for whom? For those who are in depression. Depression is a punishment from Allah Almighty because those servants are not giving their love to their Lord; that is a punishment. Allah Almighty giving everything but they are not giving to their Lord Almighty their love. He is not asking from you food or drink or fine clothing; He is only asking from you love.

Therefore, when Moses, we may continue speaking up to the morning, up to next week, but you are tired; therefore we are making short as much as possible. But I must tell this story also – Moses AS peace be upon him was going to a meeting with his Lord on Mount Sinai. Allah Almighty was saying, "O Moses, look after my Servants. O Moses, make your best for My servants. Make them to love Me." That is Moses, one of the biggest prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad first, Sayyidina Ibrahim second, Sayyidina Musa third, Sayyidina 'Isa fourth. And Allah Almighty was saying, "O Moses, ask from My servants to give their love to Me. Let them love Me."

Are you understanding? I am speaking English but you are acting like sheep, only looking wide-eyed. No; you must understand. That is a very important and luminous word to say to yourself and all communities, to purify the whole world. Allah Almighty was asking Moses, one of the great prophets, "Ask, teach them, tell them, make them love Me."
Allah is asking love from His servants. And it is pity, pitiful and dirtiness for a servant to leave this life while his eyes are looking with attachment to this life, not directed towards Allah's majestic Throne. It is pitiful and dirtiness for those who are not giving, not bringing in the last moment that they are finishing their lives, love to their Lord. Whoever brings love will never fear death because love causes them to be in real life, to live forever.

Once a saint, a great sheikh, a grandsheikh, passed away. His murid was burying him in his grave and he was trying to turn his face toward Ka'bah. Then his sheikh spoke saying, "O my servant, He just turned my face to Himself, my heart toward my Lord's Divine Presence." And that murid was trembling and saying, "You are not a dead person." And he was saying, "No. I passed away, but my life, the real life of my spirit is continuing."
Therefore, I was in Damascus and the government was making an avenue, making a street wider, and they were moving a grandsheikh's tomb from there, removing it in order to open the way through that place for the avenu. I was there also. That shayk had been buried since five hundred years. When they were opening the grave he was in his death clothes, kaffan, in white clothes, and I was looking at him. His beard was not white like my beard but contained many black hairs. And when it was opened, a beautiful scent that one can't describe arose from his tomb; the scent of roses came forth and he was taken and put into another coffin. His body was in the same state as the day he was buried there. Those people, hundreds of them and history is witness that those pure people who reach to their real life in this life are never going to be dust in their graves because love causes them to be alive.

O servants of my Lord, I am a servant and you are servants, and I am making an association [sohbet]. I am not giving a lecture but I am advising, and I am advising my own ego also: "give more love to your Lord and He gives to you, also. You should be illuminated ones." May Allah forgive us and bless you. I think it is enough, what we are speaking, to address these distinguished attendees. I am respecting you and praising you one by one, not for your temporary worldly titles, but for your permanent God-designated titles--Ibad Allah Servants of Allah Allah Almighty is giving to you from His endless blessings and honoring you to be His deputies in the universe is enough for you. You have been chosen to be khalifah, to be deputies on earth, an honor which every creature, and particularly angels, were asking to acheive; but they weren't given it, and Allah Almighty created man to be His deputies. That honor is the highest honor. When you are saying, "That one is such-and-such, this one is so-and-so" it is meaningless; being khalifah is the highest praise and honor from Allah Almighty to you. Try to keep that honor and try to give much more love to your Lord, Allah Almighty.

You are the only Sultan, O our Lord; You are gathering Your servants. Please bless this assembly, this community; please accept us to be Your sincere servants. We love You, we love You; I love You, O our Lord. May Allah forgive us and bless you from His endless lights and endless blessings. Next time I shall speak to you insha'Allah about some deep realities, not from earth but from illuminated heavens. Prepare yourselves.

(1) Surat al-Muminun, 53, "But they (Mankind) have broken their religion among them into sects, each group rejoicing in its tenets. [Pickthall] and similarly in Surat al-Rum, 32, "Of those who split up their religion and became schismatics, each sect exulting in its tenets." [Pickthall]
(2) Surat al-Kafirun, 1-6.

Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al Haqqani
Cyprus 25th May 2003

Audhu bil-Lahi min ash-shaytani-r-rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim. La hawla wa la quwatta illa bil-Lah al-'Ali al-Adhim

So many europeans coming here. No one bringing any taperecorder - why are you coming? For five pounds or 10 euro you can buy one. Why are you not taking and bringing here when you are visiting? -No one carrying any pencil or notebook, nothing you are so foolish ones. Such no mind people - for what - for what are you visiting?- Not to hear something, to gather something, why? What is that? . Everyone must take from him that disc (CD). Everyone must take - you must buy it, or I am sending all of you that you cannot go away for what coming? That means no value what we are saying you are hearing something here, and then from here by the time you go outside half of it is going to be forgotten. Second day nothing with you. What is it? Satan is playing with you.

How much is this (taperecorder)? - 30 dollars is money. You are spending Euros, coming here, not bringing such a thing. Look so many satanic teachings people are running and putting so many hundreds of this recorders to record satan or representatives of satans - but giving no value to what we are saying. Therefore, you must take from him; ( ie. buy the CD) if not, I am not going to speak to you. I am not making the valuable words of Grand Sheikh to be thrown away on dustbin So many times I am saying you must give value what they are sending to me. I am not sitting here on my own to speak to you. No Astagfirullah. May Allah forgive me. And for all of you.

Meded ya Sultan awliya. Meded ya rijal Allah My heart is in their hands, and what they are sending, I must speak to you They are unhappy, therefore they are making me shout at you. We are trying, here and our Grandmasters they are trying to change your lives. To change your direction to change your looking, looking for dunya looking for life, looking for your end looking for yourself looking after your destinations, looking after your proper things, looking after, your missions looking after your actings. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Whole world, 99% is on wrong direction, wrong actings, wrong thinking, wrong ideas, wrong aims, wrong targets. We are trying , they are trying to change your looking this life. To correct.

This, you are only such a spark. Finish. Don't think that it is a long life, no - you will find in front of you suddenly coming from Divine Presence, the Archangel Azrail, saying "Give what you have been granted. Give now. Time is over Give. I am taking it back." You may be 99 years old, you may be 100 years old, you may be 1000 years old, but a last point and last day must come to you. Your life may be one million years but must come the last day of a million years. If you have been granted a life of a million years there must come to you a last day, last hour, last moment, last breathing. And what you have been granted from Heavens must be given back.

People are not asking about their realities. People are following foolishness. They are in foolishness, deepest ignorance, deepest darkness, deepest heedlessness, deepest laziness, deepest not taking care for any real aspect. People are running after eating, drinking and dancing nothing else, or after football. Not millions, but billions of people are after this football. Empty their heads like football. I am sorry to see every day, 24 hours, (every) spare second for football. Billions of people, no mind people their heads are like a ball, empty. No any care for them except football.

Football. People they are becoming fools, foolish ones, idiot ones, stupid ones, no mind ones, nothing to think through their lives. They are thinking they are created for football. This is their aim. Football occupying their whole life from childhood up to death. And this is no doubt is Satanic work. Satanic work about which Almighty Allah is threatening and warning His servants "Oh My servants, you must not occupy yourselves with satanic works. Satanic works making you here to be foolish ones and you will be on the last day be in the worst situation, worst conditions.. You may hit your head, but you should repent that you wasted your life for satanic works. Beware satanic works oh people."

Therefore a believer must look after his work what he is going to do. If he is going to do something, he must look what is that work. Is it work for Allah. Is he working for Allah, for his Creator, for his Lord, or is that work a Satanic work? And if he is working for satan, he is worker of evil and devils . If he is not looking he should be punished, not from outside, but he is going to punish himself by himself.

Nothing coming from outside to him but he should be punished by himself. He is
punishing himself by himself. The whole world, they are written now as foolish ones, workers of satan. And they are trying to find more fields for practising more satanic works. Nations, governments, communities, eastern people, western peoples, oriental people, occidental people, all of them are running to find much more Satanic works. Is it true or not? Every day they are trying to find another one because they are quickly getting fed up and saying must come a new fashion, "Everything must be new. That is old fashion- throw it away" - But they are going to die from their anger. They are able, to renew everything except their physical being and that is making them to be fully, foolish, truly angry ones. They are doing everything, renewing every thing except themselves. (They are trying to find that, but it is closed down). They are changing every year or two years, new model of cars, new models of furniture, new fashion shoes, new fashion clothes .

Every night so many people running like this like that. Men and women and old ones sitting, looking (laughter ). "I must have - If we can buy clothes like that fashion mannequin, I hope that you would be very happy with me " (laughter) Renwement, renewment for everything "Oh my friend this house is no good - must change it. Renew it. He is also changing his car, and dressing juba and his wife saying. "Now this coat is too long for you, with this new car. It is better not to put such a thing on yourself. You must be renewment".

New model.

And particularly ladies, ladies so, so anxious for renewment They are going to beauty surgery, "This too much . Take this fat from me I think that you should be very happy with me" (laughter) What about that fat? That fat that they are (cutting) from ladies they are making into margarine! If I am hearing from you, I am never eating margarine (laughter).

They are asking for renewment of everything. It is making them crazy, that they have possibility for renewment of everything, but renewment of themselves is impossible Therefore they are falling into stress,. “My darling if I am putting this ink on my lips how it should be?" I don't think you should Put rubbish - lot better." "What about my eyes?" "I don't think that never remaining anything on your eyes - no -"Running and People becoming fool, foolish ones. They are never thinking about the real spiritual being in themselves. Therefore, as they are saying, punishment is coming to people because they are working for satan. Satan is urging them to do much more as he is teaching them, and finally they are going to fall down. Up to today their works, if they are working for satan it is work that is never going to reach to
anything. No good final outcome for us from what we are doing. Punishment reaching majority of people because they are working for satan. Those who are working for Allah, Allah Almighty never making them to fall down to the worst level , to the worst condition. Never. Even as they die, those who are friends of Allah, or friends of friends of Allah, you should find them even when they are turning to their last day, they are smiling. You may do this, and blood coming there; they never look like a dead body, those who are workers for Allah Almighty. But we are saying through 2003 , 21st century, people, 99% they are working for satan, and punishment is reaching everyone - on their homes. And it is only a spark so short time but they are not hearing and thinking about it that this life even if it continues for a million years there must be for it a last day, last moment, last hour, last breathing.

And that is a punishment because they are workers for satan. You got there yourself O man. What are you doing? Is your name written under the workers for the Lord of Heavens or as workers of Satan. Look, daily once, when day closing down. look into yourself, what I did today? Was I worker for Satan or worker for the Lord of Heavens? You must do this at least once a day to correct your steps, or you are going to fall down as millions of people, billions of people are falling down. And the worst is thing is that the workers for Satan are so proud to show themselves that they are first class workers for Satan, destroying themselves, destroying their families destroying their communities, destroying their nations, destroying humanity. And then they are speaking about the rights of humanity! Where is your humanity? -when you are workers or slaves for satan. You are workers for devils and your works are only evil. How you can be proud?

May Allah forgive me. May Allah forgive us, because if forgiveness not coming blessing not coming. Blessings not coming first. Blessing coming after forgiveness. If He is forgiving His servant He is sending His blessings on him; without forgiveness blessings never reaching to people. Just as he is sending clouds and then rain comes; if clouds not coming rain is not coming down. And you must ask forgiveness, then His blessings covering you. This is the 21st century and people never taking any care what they are doing with what they are occupied; and our lives going to pass like a spark so quickly so quickly. I am thinking of myself, and I am looking in a second that I was a 5 years old child, now you may put 80 years on it, so quickly running away. Oh people don't be cheated. Look after yourself. That is a warning, a heavenly warning.

Sohbet 25 May 2003 (The Onion & SARS)

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Don't think that SARS or wars, sars, war . From one side wars coming and people are asking to run way from wars, and from another side there is coming sars. And I am surprised, - they are such small ones, virus, such small ones. If they are asking to move up to end of the world they cant reach from one country to another continent; and they are so quickly (travelling) I am saying they are taking planes or they are riding on rockets to reach to people. And people are trembling and asking fearing. Say no but it is terrible

And I am saying clippers? tweezers you must wait to look if it coming (laughter) Why you are not doing this? If you are saying "We have reached the top of dunya "; you say "we can do everything" .-You can do nothing. You are weak a most small virus is making you weak. You lost your whole technology going to do nothing against such a small virus. Why you are going to be proud? If you are proud, proud ones must brave ones.Why you are making... (such emergency)

And I am saying don't put this - I may say to them a natural protection. They may take an onion, cut it, an onion and then put one hour here, it may kill if even billions of virus are there, this, in one hour, finishing them. They are using so many medicines; Never! Virus they are unhappy with onion particularly with its smelling, making them to be drunk - "Get away. " They may try it I am saying to whole world people don't worry if you are fearing, daily, for you can't find any disinfectant like a strong onion. Some of them their power is not too much but some of them that you are putting, coming like fire here,putting leaning, cleaning . I am doctor for whole nation if they are happy, I may say to them.

Yes If I am putting them in a jar, full with this, virus they are going to escape (saying) "we are drunk" They are smelling, they should leave you, on one condition, one condition. that they must say "Oh our Lord . Pardon" -only - and put it, - finish. They think that they are know everything but they know nothing. Real knowledge it is heavenly knowledge. They are saying - positive knowledge, butb positive knowledge, it is their - imagination. Real knowledge is that prophets bringing and from that traditional knowledge I am speaking to you that onion giving to body for defending
them against any kind of virus.

May Allah forgive give me, and bless you for the honour of most honoured one Sayyidina Muhammad. (sal'alahu 'alayhi wassalim) Fatihah.

Scattered Pearls
Blessings of Qur'an Sharif

The Holy Prophet SallaAllahu Alaihi Wasalam said, 'O Muslims! Recite the Qur'an regularly in your homes because the home in which the Qur'an is not recited has no blessings" (Reported by Hazrat Anas and Hazrat Jabir Radi Allahu Anhum in Daraqutni)

Company of people of piety "O Muslims! Sit with your elders, seek clarification from the learned and keep contact with the wise." (Tabarani) Rasulullah SallalAllahu Alaihi Wasalam said, "A man follows the religion of his friend. So, consider carefully who you make your friend." (Reported by Hazrat Abu Hurairah Radi Allahu Anhu in Mishkat)

Rasulullah Salla Allahu Alaihi Wasalam said, "A man will be with those he loves." (Reported by Hazrat Ibn Masud Radi Allahu Anhu in Bukhari)

Weakening Covenants

Rasulullah Salla Allahu Alaihi Wasalam said that bloodshed increases amongst people who weaken covenants and the death rate increases amongst people who fornicate. (Abu Dawud)

Bad company

Rasulullah Salla Allahu Alaihi Wasalam said, "It is better to be lonely than to keep company with bad people. Sitting with people of piety is better than loneliness. Speaking what is good is better than silence and silence is btter than speaking ill." (Reported by Hazrat Abu Hurairah Radi Allahu Anhu in Hakim, Baihaqi)

Nikah Mut’a

What is the reality of mut`a marriage? Is it permitted? Isn’t it a way out for frustrated youth? Bismillaahir rahmaanir rahiim. Imam al-Marghinani stated in his al-Hidaya:
“Temporary [mut`a] marriage is invalid. It is for a woman to say, I will be [f: lit, “enjoy you”] with you for such-and-such time for such-and-such amount of money.”
Imam Kamal ibn al-Humam stated in his commentary on al-Hidaya, Fath al-Qadir:
“The meaning of mut`a marriage is a contact that ends with the ending of the (specified) time.” Temporary (mut`a) marriage is prohibited and invalid by absolute scholarly consensus (ijma`), as established by decisive primary evidence. As for the ‘difference’ of the Shi`a on this point, their positions are of no scholarly weight when it comes to matters they deviated from the Sunni understanding, because of the fundamental flaws in their legal methodology.

The wisdom behind its prohibition is obvious: it goes against the very purpose of marriage, as outlined in the Qur’an and Sunna. Imam al-Marghinani explains that:
“(The permissibility of mut`a) was abrogated, as confirmed by the total consensus (ijma`) of the Companions (Allah be pleased with them). Imam Kamal ibn al-Humam explained:
“As for the evidence for the abrogation itself it is that which Muslim recorded in his Sahih that, “The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) forbade it on the Day of the Opening (of Makka). And in both the Sahih collections (f: Bukhari & Muslim) that, “The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) forbade it on the Day of (the battle of) Khaybar.” This is understood to mean it was abrogated twice…

And in Sahih Muslim, the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) is recorded to have said, “…Allah has forbidden it [temporary marriage] until the Day of Judgement.” The hadiths about this are many, and well known… The prohibition is final, and there is no difference about this between the scholars of the lands, except some Shi`a.” [al-Hidaya with its commentary, Fath al-Qadir, 3: 246 – 247, Dar al-Fikr edition]

Avoiding Arguments

It is important to avoid arguments with Shi`as and others, unless one has a strong foundation and depth of sound knowledge of the Sacred Law. People of innovation and misguidance spend a lot of time and energy arguing, and can be very good at it. So one can be swept away by their arguments and claims, often unwittingly, or end up mis-representing the truth.

The truth remains true, whether someone can defend it or not. But the person involved and others can be shaken by such matters. The way of the early Muslims and scholars of guidance is to avoid polemics and arguments as much as possible. When there is misguidance being spread, or harm being caused by the people of innovation, such as the Shi`a, then one should go to reliable scholars of taqwa and wisdom to seek guidance and direction, for they are the inheritors of the Prophets.

May Allah protect us from trials and fitnas, outwardly and inwardly.
Wassalam,Faraz Rabbani


A'uudzubillaahi minasy syaythaanir rajiim Bismillaahir rahmaanir rahiim Allaahumma shalli 'alaa Sayyidinaa Muhammadiw wa 'alaa aalihi wa Shahbihi ajma'iin Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Maulana Shaykh Nazim (q) said, “A man may have one dollar. He will give away fifty cents. If he has ten dollars, he will give ten cents. If he has one-thousand dollars, he will give nothing! As riches grow, so does greed.”

Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al Haqqani
Sunday, 21st April 2002
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillshi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim

What is the number of vocabs in English? It is one of most important languages. How many words you are using? You know 'Redhouse'? People waste time. That is from Jewish people's wish, cheating people. Whole teaching systems that the Islamic world use, are Jewish style teaching systems, means: they try not to learn anyone. They make so many years of university, not teaching anything, only occupying people's minds with useless works and ideas. If you sit alone without going to university, every day you may learn at least 4o words, so that through ten days going to be 4oo. In 1oo days going to be 4ooo words! If you sit to learn only holy words of Holy Quran, you may learn all the vocabulary of the Holy Quran in 3 months!

But they don't do that. They cheat people. Big advertisement, but it is empty. Therefore I like, but it is not now a time for establishing an Islamic teaching school for foreigners. It is too late, because people like all useless teaching systems and if you establish a school, the government is not going to accept it and not going to give value for what we give to graduating students. If you give some diplomas for people, the government is saying: 'We are not accepting your diploma.' Therefore it is finished. May Allah forgive us. That is a big trap and also very big trick for Islam. If anyone coming and embraces Islam, they make a short way so long, so that who is asking to learn the holy language of the Holy Quran should be fed up. Wasting so many years, but not learning anything. There is a English system to teach people English. I began when I was 8, 9 years old to learn English, and it was a new method: Reader 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. If reaching to Reader 7, at least you learned 3ooo words. Very good system. Putting at the beginning 'i' and 'a'.

'I' is a letter and same time it means 'myself'. 'A' is the first letter of the English alphabet. Using 'i ' in a small sentence and 'a', using in front of it two 's's and saying 'ass ', donkey. Then one page these new words written with a different and bigger letters to be known that they are new. Beginning and you learn 3, 4.At the end of that lesson it is written: You know now 2 words, vocabs. Lesson 2: Making new words first at the beginning, then these new two words using in sentences, and in the end making another kind of writing: Now you know 4 words. Day by day your vocabulary going to be richer and richer. What I learnt that time I am using now; just I forgot half of it and it is okay.

But Arabic- they are not teaching. What is that they learn? Nothing. No system. Teaching is a particular system for everyone that they may learn easily. Making that they may loose their way. How many holy words in the Holy Quran? I am asking! How many Suras? 114. How many words? 4444. Ayats: 6666. 144.000 and more sentences. Subhanallah! May Allah forgive us.What is coming on the Ummah is for the reason that people lost to learn Holy Quran and its holy language in an easy and correct way. If not, you learn what is in it. It is so difficult to follow the holy Orders of Allah Almighty. If not learning and using His Orders and keeping, always your steps are wrong. And Allah is saying: 'Qadamu sidqin'- true steps; you must go on Sirat-al-Mustaqim with true steps.' You can't walk on Sirat-al-Mustaqim with wrong steps; you must fall down. If a person never knows to drive a car and goes on the street, both sides deep valleys, he must fall either right or left side, because he is wrong driving. And Allah Almighty is asking us to be good drivers, and that is only who is going true steps. You must follow the true way. You can't follow wrong steps, because you will fall down. And very few people have true steps. They are lost, wrong steps, because Shaitan is cheating them.

They say: 'We fight Israel'. We represent everything that Israel makes; for using Israeali ways we are first to run after it. We are saying 'fashions' or asia. Everyone is following what Israel is making from wrong things. First our Muslims run to use it. Why? Why you follow Israel? Wrong steps! Why not following Sahaba? What is the reason? They say: 'These are no mind people. We must be modernized, 'western Muslims'.' What is that? Then you must be Christian. You are Oriental Muslims, not 'western Muslims'. Islam is not coming from the West, but coming from the East, from the Orient, not from the West. Why you follow (the West)? They say: 'No, we must follow. Whole world running after them, we must follow also.' That is a wrong idea, but planted in schools, universities, teaching schools. Everything is wrong. We must say (this). If people are accepting, they are accepting. If not.'La iqraha fi din.'

'No compulsion in Religion' - Qur'an 2:256)

Subject: The Heart - Power Oceans
Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al Haqqani
Monday, 22nd April 2002

Audhu bi-llahi mineshaitana rajim.Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim. Everything is
running towards its last point. For everything there is a last point, that is coming to there and then stopping or disappearing or finishing. 'Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim wa shamsu tadshri li mustakaril laha'.Allah Almighty informing His servants (about the) sun, that is main factor for life on earth. Without sun no life on earth, and Allah says about that sun that it is moving towards its last station, last point; approaching day by day, month after month year after year, century after century, thousand years and thousand years. Moving towards its last station, that when reaching to that point, going either to stop or to disappear or to be taken away from existence. Finishing.

And I am looking to myself and looking to all of you that I and you, all of us, what is appointed for everyone of us to be his last station, day by day (we are) approaching. I was thinking that in front of me years, so many years, and now I am reaching to 80 years. I am asking a further station, maybe should be granted, but if going to be 90, it is going to be also the day that I must disappear, and I am looking here young people, all of you, that you hope to reach more life to be for you 80, 90, even 100 years. But we must reach that point, the limit that is appointed for us. That limit coming. Therefore they are giving to me that sign, information, about sun. Sun- only Allah knows how many billions years rising- setting, rising- setting, rising-setting, but also moving like this.It is rising, setting. Second day it is not on same point rising and same point setting. 'Rabbu-l masharik wa-l magharib.' Therefore Allah Almighty is saying: 'Rabbu-l mashrikayni wa rabbu-l maghribayn'.Every day sun, if it is rising from its appointed place- and that is one point Allah Almighty saying about it- and then same day coming and setting down.

This Allah Almighty is arranging. That is from Allah Almighty, not sun by itself making its rising and setting. Its Creator, Lord, making every day for sun one point to rise, one point to come down. And then 'Rabbu-l mashriqayni wa rabbu-l maghribayn' signing the farest point for rising and setting, and more closer place that sun rising and coming down, that means rising and setting points through summer time and winter time. Aqsa, most far point for rising. And Rabbu-l masharik wa-l magharib', because sun moving- every day coming another- from another rising point through universe. Rising and coming down. Next day coming another point; so that the sun is moving and it is doing its importance so exact, you can't find even second to be late or to be early. And it is moving for its last point, when coming.'Subhana man nauwarik, subhana man sadawarik, subhana man iza sha'a kauwarik'.The Prophet, salallahu alayhi wa sallim, was saying when looking sun rising, looking its lights, so beautiful and magnificent: 'Only Allah may give to you such a shape, so round, you can't find anything like this or that, full circle. Glory to your Creator that created you in such a perfect appearance and giving to you such a beauty, such a light. You are magnificent through skies, and He is the only One that when He likes, to make your existence coming, coming. closing, closing.and through darkness finishing. Sun going to finish: 'Isa shamsu quwirat'.sun going to be closed down, finishing, no more sun rising, no more sun in existence.

For everything there is a last point, reaching and then disappearing. From where coming, ending in it. 'Inna li-llahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun' does not mean you are coming from Allah, from His Essence, no. Only you are coming and appearing from Allah Almightys endless Power Oceans, 'bahru-l qudra'. Appearing, then turning back through that 'bahru-l qudra', oceans of Power, coming and disappearing.There are some fish, that salmon, I was going around in America and I saw them jumping from the ocean and then disappearing, jumping, disappearing.and everything in existence is coming and appearing then going to disappear. And what that one is reaching through that very short time- jumping, what it can take out of the Oceans of Power and then coming down in it- what it reached, taking it and coming down, so that it is not same when it was jumping and coming down also, no, not same, just changed. And we also- from endless Power Oceans we are appearing, and what we have been ordered to reach, we are taking and then coming down, disappearing. Therefore everything on earth is going to be change- not every day or every week, but every hour and every second and every less unit of time. That is 'Azamatu-l Haqq, the Greatness of Allah Almighty, that is impossible to think on. Only Abd, servant, may say: 'Allahu akbar!'

May Allah give us some understanding for our Lords Identity. And only we may reach the last point and we are taking something and going to disappear.. From pre eternal up to eternal. May Allah forgive me and bless you.

Subject: The Heart - Najm al-Din Kubra
Najm al-Din Kubra and the Kubrawiyyah Order
by Atosa Aria Abedini

Part I

Five to seven hundred years after the Hijrat of the Prophet Mohammad (swa), the Muslim world experienced an extremely turbulent period. However, Sufism blossomed and spread its roots even further. Between 550-700 A.H. the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the chaotic disruption of the Mongol invasion reached as far as Baghdad and destroyed the caliphate along with numerous concurrent disasters. Regardless, the faithful Muslim saints and scholars flourished at a greater rate than previously recorded. Many Sufi Orders were founded in this period; and those who had dissipated were once again revived.

Among the saintly scholars, Najm al-Din Kubra, founder of the Kubrawiyyah Order, began teaching in Khwarazm; a region in NW Uzbekistan, which, in the past, was part of the great Persian Empire, under the rule of Cyres, the Great. The Kubrawiyyah Order soon expanded its wings and spread its teachings to Persia, Afghanistan, India and China. The Kubrawiyyah, throughout their long history, produced masters of great stature who taught and produced numerous, elaborate writings and doctrines of the Sufis. In 540/1145, in Khwarazm, South of the Aral Sea, Abu'l-Jannab Najm al-Din ibn Umar al- Kubra was born. From a very young age, he displayed a surpassing intelligence. In school he received the nickname Kubra, which literally means "the greatest." It is the abbreviated form of the Koranic phrase al-tammat al-Kubra, "the Greatest alamity"(LXXIX: 34, Holy Qur'an). After completing his studies in Islamic religious sciences, Najm al-Din left his birthplace to pursue studies in other lands. He went to Persia to study the science of the Hadith then onto Egypt. In his early thirties, his thirst for esoteric matters attracted him to the Suhrawardiyyah order, where he was initiated by Shaykh Ruzbihan al-Wazzan al-Misri.

According to Sheikh Kubra's writings, it is known that he had at least one profoundly moving spiritual experience in his childhood. Some believe that Najm al- Din's direction in spirituality may have been greatly affected by Baba Faraj Tabrizi due to his impressive mannerisms and advice to pursue the esoteric sciences.

His first experience as a salek was in Dizful, in western Persia, under the supervision of Ismail al-Qasri. After a short while, Ismail advised him to become an apprentice with Ammar ibn Yasir al-Bidlisi, who was a disciple of Abu'l-Najib al-Suhrawardi. After the passing of his teacher, Sheikh Ammar, Najm al-Din returned to Egypt where Sheikh al-Misri helped him to continue his training until he was permitted to instruct disciples of his own. While under the instruction of Sheikh al-Misri, he married his master's daughter. Upon receiving permission to teach, he was instructed to return to his birthplace, Khwarasm. Najm al-Din returned to Khwarazm sometime between 582/1185 and 586/ 1190 where he remained the rest of his life, devoting himself to the spiritual path and to teaching disciples. Although he had few disciples, he earned an epithet for his success rate of producing masters of high stature. The epithet was: Wali-tarash, "Sculptor of Saints." He wrote a number of discourses; Fawa'ih al-jamal wa fawatih al-jalal (Aromas of Beauty and Preambles of Majesty), being the most important of his works. In this text he included records of his personal, visionary experiences and guidance for practicing the path; a detailed theory of the Sufi path for initiates.

After a fruitful, spiritual life, Najm al-Din passed away in Urgench, near Khwarazm, in the year 618/1221, during the Mongol invasion. He was offered protection if he had accepted to take refuge with the Mongols; instead, he chose to fight and defend the City for it would result in a glorified martyr's death in battle.

All schools of Sufism are known for their strict rules and discipline of the self and the Kubrawiyyah's methods were not different from the rest. As a Sufi master, Najm al-Din insisted on certain prerequisites before he would consider anyone as a potential salek (student). In order to be considered as a candidate and accepted as a student, one was required to have solid knowledge of Islamic laws and Islamic theological doctrines. The disciplinary rules of the school are eight principles of Junayd (third/ninth centuries). A salek must constantly observe the following: 1. Ritual purity (wudu, aprocess of cleansing prior to prayer), 2. Fasting, 3. Silence, 4. Seclusion, 5. Innvocation or recollection of Allah, using the formula La Ilaha Illa Allah (zekr), 6. Heart to heart connection with his/her Sheikh at all times, 7. Impure thoughts and impulses are to be put aside as they occur, 8. Surrender him/herself to the will of Allah and never refuse
or question what Allah has imposed upon him. In addition to the mentioned eight rules, Najm al-Din also highly recommended two additional rules: moderation in eating and drinking when breaking a fast, and maintaining a bare minimum of sleep.

Sheikh Kubra's description and theory of the Sufi path was that the journey towards Allah was none but an inward journey. He believed that whatever Allah put in the macrocosm, also existed within every individual on the microcosmic level. "Know that the lower soul, the devil, and the angels are realities that are not external to you. You are they. So, too,Heaven, Earth and the Divine throne are not located outside of you; nor are Paradise, Hell, Life, or death." VXVII:32, Holy Koran. He often told people to pray because Allah is praiseworthy; not for fear of hell or in wishing for paradise.

What set Sheikh Kubra's school aside from others and gave it a distinctive feature were his teachings on Photisms; objective realities such as auras and other information obtained by faculties of the spirit, known as suprasensory senses, rather than the five physical senses. Suprasensory senses are considered to be more informative than those of our sensory perceptions, for the suprasensory perception, belonging to the higher Order of existence, is wide enough to observe both realms. It is said that when a salek begins his inward journey, he will first discover darkness. He then may receive visions of light. As he progresses, he will see beauty and lucidity. Soon after, spiritual visions will begin and gain strength as the salek becomes more pure. As the salek achieves further purity, his centers (various points in the body called Latifah, comparable to Chakras) gain strength. Kubra mentioned many times: "Our method (or path, tarighat) is the method of alchemy."The mystical experience will cause a transmutation and transforms the being, the spirit, and the five senses into senses that have further reach than that of the corporeal realm.

Sheikh Kubra described love (eshgh) as being the necessary, essential ingredient for the union of the lover and the Beloved. Sheikh Kubra also taught that the mutual love between the lover and the Beloved would bring forth the mundus imaginalis, "the person of light". The form of this person of light appears to the salek and is an indication of his later spiritual state. It is said that, initially, the person of light will appear in black form, which represents the darkness of the individual's existence. When the salek attains the state of purity, his visions of light will be green. The person of light will appear in an extraordinary luminous form;sunlike in intensity. Sheikh Kubra went on to describe the face as the face of the salek and that the sunlike form, the "sun of the spirit"would be that which would oscillate with one's body. The moment one is able to see the person of light, "the entire body is immersed in purity." The physical body then generates light due to the falling of the veil. That is when the faculties of inner vision are accessible by the physical body and the chest is a receiver, wide open. Najm al-Din Kubra successfully passed on his teachings and spiritual discoveries to his disciples who went on to spread the teachings of their master and offered the knowledge to unlock doors and reach the treasures that lie within. One of Sheikh Kubra's outstanding successors was Majd al-Din Baghdadi from a village in Khorasan, a Province in Persia.

Very little is known about his life. Najm al-Din predicted that the death of his student would be by the hands of the Mongols and that he would be drowned in a river. Majd al-Din was also responsible for bringing together and producing praiseworthy disciples. Among his disciples was Najm al-Din Dayah. Although Baghdadi passed away before Sheikh Kubra, it seemed peculiar that Dayah did not acknowledge Kubra as his Sheikh. He regarded Baghdadi as his only Sheikh. Another follower of Majd al-Din was Farid al-Din 'Attar of Nayshapur, a great Persian Sufi writer and scholar.

Subject: The Heart - The Safety of Sham - Hadith
Maulana Sheikh Muhammd Nazim al Haqqani
Tuesday, 23rd April 2002

We are not asking a bad place because it is cheap. No, must be something that may be good for us. First: not to be so cold. Second: not to be a dry place, no rain. Third: not to be difficult for finding water through wells. Fourth: not too much wind. Fifth: no military zone. And sixth: not to be closer to cities or difficult people. Such conditions we are looking .Anyone who asking to come, welcome, and we shall try to ask from government also a special permission for immigrating here, and we are not going to need anything, we are not going to be a burden on government, but we are enough or ourselves, insha Allah, we are not on need for them, only our aim is to be here through Armageddon, great wars, not to be with people in Europe, that should be difficult and misunderstanding between Muslims and Non-Muslims.

And I am trying to find a suitable place, to be closer to Damascus also, and in a good situation for climate, not to be too cold like our place now, or not too hot like here, Damascus. Must be an average height, after 2o km, that it is normal. Anytime you may find micros going coming, and we may buy a micro also for our people, that anyone asking to come to Damascus daytime looking for their importance and then going back, it is okay. That is my inspiration for that purpose. And, as I said before, I don't like concrete buildings there. I must be simple places. Maybe we may be here up to Mehdi alehi salam., and after Mehdi alehi salam. up to time of Jesus Christ, coming and wars finishing, and people may move through East and West, anywhere, easily.

Only through this short time that people must be in need to be in a safe place, and safe place through big events, when last days approaching, Prophet, peace be upon him, just informing that most safe place in Damascus, here. Therefore we prepare to be here all of us, and so many millions people must run also here that time. 'Tuba li man kana lahu marbata shatin fi sham fi akhira zaman'.it was informed by holy Prophet, he was saying: 'It is a big reward or a favour from Allah Almighty to His servants that they should have a small place that one sheep may be there, to be for him when last days coming'. That is Prophet's miraculous words, miraculous news, for coming days. And it is the time that you may find easily place, and after a while may be thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands. millions people must run to Damascus. According to Sayidinna Muhyiudin ibn Arabi, Allah bless him, this Wuta, all around Damascus, should be people like this: if you throw your hat up, not coming on earth, coming on people, so crowdy should be here. And was asking Sayiddina Abu Bakr, Allah bless him: 'Ya Rasululah if
such crowding going to be in Damascus, how should be for their eating and drinking?'

And he was saying sws: 'When Mehdi coming, and he is saying:'Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar', one piece of food should be enough for those people. Up to 4o days they should never feel hunger and their feeling going to be as a person just ate one lamb.' In such a way should be. Therefore- anyone who likes to come, welcome. And I don't think that here government going to prevent people, because just the situation is going to be changed quickly. Today is something, tomorrow is something else. Today maybe people looking towards East, tomorrow they may look to West, or people may look today to West, tomorrow they may look to East. In such a way through 24 hours quickly a changing is coming. wa min Allah at-taufiq. Fatiha. I am hating everything that belongs to modern life...In concrete people are going to be concrete also...In Arabic houses made from mud, no need for a stove.

In old times people found their Rizq in their own village or their own country. Nowadays people travel from one city to the other, from one country to another. In old times they brought water from a well. Nowadays is comes with machines and all the precious ingredients that the body needs, get lost.

Subject: The Heart - A little bit about Shaykh Ahmed
(for those who don't know him)

Since 1982 shaykh Ahmad was spiritually guided to his spiritual Grandmaster Shaykh Mohammed Nazim Al-Haqqani. It wasn't until 1985 that Shaykh Ahmad physically met his master. From that meeting Shaykh Ahmad knew that he had been spiritually guided for three years by Shaykh Mohammed Nazim and from that day became a student of the Shaykh In 1994 his spiritual master opened the Mevlevi order (Whirling Dervishes) to Shaykh Ahmad. One time Shaykh Ahmad shared a beautiful happening with us. In the summer of 1998, Shaykh Ahmad had a vision of his Grandmaster Shaykh Mohammed Nazim, in that vision the Grandmaster said to Shaykh Ahmad "Come to me", then the vision ended. After experiencing this, Shaykh Ahmad told his wife and he immediately left Holland to go to Cyprus to his Grandmaster. On arriving in Cyprus he was greeted by his Grandmaster, Shaykh Ahmad with extreme love greeted his master and kissed his holy hands. The same night Shaykh Ahmad was asked by his Grandmaster to sit next to him in the gathering of a meditation. When the chanting began of Divine names of the beloved, Shaykh Ahmad in his heart felt a strong urge to whirl, but didn't say anything knowing that the way is not to ask but the Grandmaster knows. immediately his Grandmaster took his hand and pulled Shaykh Ahmad to standup and whirl and so Shaykh Ahmad began to whirl.

After the meditation Shaykh Ahmad heard some people talking saying "This is not the way of our Grandmaster we only follow the Naqshbandi spiritual way" on hearing this Shaykh Ahmad become very upset and went to rest in his room. The thought of 'how could it not be from my Grandmaster because he told me to whirl?' circulated in Shaykh Ahmad's mind. Then Shaykh Ahmad in his heart said to himself, "Oh! my Shaykh please take this terrible feeling out of my heart and off my shoulders, my heart is crying I can't sleep", at that very moment Shaykh Ahmad heard a knock on his door. He opened the door and found a person wanting to speak to Shaykh Ahmad in private. They went outside and the person described the incident that he experienced.

"Something very beautiful has just happened to me something that I've never experienced before. I was standing outside the kitchen of our Grandmaster and I saw the Great master Mevlana Jalal-Al-Din Rumi he appeared before me, it was so beautiful. And then he said to me, "Oh my son! go to Shaykh Ahmad and say to him, that my hands are on his shoulders and that Sultan Shaykh Nazim my grandson is above me" then Mevlana Jala-Al-Din Rumi disappeared. And then I immediately came to you." Shaykh Ahmad embraced him giving thanks to his Almighty Allah and thanking his Spiritual Master. Then Shaykh Ahmad said to him "That was what I was asking for" and then Shaykh Ahmad's terrible feeling disappeared and he could sleep in peace. The next morning Shaykh Ahmad reported that he had a dream and went onto say, "I had beautiful dream, that I was in a peaceful place, and I saw myself standing with my right hand up and looking to it and saying, thank you Allah I am wearing the ring of Abu-Bakr As-Siddiq (ra) and then I was showing it around to everyone in this place". That morning Shaykh Ahmad was invited to breakfast with his Grandmaster. Then he told his dream to his Grandmaster and he said to him, "Yes, Abu-Bakr as-Siddiq was the first to whirl and you are the first Ahmad to represent the Whirling". Since then Shaykh Ahmad has been dressed and held responsible by his Spiritual Master to represent the Mevlevi Sufi way on behalf of Mevlana Jala-Al-Din Rumi.

A vision seen by one of the dervish about our most beloved Grand Shaykh Maulana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani; "My father in law, mother in law, James and myself were sitting in my fathers laws sittingroom when Maulana Shaykh Nazim walked in, he was making zikr(meditation) ''YA DJALIL, YA ALLAH...'' Maulana sat on the blue chair then he spoke and said to all of us "I am Shaykh Ahmad, I am living in him, wat he is saying, I am saying, You must trust in him completely and believe what he is saying because I am saying it. Maulana looked at Abdul Djalil (James) and said '' He has no doubt about Shaykh Ahmad he knows, carry on with the music and whirling, I am very happy with all of you'' then Maulana said AL Fatihah". Then the vision ended.

Today Shaykh Ahmad with the blessing of his Grandmaster Shaykh Mohammed Nazim travels East and West spreading the love of the Divine as a representative of Mevlana Jala-Al-Din Rumi. In the new millennium, the Grand Master Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani gave blessings to Haji Irshad to help Shaykh Ahmad in the way of spreading love, peace and unity using the Mevlevi Tariqat. May Allah bless them and grant them good health

Subject: The Heart - Importance of Taking a Shaykh
Importance of Taking a Shaykh

Allah said in the Holy Qur'an, "Fear God and accompany Trustworthy people" [9:119]. Allah's Word is for all time, for every era and for every century. It is an ongoing order, from which we understand the importance of keeping company with the Trustworthy. Allah orders all human beings to accompany them, because by keeping their company one will see how they live their lives, how they deal with people, how they address their companions, how they eat, how they sleep, how they worship. By accompanying them, one will learn all their good manners, and their ways of life. Another way too understand this verse, is that one should accompany a trustworthy person, because to be trustworthy is very rare and not many people achieve it. Everyone, however, can find a trustworthy person and accompany him, in order to be guided. Following a Trustworthy One is essential to our spiritual path. Such a one is needed to lead us and guide us and to be a beacon for us on that way.

In the Naqshbandi Order, the living presence of a connected shaikh is essential. Through his physical and spiritual linkage to the Prophet (s) he stablishes the murid's connection. The murid's obligation is to maintain his connection to his shaikh, to hold tightly to the hand of the one within his reach. The shaikh maintains the further connection to the previous shaikhs and to the Prophet (s). From what has been said above, and in the biographies of the Masters, the importance of accompanying a True Master has been clearly demonstrated. It provides the seeker with the opportunity to learn the essentials of ethics and good conduct, to discover the hidden defects of his heart, and to be lifted to the states of perfection. There are two requisites for entering upon such an endeavor: when the seeker feels the need to seek in this way he must purify his intention and ask his Lord to connect him to a Truthful One; and he must look in his own country for someone who will point him in the direction of the Perfect Master.

The Need for a Living Guide

If one is separated from his shaikh by death or other circumstances, it becomes necessary to find a living guide, who can complete the work of the first master. The path itself is not the Goal, but the means to reach the Goal. Holding onto the attachment to a master who is no longer present, usually represents an unrealistic expectation and a false hope. It may also be a manifestation of pride. Although they had already pledged themselves to the Prophet (s), the Companions had to take initiation with Sayyidina Abu Bakr ® after the passing of the Prophet (s), and as they renewed their pledge to the successive khalifs, Sayyidina 'Umar, Sayyidina 'Uthman and Sayyidina 'Ali, so too does a sincere seeker need to put his hand into the hand of a living shaikh, and renew his initiation, in order to complete his journey to the Divine Presence.

Three types of Shaykhs

There are three types of Shaykhs. Two of them are false and only one is True.

1.. Shuyukhur-Rizq: Therse are the ones who travel to Maqams of the Awlia like in Syria, Asia and Morroco and return proclaim themselves shaykhs. And some may even sit at the feat of some Awlia, not gaining anything from them then claim a station for themselves when they return. For them, Shaykhdom is a business which they try and attract followers in order to take advantage of the innocent. And some even go the lengths of placing their name in Silsilah. And the worst of them even break the outward tenants of the Saree'ah, claiming to be above it.

2.. Shuyukhul-Kutub or Huruf-They are similar to the Shuyukh-Arzaq, but higher. These are the ones who study in Universities and earn degrees in Tasawwuf. And some even hold positions in Universities claiming to be a authority. They memorize the best books of the Greatest Awlia, translate them and give it over to their followers. And they are know for giving fiery speeches. They are more like translators and historians disguised as Shaykhs. For them, Shaykhdom is like memorizing text, dates and isnads. Neither one of these Shaykhs are able guide their Mureeds to their Amana. They don't even have the conception of humbling themselves in informing their Mureeds that they cannot guide them and that they know nothing. Rather it is beyond their conception, because of being intoxicated with the love of Leadership. Their followers are the same state in the end as they were in the beginning. Not because of the Mureeds inability, but from the falsehood of their guides. If you were to listen to their lectures, they sound like Awlia due to continuous pretending, but they have received neither permission nor knowledge for which they claim. There is not one Tareeqah that is safe from these types. They claim to speack for their Shaykhs only for the Love of this World and not for the Love of his Shaykh.

3.. Shuyukh-Haqaa'iq: These are the True Shaykhs. The True Inheretors of the Anbiya in which the Prophet (saw) said, 'The Ulama are the Inheritors of the Prophets (saw)'. Only through them, one the Mureed is given his Amanah. They receive directly from their Shaykh, even if his Shaykh has passed, to the Pressence and the Permission of Muhammad (saw). They can present the Trusts to the Mureeds when the Permission is given by the Prophet (saw).

Qualifications of a Shaykh

The master must have four qualifications:
· He must be a scholar in all the obligations of the religion;
· He must be a Knower (carif);
· He must be an expert in the way of purifying the Self;
· He must be authorised by his shaikh to give guidance.

1. Being a Scholar in the Obligations of the Religion The master must be a scholar in all religious obligations, such as the conditions of prayers, the conditions of fasting and the conditions of zakat (obligatory charity). He must be knowledgeable in the Jurisprudence of Islam and all necessary matters of Islamic Shari'ah. He must be a scholar in the Science of Tawhid (Oneness) according to the Ahl as-Sunnah wal-Jama'at, and all the and all the other conditions of faith (iman).

2. Being a Knower
To be a Knower means the master or murshid must have the knowledge of the conditions of the state of Ihsan, as mentioned by the Prophet (s) in the hadith, "Worship Allah as if you are seeing Him, and if you are not seeing Him, know that He is seeing you." A Knower must bear witness in his heart that Allah is the Unique One in His Essence, and in His Attributes, and in His Actions. He must know about His Attributes through Vision and Taste, by experiencing self-effacement in the Divine Presence.

3. Being Sanctified
The Master must have already purified or sanctified himself as a seeker under a master of his own. He will have come to know the different stages of the ego, its illnesses and its defects. The Master must be fully aware of all the methods Satan uses to enter the heart. He must know all the ways to sanctify others and the methods to heal his followers in order to raise them up to reach the State of Perfection. If a seeker comes to the shaikh with perfect sincerity and truthfulness, asking to be initiated in the order, the shaikh must not hurry to initiate him, until he knows that he will remain trustworthy when he reaches the Goal. He must look at his capability. If his capability corresponds to the capability of the Close Ones (muqarrabin), then he will show him the way, as it is the way of the Trustworthy. That way is built on killing one's own will, and connecting and submitting oneself to the will of one's shaikh. One must do as the Prophet (s) said, "Die before you die!" He must leave his natural will, which causes him to move according to his mind, and leave all his affairs to the will of his shaikh. The shaikh will lift him up through a path filled with difficulties, train him through worship, and guide him to a state of complete Self-Effacement. Only this will elevate him to the Divine Presence.

That is why Khwaja Ubaidullah al-Ahrar said: "Who is the shaikh? The shaikh is the one who can know, through the vision that Allah has granted him, the capability of his murid. From the day he meets him to the day of his death, he will know which state the murid will attain, and in which way he will taste, and in which way he will reach the Divine Presence. If the shaikh cannot summon that knowledge, it is forbidden (haram) for him to give the seeker initiation." He continued, "The shaikh must avoid the wealth of his murid. If the murid wishes to help the shaikh it is his choice. The states of guidance are above all states, and the master must not ask except from the Divine Presence." "It is said that one time a murid of Junaid came to him and wanted to give him all his money. Junaid refused and said, 'No.' When that same murid reached the State of Perfection and was lifted up to the Divine Presence, he came to Junaid and again wanted to give all his money to him. At that time he said, 'Yes.

Now, I accept, because when you give now, you will not regret later.' "That is why we don't like our murids to give all their money to the shaikh. When they haven't reached the state of perfection, they might regret later and be in doubt, and they will be harmed. But when the murid reaches that state he will give sincerely and will never regret it later. The evidence of this is that Sayyidina Abu Bakr and Sayyidina 'Umar came to the Prophet (s) and from the first Sayyidina Abu Bakr gave all his money. The Prophet (s) asked, 'What have you left for your family?' He replied, 'I have left them Allah and his Prophet (s).' When the murid reaches the state of real generosity and real perfection, then the shaikh may accept what he gives. If he has not reached that state his gift must not be accepted." The shaikh must not order any of his followers to do something he himself can not do or would not do. He must know all the obligatory and forbidden actions according to the Shari'ah. Similary, he must know all the States of spirituality, and must have tasted all Tastes, so that he is an example, and when he speaks he speaks with real knowledge.

An example of this is a lady who came to a perfect shaikh one time with her son, saying, "My son is always asking for sweets. Please pray for him to leave that desire, as I don't always have sweets to give him." He said, "Be patient for three days and then bring him back to me." After three days she brought him back and the shaikh told him, "O my son, don't eat candies, because it is harmful for your stomach." From that day the child never ate sweets again. Some time later someone asked the shaikh, "Why did you wait three days to give the child that advice?" The shaikh replied, "When the lady came to me, she asked me to prevent her child from eating sweets. I couldn't do that for him because I myself was under that temptation of eating sweets. So I stopped eating sweets for three days. When I had stopped, I was able to make a du'a for him, and that du'a was acceptable." Qushayri relates in his Letter that allaj was once asked to talk about poverty. He said, "Wait a minute." He entered his house, went out somewhere and came back. Then he sat and spoke, saying poverty consists of this and this and that. One murid asked him, "O my shaikh, why didn't you speak like this from the beginning?" He said , "When I was asked, I had one dirham in my house. I couldn't speak about poverty while I still had something. So I went took that dirham, went and spent it in Allah's way, and then I could speak on poverty."

4. Having His Master's Authorization
The Shaikh must have authorization from his Master for training and uplifting his followers and showing the Way of this Path. That ijaza (permission) must reach him through the chain of the grandshaikhs from one to another, all the way back to the Prophet (s). As the wise person will not go to a doctor who has no license in healing, so the seeker in this way must find a perfect guide who has received the license, the ijaza, from his shaikh. Imam Muslim said, "This great knowledge [the knowledge of the self] is by itself the religion. So you have to know from whom you take your religion." In the book of Hafiz ibn Ali Kanz al-cUmmal," the following hadith is found. The Prophet (s) said, "O Umar, your din is your flesh and blood. Look at those from whom you take your din; take it from those who are on the right path and don't take from those who deviated." A knower said, "Knowledge is a spirit which is blown into the hearts, not philosophy or pretty tales to be written. So be very careful from whom you take it."

5. The Signs of Mastery
The main indication of mastery is that when you sit with a master you feel a breeze of faith, spiritual pleasure. He doesn't speak except for Allah. He is always advising the good. You will benefit from being in his company as you benefit from his words. You ill benefit when> you are far from him as you benefit when you are near him. You must see among his murids the picture of faith, sincerity, humbleness and taqwa (God-consciousness), and you must remember, when you are mixing with them, the highest state of love and truth and deference to others. You must see that his followers represent all different kinds of people in the community. That is how the Companions of the Prophet were.

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Subject: The Heart - Seeking Knowledge
Excellence of Seeking Knowledge

One of the indispensible conditions of Sufism is Ilm or Knowledge. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallal lahu alaihi wasallam) said, "The search for knowledge is obligatory for all Muslim men and women". He was once asked, " O Prophet of Allah, which action is best". He replied " Knowledge ". He was then questioned " Which knowledge do you mean ". He said " Knowledge about Allah ". They said " We ask you about action and you speak of knowledge ". The Prophet said " With your knowledge of Allah, a few actions will suffice and your ignorance about Allah will not suffice even though actions are numerous ". It is stated in a Hadith-e-Qudsi, where Allah says " I was a hidden treasure, I loved to be known and created the world to be known ", and according to this Hadith it is important to recognize Allah and this fact is supported in Fiqh that " First learn to know Allah and then worship him ".

Hujjatul Islam Imam Muhammad Al-Ghazali (radi Allahu anhu) states that Knowledge is the foundation of every action and the pivot of religion . The goodness in this world or the hereafter cannot be achieved without knowledge nor can Iman or Belief be perfected without it. Hazrat Data Ganje Baksh (radi Allahu anhu) says that a dervish can reach the pinnacle of his spiritual glory by first of all acquiring the necessary Ilm and then strictly following its dictates rigidly. The wise men of Islam say that an ignorant cannot recognize Allah. The Prophet was asked " Is seeking knowledge better than reading the Quran ". He replied " Can one gain any benefit from the Quran without knowledge ". Hazrat Muhammad Fadl al Balkhi (radi Allahu anhu) says that there are three kinds of Knowledge :

1) Ilm Min Allah { Knowledge from Allah }
This is the knowledge by which the Prophets and saints recognize Allah. Since he is beyond description, human intellect and explanation, is incapable of knowing him except through his grace.

2) Ilm Ma'a Allah { Knowledge from Allah }
This is knowledge conferred by Shariat which is compulsory upon all.
3) Ilm Bi Allah { Knowledge with Allah }

This is the knowledge of the journey to Allah and all the stations and stages thereof.
This shows that Ma'rifat is not possible without Shariat and Shariat cannot be said to have been followed properly if it does not result in Ma'rifat. To attain the recognition or Ma'rifa of Allah can be known in two ways : One can know him as communicated by the great scholars of the Ahle-Sunnah.

Through the great Mashaaikh and Sufis. THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE TWO ARE MASHAAIKH AND SUFIS SCHOLARS OF THE AHLE SUNAAH Knowledge attained through divine inspiration. Pertains to ones spiritual state and cleanliness. Carnal soul has perished. The soul becomes a firm believer and Iman is protected and at this stage ones worship is real.


Knowledge can be gained by means of study. Pertains to knowledge and intelligence.
Carnal soul has not given up obedience. Iman and worship are in superficial form because the nafs has not become a believer yet.

Hazrat Abu Talib Al Makki Baghdadi (radi Allahu anhu) states that the Ilm-e-Batin flows from the hearts of the Arifs (One who has recognised Allah), to others hearts while Ilm-e-Zahir is learnt from the words of an Alim which only reaches the ears and not the hearts. Hazrat Ali Thaqfi (radi Allahu anhu) says " Knowledge ensures the safety of the soul from the death of ignorance, and the light of eyes from darkness of heresy. He who lacks the knowledge of Shariat suffers from the disease of ignorance which is the death of the soul". One can attain great success through a little knowledge, but it should be always followed by practice. Knowledge distinguishes men from the lower animal and it is only for mans knowledge and wisdom that he is honoured.

Hazrat Ali (Karamallahu Wajhul Kareem) said in a poem :Glory is due to none other than the learned Guided are they and proofs to the seeker of guidance.Everybody is honoured, proportionate to his knowledge. But the illiterate are disgraced, as enemies of the learned, you will be immortal.

All men are dead, only the learned are alive.

The question know arises as to who are these learned persons who are honoured so much? For this answer we go to the Holy Quran in which Almighty Allah says, " Of all the servants of Allah only the Ulama fear him most". (Sura 35:Verse 25). There is also a Hadis that declares that the Ulama are the inheritors of the Prophets. This Quranic ayat and narration of the Prophet (sallal lahu alaihi wasallam does not refer to those who have gained knowledge by studying for several years on the tenants of Islam and sold their knowledge for this material world and also this does not refer to those Ulama who only possess Ilm-e-Zahir (Outer Knowledge) but to those who live up to their knowledge possess piety and achieve success in attaining both Ilm-e-Zahir (Outer Knowledge) and Ilm-e-Batin (Inner Knowledge)

The light of knowledge does not enter the hearts of those who possess Ilm-e-Zahir since they have not become sincere in their resolution and have not been rescued from the claws of desire and lust. For them only the fire of Hell will clear their hearts. For one to truly fear Allah, shows that they have recognised him because how can one fear someone that one does not know and without any doubt the true Ulama according to this ayat are the Aulia (Saints) and Saleheen (Pious) because they have recognised Allah. Therefore the Prophet (sallal lahu alaihi wasallam) said "To be in the company of the learned (Ulama) is better than praying one thousand rakaats of salaat, visiting a thousand sick people and attending one thousand funerals".

Hazrat Yahya Muadz Razi (radi Allahu anhu) has warned that one must abstain
from being in the company of heedless Ulama who are in the habit of worshipping wealth, taking pride in wordly grandeur, nursing their arrogance, flattering kings and dignitaries, condemning the true leaders of men, praising their own power of eloquence and intellectual attainments. All this is not knowledge.

It is compulsory for one to first gain some knowledge in regards to Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) before adopting the spiritual path because performing religious duties such as, namaaz, hajj and all the other religious practices are impossible without this knowledge. Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi (radi Allahu anhu) said My Murshid said to me once "With whom do you keep company when you leave my house ?". I said "I keep company with Mohasabi". He said "Yes, follow his knowledge and manners but avoid subtleties of his scholastic theology and return it to him". When I left him I heard him say "May Allah make you first a Muhadith and then a Sufi but not first a Sufi and then a Muhadith". Imam Ghazali (radi Allahu anhu) explains in his commentary that the meaning of this is that he should acquire first the science of tradition and learning and then become a Sufi and then will he get salvation, but he who becomes a Sufi before acquiring knowledge throws himself into faults.

The Prophet (sallal lahu alaihi wasallam) once said "Shall I not inform you about a perfect Faqih". The companions said "Yes". He said "A perfect Faqih is one who does not deprive the people of the mercy of Allah, does not give hope of freedom from punishment, nor makes them loose hope of his mercy nor discards the Quran in favour of something else". Hazrat Imam Al Qastalani (radi Allahu anhu) states in his Al-Mawahib that the Holy Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said that on the night of Me'raj "My Rabb revealed to me three different types of knowledge, he told me not to reveal the first to anyone because none but I can understand this knowledge. He said you may communicate the second science to whom you wish and teach the third to all you Ummah".

These 3 sciences of knowledge are :

None but the Prophet (sallal lahu alaihi wasallam) knows the first science.
The second is the knowledge of Sufism and secret sciences.
The third one is the knowledge of Fiqh or Islamic Jurisprudence.


The most mysterious part of Sufism is the delicate subject of Ilm-e-Ladunni or secret knowledge which is beyond all human conception and intellect.

Knowledge is of two type:
a) One which we receive from Madressa schools and Universities. Whatever is learnt in these institutions is dubbed as knowledge.
b) One which is imparted directly from Allah without the medium of schools, madressas
etc. This is known as the secret or hidden knowledge.

About this science the Holy Prophet (sallal lahu alaihi wasallam) said "This is such a knowledge which is like a hidden thing. None can grasp it except those who know Allah. Don't despise such learned men whom Allah has given a portion of it, as Allah does not despise a man to whom he gives a gift". This knowledge is not recorded in books and even if a person reads a million books he will not attain it. Hazrat Abu Huraira (radi Allahu anhu), one of the ASHAB-US-SUFFA said "I learnt two sciences from Rasullallah (sallal lahu alaihi wasallam), I have conveyed to you the first one. You cannot comprehend the second one and you would kill me if I disclose it to you".

The first science is the outer knowledge and the second one being the inner knowledge known only to the Awliya. Attainment of this knowledge depends totally upon the grace of Allah who bestows it upon whom he wishes eg. He gives one knowledge from himself as he did for Hazrat Khizr (alaihi salatu was salaam). Allah says in the Holy Quran "Then they found a bondsman from our bondsman whom we gave mercy from ourselves and bestowed upon him our inspired knowledge". (Sura Kahaf verse 65). Then man with the consciousness of what he has received reaches the level of divine wisdom where he knows his creator and worships him whom he knows. This knowledge has been bestowed upon the chosen Aulia and their only
object of life is the duty to guide humanity on the right path of truth and love whenever it goes astray.

A perfect Sufi is in constant communion with Allah through Ilm-e-Laduni and has unlimited powers to prevail upon the whole creation of his Creators universe. This Ilm-e-Laduni has the following four mediums of communication with Allah :

1. WAHI : This was a communication only between Allah and his chosen Prophets.
2. ILHAAM : A Type of Prophetic dream inspired by Allah, inspired by Allah to divine
personalities for the benefit of mankind.
3. DARJ-E-FIRASAT : This a stage of the highly developed divine intelligence acquired by
Saints and the pious.
4. KASHF : This is the hidden or secret knowledge both of earthly or heavenly things.
This knowledge also lies dormant and hidden in certain verses of the Holy
Quran. This knowledge is interpreted by those Sufis only who reach the
pinnacle of spirituality.

Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh (radi Allahu anhu) says that "Mans life without any spiritual or divine knowledge is faithlessness". The secret science is a light which illuminates the heart. Through this knowledge a person begins to understand things which he heard of but did not understand. A certain Sufi said "Whoever has these two characteristics that is heresy and pride, will never be blessed with this secret science". The disclosure of this Ilm is strictly prohibited by the Mashaaikh. Hazrat Khwaja Qutbudeen Bakhtiyaar Kaki (radi Allahu anhu) says "A Sufi must have strong courage, will power and tolerance to resist the temptation of divulging divine secrets as it would amount to the disclosure of the secrets of his 'friend' (Allah)". Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi (radi Allahu anhu) said "A thousand pities on that lover who is madly in love with his beloved (Allah), but when he sees Allah's myriad Divine Secrets and beauties he discloses them to others".

When Allah wishes to bestow upon anyone the crown of Wilayat and if that particular person has insufficient or no knowledge then Allah bestows upon him this inspired knowledge which encompasses the external and internal knowledge. There is a famous saying of Imam Shafi'ee (radi Allahu anhu) that "Allah does not make an ignorant a Wali". We find great personalities such as Hazrat Ahmad Ibn Hambal (radi Allahu anhu) {Hambali Madhab named after him}, who was the most superior scholar of his age and was at a high degree of knowledge and Ijthihad, became the disciple of Hazrat Bishr Hafi (radiAllahu anhu) to obtain this knowledge. When he was asked as to why he had kept the company of Hazrat Bishr Hafi (radi Allahu anhu), he answered "He knows Allah better than I do".

Another example is Imam-e-Azam Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa (radi Allahu anhu)
{The Hanafi madhad is named after him}. He gave up the work of Ijthihad in his latter years and became the disciple of Hazrat Imam Jaffar Sadiq (radi Allahu anhu). When he was asked as to why he had done so, he replied "Nu'man (his real name) would have perished if it were not for those two years of his company".

Hazrat Imam Shafi'ee (radi Allahu anhu) (The founder of the Shafi'ee Madhab) used to sit near Hazrat Sha'iban Ray (radi Allahu anhu) and consult him on many matters. The people asked the great Imam "You are so learned, why do you seek advice from a Bedouin". He replied "This man has learnt what we have not learnt".

As we can see these very great Imams of the Ummah who had high grades in knowledge and worship, humbled themselves in the presence of the grand masters of Tassawuf to attain the secret Ilm. These Imams clung to and joined the service of the Mashaaikh and became great Sufis themselves. This shows that salvation and spiritual success depends totally on one becoming a disciple or mureed of a perfect spiritual master or Pir-o-Murshid.

The Quran - English translalation - from Ala' Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan's
Kanzul-Iman Kashful Mahjoob - Hazrat Data Ganj-e-Baksh (radi Allahu anhu)
Secret of Secrets - Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (radi Allahu anhu)
Ihya-Ul-Uloom - Volume 1- Hazrat Imam Al Ghazali (radi Allahu anhu)
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Knowledge is the light that God pours into the heart of whoever He Desires
From Vol. 2, No. 2 by Shah Nazar Seyed Ali Kianfar

It has been said that the human mind and the agents of thought are unable to understand and think of the Essence of God. According to the Sufi teachers, knowledge is a divine ray that enters the heart of the salek after his participation in correct practice and worshiping and meditating out of love. Mind will also be illuminated by this knowledge through the salek's striving and finally the striving human being will become the manifestation of that knowledge.

This way of understanding leads us to put aside our ordinary way of thinking about what knowledge is. This is no easy task, so bound up are we in our ways of thinking. We can state the realization that knowledge, according to Sufis, must be discovered, that the center for its discovery is heart, and God is its provider. But when we try to truly understand even this simple statement, we realize the extent to which our thinking about knowledge is narrowly circumscribed This is why divine knowledge has been called the knowledge of heart in Sufism, to express its radical difference from the knowledge of mind or acquired knowlege which is the knowledge learned through mental perceptions where the organs of the senses work as the providers.

Philosophers and experimental scientists have believed that acquired knowledge is a relative knowledge since the agents that gather this knowledge the human sense have as their role the experience of the surface of things. Their various findings are compared only relative to one another, for the sake of a reasonable conclusion. Such relative knowledge is general information and lacks absolute result since a future finding may change any present conclusion. Therefore, relative knowledge will not lead us to the reality of things as those things really are.

On the contrary, the knowledge of Sufis, the knowledge of the heart, has always had the absolute authority that derives from being outside the world of change. It is a fixed and unchangeable knowledge that has been instructed and explained by Sufis over fourteen centuries. Sufi findings and discoveries are so unique and powerful that they have the character of rules and laws for those who enter an inner path. Sufi masters have invited humanity to these instructions in order that all may discover and share in the knowledge of heart. The method of their striving, their beliefs and their harmony and balance are very close to those of the prophets. For example, the life story of Christ and his faithfulness even in the face of danger and finally his crucifixion are very similar to that of Mansur al-Hallaj, the great Sufi of the eighth century.

When Mansur announced, "I am the truth" he was accused of blasphemy and was sentenced to death by those who did not understand the implications of his statement that even an individual human being can so realize truth as to become its expression. Statements such as "I am the truth," or "the kingdom of the heavens is like a grain of mustard seed . . ." have been announced as well by other spiritual teachers who make these statements worthy of analysis and understanding. And indeed, much understanding is vital to realize the truth of heart, to go beyond the mere repetition of the words of the great individuals. When Mansur announces, "I am the truth," the truth he utters must necessarily require much more for its understanding than the truths of daily life, or even the complex truths of science. Yet like all tellers of truth, he has the ability to prove such a statement to those capable of understanding.

In the history of Sufism there have been many events such as that of Mansur. Sufis have always been considered revolutionaries of their times, and as such have been oppressed by people's empty words and superficial science. Those who have believed that the foundation for human knowledge is only the findings of mind have always opposed Sufis who have said that the findings of mind are limited and heart has a more extensive and expanded realm for understanding. It is hard for superficial person to believe what Sufis have said all along, that the heart sees, the heart hears and the heart understands. We have to remember that Sufis were and agree educated people; some of them turned to Sufism after beginning as authorities in the common sciences of their time before deciding that relative knowledge was not their goal.

After advancing to the highest possible scientific discovery, the human being will finally confess that heart is the center of knowledge. For contemporary man, this is a new discovery, yet in fact it is an uncovering of truth concealed by time, truth as it was recognized and announced by prophets as well as others spiritual teachers. The mystery of such hidden treasure granted by the existence to the human being will finally come to the open.

Subject: The Heart
"Muhammad in Europe:A Thousand Years of Western Myth-Making"
by Minnou Reeves (With biographical notes by P.J. Stewart)

A brother just sent this. Greetings of Peace to all, I am writing to inform you of a very interesting and unusual (in English) book about the blessed Prophet Muhammad. It uncovers some centuries old myths and the Western literary bias against him and critically looks at the modern-day continuation of that tradition. It even discusses the influence of the character of the Prophet on famous Western writers like Goethe and others. The book also includes a short biographical sketch. Worth reading for anyone seriously interested in the history of Islam.

Hardcover; Pub: New York 2000; Listed price: $34.50
It is right now available in Book People at 6th and Lamar in Austin.

Subject: The Heart - MUHAMMAD(saw) is his blessed Name!
Salaamu Alaikum Wr Wb BismillahHirRahmanNirRahim

Unworthy though I am to untie his hosen, I have received grace and mercy from God to see him.' Then answered the priest, with the governor and the king, saying: `Distress not thyself, O Jesus, holy one of God, because in our time shall not this sedition be any more, seeing that we will write to the sacred Roman senate in such wise that by imperial decree none shall any more call thee God or son of God.'

Then said Jesus: `With your words I am not consoled, because where ye hope for light darkness shall come; but my consolation is in the coming of the messenger, who shall destroy every false opinion of me, and his faith shall spread and shall take hold of the whole world, for so hath God promised to Abraham our father. And that which giveth me consolation is that his faith shall have no end, but shall be kept inviolate by God.'

The priest answered: `After the coming of the messenger of God shall other prophets come?' Jesus answered: `There shall not come after him true prophets sent by God, but there shall come a great number of false prophets, whereat I sorrow. For Satan shall raise them up by the just judgement of God, and they shall hide themselves under the pretext of my gospel.' Herod answered: `How is it a just judgement of God that such impious men should come?'

Jesus answered: `It is just that he who will not believe in the truth to his salvation should believe in a lie to his damnation. Wherefore I say unto you, that the world hath ever despise the true prophets and loved the false, as can be seen in the time of Michaiah and Jeremiah. For every like loveth his like.'Then said the priest: `How shall the Messiah be called, and what sign shall reveal his coming?'

Jesus answered: `The name of the Messiah is admirable, for God himself gave him the name when he had created his soul, and placed it in a celestial splendour. God said: "Wait Mohammed; for thy sake I will to create paradise, the world, and a great multitude of creatures, whereof I make thee a present, insomuch that whoso bless thee shall be blessed, and whoso shall curse thee shall be accursed. When I shall send thee into the world I shall send thee as my messenger of salvation, and thy word shall be true, insomuch that heaven and earth shall fail, but thy faith shall never fail." Mohammed is his blessed name.'

Then the crowd lifted up their voices, saying: `O God, send us thy messenger: O Mohammed, come quickly for the salvation of the world!'

Subject: The Heart - Mouthwatering...
Dates - Rich in Proteins, Vitamins

Muslims generally break their fast by eating dates. Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) is reported to have said: If anyone of you is fasting, let him break his fast with dates. In case he does not have them, then with water. Verily water is a purifier." The Prophet used to break his fast by eating some dates before offering Maghrib prayer, and if ripe dates were not available, he used to substitute them with some dried grapes. When they too were not available, he used to have a few sips of water, according to some reports. Modern science has proved that dates are part of a healthy diet. They contain sugar, fat and proteins, as well as important vitamins. Hence the great importance attached to them by the Prophet.

Dates are also rich in natural fibers. Modern medicine has shown that they are effective in preventing abdominal cancer. They also surpass other fruits in the sheer variety of their constituents. They contain oil, calcium, sulphur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium. In other words, one date is a minimum of a balanced and healthy diet. Arabs usually combine dates with milk and yogurt or bread, butter and fish. This combination indeed makes a self-sufficient and tasty diet for both mind and body.

Dates and date palms have been mentioned in the Holy Qur'an 20 times, thus showing their importance. The Prophet likened a good Muslim to the date palm, saying "Among trees, there is a tree like a Muslim. Its leaves do not fall." Dates are rich in several vitamins and minerals. When the level of trace elements falls in the body, the health of the blood vessels is affected leading to an increased heart-rate and a consequent inability to perform its function with normal efficiency. As dates are also rich in calcium, they help, to strengthen the bones. When the calcium content in the body decreases, children are affected with rickets and the bones of adults become brittle and weak.

Dates are also important in keeping up the health of eyes. It is quite effective in guarding against night-blindness. In the early years of Islam, dates served as food for Muslim warriors. They used to carry them in special bags hung at their sides. They are the best stimulant for muscles and so the best food for a warrior about to engage in battle. The Prophet (Pbuh) used to combine dates with bread sometimes. At other times he mixed ripe dates with cucumber, or dates combined with ghee. He used to take all varieties of dates, but he preferred the variety called Ajwah.

Subject: The Heart - Bang Bang..

The USA govt have smashed up of the country where it's current best selling poet was born. "Hearken to this Reed forlorn, Breathing, even since 'twas torn From its rushy bed, a strain Of impassioned love and pain.

"The secret of my song, though near, None can see and none can hear. Oh, for a friend to know the sign And mingle all his soul with mine!

'Tis the flame of Love that fired me,'Tis the wine of Love inspired me. Wouldst thou learn how lovers bleed, Hearken, hearken to the Reed!"

Mevlana Jalaludin Rumi.

The Night of the 15th of Sha`ban : Q&A

Q: Is it a sunna or bida to worship on the night of the 15th of Sha`ban

It is a sunna to worship Allah at every moment and with every breath.
It is clearly stated in the fiqh works of the madhhabs that it is recommended to worship on this night. Even Ibn Taymiyya says this…

1. Imam Haskafi said in his Durr al-Mukhtar, one of the primary references in the Hanafi school:"Among the recommended [prayers] are on. . . . the nights of the two Eids, the middle of Sha`ban, the last ten of Ramadan, and the first[ten] of Dhul-Hijjah."

2. Ibn Taymiyya was asked about the prayer of mid-Sha`ban [i.e. the night of]. He answered: “If a person prays that night alone, or in a select congregation, as many groups (tawa’if) of the Early Muslims used to do, it is very good. “As for gathering in the mosque for a particular fixed prayer, such as gather for 100 rakats in which 1,000 “Qul huwa Allahu Ahad” are read every time, this is a reprehensible innovation, which none of the imams have allowed.” [Ibn Taymiyya, al-Fatawa al-Kubra, 2; 222-138]

3. This corresponds to what Imam Nawawi mentioned in his Majmu`, where he also quoted Imam al-Shafi`i from the latter’s al-Umm that it has reached him that there are 5 nights when dua is answered, one of them being the night of the 15th of Sha`ban. Note, of course, that the night of the 15th is the night before it. It is reported from Sayyiduna `Ali (Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (Allah bless him & give him peace) said: "Let all of you spend the night of mid-Sha`ban in worship (i.e. partly) and its day in fasting. Allah descends to the nearest heaven during this night, beginning with sunset, and says: ‘Is there no one asking forgiveness that I may forgive them? Is there no one asking sustenance that I may grant them sustenance? Is there no one under trial that I may relieve them? Is there not such-and-such, is there not such-and-such, and so forth until until dawn rises.’” [Narrated by Ibn Majah with a weak chain.]

There are many other narrations from the Companions and early Muslims confirming this matter, as mentioned by Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali in his Lata’if al-Ma`arif, and others.
There is general consensus that weak hadiths may be acted upon for virtuous acts, such as voluntary fasting and prayer, as long as the hadith is not excessively weak, returns to a general basis in the Shariah, and one is not convinced that the Prophet (Allah bless him & give him peace) specifically prescribed it. And Allah alone gives success.

Wassalam, Faraz Rabbani.

Planting green stalks on top of graves
Shaykh Gibril Haddad

It is established in the Sahihayn and others that the Prophet (SallAllahu `alayhi wasallam) planted 2 date-palm stalks on top of two graves and said that as long as these branches are green, the punishment of these people in their graves will be lightened.
Someone said: "This was the Barkaat of the hands of Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) and his speciality. If this action was general for all people, then the Sahaaba (Radhiallaahu Anhum) would have definitely done the same... Sahaaba-e-Kiraam never did this. Also, nowadays so much of emphasis has been placed on this action and is regarded as a necessary which result in there being no doubt about it being a Bid’at (innovation). Also, people become brave to do sins by such actions and is therefore impermissible. The custom of placing flowers is a Bid’at (innovation) and is not established from the Shari’ah."

1. Al-Bukhari narrates in his Sahih that the Sahabi Burayda al-Aslami requested that two green stalks be planted on his grave precisely because of this hadith.

2. Al-Qurtubi in his Tafsir (Surat al-Isra' v. 44) said the hadith shows it is generally desirable to plant vegetation on top of Muslim graves. Al-Tahtawi in Sharh Maraqi al-Falah (p. 415) mentions that some of the Fuqaha' said it is a Sunna. The Shafi`i al-Malibari in Fath al-Mu`in (p. 119) states it is a Sunna.

3. Al-Turtushi the Maliki did count the planting among the Prophet's (saws) khasa'is (specialties) but this was not retained by his School as shown by al-Qurtubi's words. Ibn Hajar in Fath al-Bari said it is not even sure the Prophet (saws) did the planting with his own blessed hand: he may have ordered someone else to do it.

4. Yes, the hadith itself is mentioned in al-Suyuti's al-Khasa'is al-Kubra but as an example of the Prophet's (saws) `ILM AL-GHAYB.

5. As for the misbehavior of some people sometimes taking place in so doing, such as the fact that, in Syria, uneducated people undertake expenses and do this mostly the morning of `Eid before Salat al-`Eid, then we say to those people: Your good deed is diminished and suspended until you quit excess and do what is required first, i.e. go to Salat al-`Eid. We do not declare the basis of the act an innovation, since it is related from the Prophet (saws) and the Sahaba. And Allah knows best.

Wa min Allah at Tawfiq, Hajj Gibril

March 2003

War is now coming! No one can stop it! War is like lava emitting from a volcano, no one can stand in front of it to stop it, they will be burned,finished! People are trying to run away, shouting: 'Stop the lava, we don't like it!' But this Lava will continue to come, because it is a sign of the anger of the Lord of Heavens. Coming ! Now people run and shout: "We don't like war, we would like to live as we like." No! Your (way of) life is not compatible to and not according to heavenly laws. Your way of life is only programmed by satanic teachings, satanic principles it is based on them. Therefore, no more chance for you to continue on your satanic life till the end. This is the last limit; things are going to change!

2nd March 2003

"So many holy places in Iraq. They are protected by angels, Jinn and the Ashabu Nauba, holy ones. If they don't give permission for the American to enter, even one hundred times more (than the) American powers cannot do anything. But they gave permission and the Americans are advancing."

23 March 2003

"O believers, it is an order from Heavens stamped and sealed, and it is an command from Heavens for Muslims to fight! Battle, fighting. Why are you running on the streets and saying 'no war'? What happened?"

24 March 2003
Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim al Haqqani
Monday, 24th 2003 , TAUBAT

I have a kind of heavy burden on my shoulders, may be from my physical health or my spirituality, that what is happening now on earth, it is not an every day thing that we are living in. Perhaps it is the heaviest period for mankind.Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim. Allah Almighty sent the Shariat, heavenly rules, but people now are not taking any care over heavenly rules. Those who deny them, they are going to be unbelievers, no faith with them.

The Holy Quran mentions everything that has happened from the past times of nations. I just finished, Alhamdulillah, Khatm, and beginning from Sura Baqara. - at the beginning of the Quran and I reached the holy verses about what happened to the Children of Israel. They were living with Sayidinna Musa (a.s.) and Allah Almighty was calling him to mount Sinai to give him the Taurah, so he left them. And they made a golden cow and worshipped it. Then, when Sayidinna Musa came back, they were very sorry and asked forgiveness from Allah Almighty for what they did. Then Allah Almighty ordered to them, -- (to) S.Musa and S.Haroun his brother,saying; 'I am not going to accept their Tauba, their repentance, until they are killed. If not killed, I am not accepting. They must pay for this biggest sin. They should kill themselves, then I am forgiving them and giving them Paradise. If not, I am not accepting their Tauba, repentance'. 70,000 people who were worshipping that golden cow were killed. Then Allah Almighty accepted their Tauba -- giving them His forgiveness and then blessing them, their souls.

Now(adays) people are not worshipping a cow, they are worshipping Shaitan.Every nation has a Shaitan: Turks, Arabs have so many, Russians, Germany had one, France had one, China, -everywhere, every country now has a Shaitan, following them, and never giving any respect to Allah Almighty. Therefore the penalty for Kufr, for denying Allah and refusing His heavenly rules, is to be killed. Therefore now coming such big wars that never happened before and after this war, because technology reached its last point, no more up. What they are using now is the last point of technology; and mankind was enabled to do this, and they make it. They prepared themselves, using technology only for killing people, by the order of Shaitan. Now it is going to be the last war that is called in holy Books, in our Holy Book, Merhamet Kubra, the biggest massacre of mankind, and in other holy Books it is called Armageddon, the last war.

The whole world going to be cleaned from Shaitan and the satanic kingdom is going to be destroyed. When it is destroyed, the heavenly kingdom will be in act on earth. The heavenly kingdom is going to be built afterthis war; shaitan's kingdom is finishing and the divine kingdom is going to be built, founded by Mehdi a.s..

After Mehdi a.s. will come the Antichrist, collecting those not yet coming into Islam and insisting on being unbelievers. They will run after the Antichrist., because he is going to tell them: 'I am your Lord, come with me.' Now people run through the streets.such people perhaps a thousand times more should reach the Antichrist, and he is going from East to West through the whole world, until Allah Almighty is sending Sayidinna Isa a.s. to come down -that he is real Christ- that one is Antichrist-, he is coming and killing him and all his followers also taken away and killed.

For 40 years on earth there should be only believers, sincere people, not running after Dunya, not following satanic teachings, they should be for Allah day and night and their nights much more bright with their Dhikr; their importance is only to worship. - 40years. When that finishes, going to start to appear from here and there --- Kufr; and unbelievers are going to appear one after one after one, and years going in such a way. Then Isa (a.s) will go to Medina Munawwara, to the Prophet's tomb. There is behind the Prophets tomb, one for Abu Bakr and then behind, one for S.Umar, then there is a fourth tomb empty. It is for Jesus Christ. He is going to be with (them), coming and giving Salat-wa-Salam to Rasulullah (sws) and then giving up his pure soul to Allah, and the Mu'mins bury him in the fourth tomb.

Then there will come a wind from Paradise. Who is dying then, it is so easy for them, such a tasteful death that people never tasted, That wind is coming and who is smelling it is falling down. And all believers falling,dying, and then are coming angels to take their bodies and bury them.The(re) should remain only Kufar on earth; and then the last days with earthquakes and Quiyama will come on them.This is what the Prophet sws has informed us about.

Therefore now we are looking how it is going to reach to that point. Only believers should be protected, unbelievers should be taken away. Therefore the punishment for Kufr, the penalty, is death, and millions or billions of people should die. But when they are killed, their souls are clean. Theyare not like the Children of Israel- Allah is just forgiving them and putting them in Paradise. Those people now, billions are going to die, but that death is going to be the cleaning for them. Don't worry. When Allah Almighty is taking His revenge from them that they were wrong, then they should be granted with the(ir) last breath to say: 'Allah', and then they are taken away.

This is good tidings that today Grandsheikh is sending to me and I am happy, because so many people are so sorry. Everyone is born to die, no one is born to stay here. There are angels who say: 'You are going to be born for death and you are building for destroying'. Every building must be destroyed, every living one must die. Young or old- all are going to be taken away. But this time it is heavenly revenge. When Allah Almighty is taking His revenge from His servants, He is not going to give another punishment after death. Therefore many people are going to die because of their sins, because they worship shaitan and forget their Lord, but in the last moment, even that bullet, without reaching that person, an angel is coming and saying: 'Say: "Allah," say:" La ilaha ill-Allah!"' And falling down, finished. Ya Allah, ahdina, tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, Astaghfirullah.

Iraqi soldiers, American soldiers, English soldiers- doesn't matter, when dying, their souls come together. So many holy places in Iraq. They are protected by angels, Jinn and the Ashabu Nauba, holy ones. If they don't give permission for the American to enter, even one hundred times more (than the) American powers cannot do anything. But they gave permission and the Americans are advancing.

"... no problem, no worry; awliya Allah are the real servants who do not 'interfere' what Allah Plans and Does, because they notice them, they walk with and by the Will of Allah, go find them as your shelters and Insha Allah you will find secure....." (Sayyid Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil an Naqybandi al Haqqani, Rajab 1996)
"..there will be terors and struggle war in the west and middle east in the beginning of 21st century, find your safety and pray to Allah to give this ummah the best, don't do things harmful and useless that waste your time....go with Allah and Rasul, make more zikr.. awliya Allah are being sent so many 'heavenly information' this very moment... just remember.....sooner or later they {Mahdi a.s and Isa a.s} are one can stop..all awliya Allah have been waiting it for so long." (Sayyid Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, Michingan, Ramadhan 2000 {personal notes})

Khutbat al-Jumu`ah Shaykh as-Sayyid Muhammad Hisham al-Kabbani an-Naqshbandi,
Masjid al-Iman, Oakland Calif. 02-14-2003

This is an incomplete, partially-edited draft transcript prepared from a friday khutba
delivered by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani. This transcription was prepared quickly and may contain errors, omissions or incorrect information.

In regard to this, Shaykh Hisham stated, "We are not infallible and everyone except the Prophets make mistakes, `alayhim us-salaam, so we request that readers please point out to us any mistakes, omissions or corrections to any incorrect information."

O Muslims, Believers! We are in a situation that we must not be afraid of Shaytan. Because Allah swt said, "inna Allah ma` alladheena at-taqaw walladheena hum muhsinoon" - "Allah is with those who are pious and sincere, those who do good" [16:28]. If you do good, Allah prevents Shaytan from harming the believers. Allah prevents anyone to hurt His servants

Allah said, "Ya ayyuhalladheena aamanu ittaqullah wa koonu ma` as-sadiqeen" - "O ye who believe! Fear Allah and be with those who are trustworthy (in word and deed)." [9:119] Be with the trustworthy persons. They don't fear anything. It means that Allah is saying, "I will support you, I will back you." And the Prophet (s) told us that whoever is with Allah must not fear anyone. And he (s) told us about the signs of the time we are in today and I would like to quote a hadith of the Prophet (s) which describes what we have
mentioned in many other ahadith before, and shows what is going on today. From it we must understand that this is one of the signs of the Last Days we are approaching. If anyone tells you this world will live forever they are wrong.

We are Muslims. We believe in what the Prophet (s) brought. He said the dunya is ending and he brought its signs. We believe the Day of Judgment is coming, the end is coming. When Jibreel asked him about the Day of Judgment the Prophet (s) told Jibreel (as) he doesn't know when it will happen but he will give its signs. One of the signs, that we see today among us, is that the Prophet (s) said.

"`An ibn mas`ud qaala kayfa antum idha yakthur feekum al bida` wa yarbu feeha hatta yarju feeha as-sagheer wa al-kabeer." Ibn Mas`ud said, "A time will be come when something [called Islam] in which the innovation is prevalent and the child will be raised in it and the elder will have already become white-haired in it." We are in that now. A lot of ideologies are coming up today, telling us that whatever came before us was wrong.

".wa yusallimu feeha al-`aajim" - ".your affairs will be given to the non-Arabs," the foreigners will control you. There will be different people, other than people of the grassroots controlling you. You see someone out of nowhere becoming a leader. One who knows nothing about the religion becomes a leader, controlling the Muslim countries or Arab states. And he said, "hatta ya`malu ar-rajulu bis-sunnati fa yuqaalu bida`tun, bid`a" - "when a man follows the Sunnah, it will be said of him, 'Innovation, innovation.'"
It means the people will be acting according to the Sunnah of the Prophet and the others will tell them "bida`tun, bida`."

That was foretold 1400 years ago.Today if you do anything according to the Sunnah of the Prophet (s) they tell you "bida`, bida`." Are we seeing this or not?You cannot move anywhere except they tell you "bida`!"; they tell you "haraam!" they tell you "shirk!", "kufr." There is a group of people among the Muslims, who if they don't like what you do, say "bida`, bida`." You go to any mosque, you can hear that word easily. Are you hearing it or not? [Yes.]

And the Prophet (s) mentioned that 1400 years ago. And he (s) said when that happens that is from ashraat as-sa`at - Signs of the Last Days. We never heard that "bida`, bida`" before, when we were young we never heard it used like that. But the new generation all say that, they were raised in it. They are in that hadith now. Everything they are learning from those who said "bida`, bida`," and they go on the street and tell everyone this is bida`, this is haraam.

That is one of the most problematical issues we are facing today.They said [addressing Ibn Mas`ud], "Ya Abdur Rahman, when will that happen?" He said, "idha kathurat umara`ahum" - "when their leaders will increase". Today there is not one person now without a different amir. You don't find three without an amir. You don't find one without an amir. Look on the Internet. Everyone has become his own amir. Each one makes a verdict, a fatwa.".wa qallat umana'ahum." - "And your trustworthy ones will decrease." ".wa kathurat qura'ahum. Wa qallat fuqaha'uhum." - "And the number of their Qur' an reciters will increase and the number of their fuqaha will decrease."

It means they won't have any knowledge of hadith or fiqh. Only memorizing Qur'an. That is a sign and today we see it. There are so many people memorizing Qur'an. He was not saying that is bad, but it is a sign. Today we see that everywhere, people sending their children to learn the Qur'an, but "qallat fuqaha'uhum," - "their scholars of fiqh have decreased." There is no more 'ilm, no more fiqh. No one is learning the meanings of Qur'an, no one is learning the hadith, no on is learning the reasons for revelation of each verse.

".wa tafaqahu li-ghayri id-deen." - "and they will study [intensively] other than the religion." They will learn Qur'an and leave learning fiqh and increase in secular science to learn something other than religion. That is what we are seeing. In the time of the Sahaba or the Umawi dynasty or the Abbasid dynasty, people were running after Islamic knowledge. Today that is no longer true - it is finished. Now they are running to study
secular knowledge and leaving religious study. You can be balanced, studying
both in equal proportions.".wabtughyat id-dunya bi `amal il-akhira." - "People will seek work of dunya and leave work of akhira." No one will be interested in akhira and everyone will be interested in dunya.

That athar reflects what we are seeing today. Everything to us and our new generation - everything is becoming bida`, as the Prophet (s) mentioned. And in another hadith describing the signs of the Last Days, "`an abi qilaba qaala mu`adh takunu fitanun" - Abi Qilaba said that Mu`adh said, "there will be too much confusion, disturbances," - "yakuthuru feeha al-maal" - "there will be too much money."

You see today a lot of money in the hands of people. Billions of dollars around the world. People before had something. Before, in the time of the Prophet (s), they used to eat two or three dates a day. The Prophet (s) was tying his stomach with a rope and a stone, in order not to feel the hunger. That is the Prophet (s) of Islam, Prophet Muhammad, the Seal of the Messengers (s). Is anyone doing that today? If you don't have hundreds of
different types of food on the table you don't eat. If you don't have that you say, "This is not a rich table."

Now listen to what I am coming to in this hadith.".wa yuftahu feeha al-Qur'an" - ".the Qur'an will be opened." Not "wa yuhfadhu feeha al-Qur'an." (the Qur'an will be memorized). It means when you open the Qur'an and you want to go through it; you are not studying it. You want to see the meaning. And if you don't learn the hadith that explain the Qur'an and learn what the Sahaba say about each of the ayats, and seerat an-Nabi, the life of the Prophet (s), you cannot understand the Qur'an. He said "yuftahu feeha al-quran." He did not say yuhfadhu (memorize) or yudras (study). Some people go through it, to see what is there.

That is skimming, going thru it quickly. Look at what comes next. That will explain to you what is happening today.".hatta yiqra'uha al-mu'min wal-kaafir." - "until they read it: both the believer and the unbeliever." They only read it today. They don't seek out
the deep meanings, to become an `aalim. They are not struggling to understand it. The Muslims will read it and the non-Muslims will read it. Are you seeing this today? Yes, this is what we see today.

Before there was no way for someone other than a Muslim to touch a Qur'an. If you went to a Muslim country, it was not allowed if you didn't have wudu; you could not touch the Qur'an. Now it is available on every shelf and they can look at it. They open the Qur'an and they skim through it and look for what they are seeking. They skim for it looking for a meaning they are seeking.

"Those who are not believers in Islam will be reading the Qur'an." That is a sign of the Last Days that the Prophet (s) mentioned to his Sahaba and his Sahaba mentioned to us.
".wal marra'atu war-rajul was-sagheeru wal-kabeer." - ".the woman and the man and the old and the young." Everyone will be reading the Qur'an. That was described at the beginning takunu fitanun. Too much fitna. People reading Qur'an to know what is going to come.At this time what must you do?

And the Prophet said, when this happens, what do you have to do? "Fa yaqra' uha rajulun, wa yaqulu qara'tuhu `alaaniyyatan fa laa araanee uttaba`u fa-yaq`udu fee baytihi fa yabnee masjidan fee daarihi thumma yabtadi`u bi maa laysa fee kitabillahi wa laa sunnati rasulillah salla Allahu `alayhi wa sallam fa iyyakum wa ma abtad`a fa-innahu dalaalatan." - "A man reads the Qur'an and he says, 'I read it in public and no one followed it.' So he sits in his home, and he builds a mosque in his house and then he begins to innovate in the religion what is not found in either the Book of Allah or the Sunnah of the Prophet of Allah, peace be upon him. So beware of him and what he innovates, for certainly it is misguidance."[2]

And here is the problem. "Thumma yabtadi` bi maa laysa fee kitabillah wa laa sunnati rasulillah." - "and then he begins to innovate in the religion what is not found in either the Book of Allah or the Sunnah of the Prophet of Allah, peace be upon him."
When you are not going to follow a teacher or a guide to teach you the Qur' an you will understand it incorrectly and begin to innovate what is not in Qur'an or in the Sunnah of the Prophet (s). That is what we see today. They sit behind the computers, in their little rooms, reading Qur'an and making fatwa without knowledge.

Those who read Qur'an without `ilm, because there are no `ulama to guide them, will be innovating, sitting in their mosque, in their rooms, innovating and making mistakes. This is what the Prophet (s) foretold a long time ago. I will not go to the 3rd hadith. These are from the signs that the Prophet (s) mentioned to us. There will be young people, sitting in their homes, when their homes become a masjid, innovating, they have no `ilm and they think they know something and they begin to innovate things.

[In a later explanation: They sit in rooms - they have rooms in their houses where they have their computers, full of Qur'an, with CDs and so on. Then they open the Internet and begin to chat. Again they go through rooms – chat rooms. These rooms and webpages are called "masjid of the internet," "internet mosque," and so on. They begin to chat with others in the "room" and they quote from the Qur'an here and there to support their fatwa, saying this action is bida`, this one kufr, this one haraam, this one shirk. Then someone else, will enter the discussion and reject that with another argument and verse, and so on, each misguided and each misguiding.]

This is from the signs that the Prophet (s) mentioned. Now there is no more trust, no one to trust. You don't know where to go any more. That is why he said, in another hadith, that you must be by yourself. He said in another hadith that when confusion begins to fill the earth the one sitting is better than the one standing, the one standing is better than the one walking, the one walking is better than the one riding.

Sit at home and be by yourself. Take care of your family and children. Nothing is coming out of what is happening today except confusion. Your benefit is to obey Allah and the Prophet (s). We must not be part of a political discussion or a political view; of a
problem here or there. It is better for us as individuals, who cannot change anything, to keep quiet. We are not leaders. We are individuals. If the Arabs and Muslim countries can change anything, let them. If they cannot, can you? [yes] Ok. Show me that you can change anything.

You can only make a change by praying in your heart asking Allah to solve the problems that we are facing. Man ra' minkum munkaran fal yughayirru bi-yadihi fa in lam yastat`i, fa bilisaanihi fa in lam yastat`i fa bi qalbihi wa dhaalik ada`af al-imaan." - "He who amongst you sees something abominable should modify it with the help of his hand; and if he has not strength enough to do it, then he should do it with his tongue, and if he
has not strength enough to do it, (even) then he should (abhor it) from his heart, and that is the least of faith."[3]

If instead of these demonstrations they are making, if we all go to a stadium, all of us and all together 100 thousand, 200 thousand, we ask, "O Allah let us live in peace with everyone else." Allah will give peace to everyone. "inna Allaha la yughayyiru ma bi-qawmin hatta yughayyiroo maa bi-anfusihim" - "Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls)."

We are fighting. Two mosques here cannot agree on anything. Do you think that Arab and Muslim countries are going to agree with each other? If two mosques cannot meet and come together on a common ground to agree, do you think nations will? You want to go to demonstrations, go see what you can change.

You want to demonstrate, go to Allah. Instead of demonstrating to people, demonstrate to Allah and say "Ya Rabbee we are coming to You, we are asking." You don't think Allah will grant that request, if all are coming sincerely, like in Arafat, 3 million people raising their hands, saying "O Allah let us live in peace." Everyone. Everyone is Allah's creation.
Everyone is a human being. Allah swt will send peace to everyone. May Allah forgive us. May He make us understand that we are in the Last Days. More events are coming to show the correctness of the predictions of the Prophet (s) and that is what we are seeing day after day.

[1]As-sunan al-waridatu fil-fitani wa ghawaa'iliha was-sa`ati wa ashraa' itiha, Abi `Amru `Uthman bin Sa`eed al-Muqri` ad-Daani, 444 H., tahqiq/commentary and takhrij Ridaa'ullah al-Mubarakfuri, Published Daar al-`Asima, Riyaadh, Saudi Arabia, in 6 volumes, p. 619.
[2]Ibid, p. 642. al-Hakim graded it sahih on the condition of Muslim.
[3]Sahih al-Bukhari, Book 1, #79.

From: Shaykh Mateen Taher Siddiqui
Sent: Friday, January 10, 2003 2:13 PM
Responding to a critic of Mawlana Shaykh's Dawah

The proof, found by Shaykh Hisham:

Abi al-Bakhtari narrated that Salman al-Farsi had a female servant of
Persian descent and he once spoke to her in her Persian tongue saying,
"Prostrate yourself even once before God." She replied with disdain, "I donot prostrate to anyone!" Someone asked Salman, "O Abu Abdullah, what would he benefit from a single prostration?" Salman replied, "Each link is an mportant part of a chain, and perhaps should this woman accept to offer a single prostration before God Almighty, then this may lead her to regularly engage in offering the five times prayers. In fact, one who has a share in the blessings of Islam is not equal to someone who has naught of it."[1]

1] Abu Nu`aym al-Isfahani, Hilyat al-awliya,1:475, p 204.

The Qadariyya, Mu`tazila, and Shî`a
by GF Haddad - - Shawwâl 1423

These three groups are essentially one and the same in their setting up reason as the ultimate criterion of truth and in several of their fundamental tenets of doctrine such as their denial of the reality of the life of the grave, the torture of the Fire, the delights of Paradise, the beatific vision, the uncreatedness of the Qur'ân, and especially in their annullment of the reality of the Divine Attributes apart from the Essence and their rejection of the Divine foreordainment (al-qadar) of evil on the rational grounds that "Allâh cannot but will good" - in effect setting up as many co-creators for evil as there are acts Mu`tazilîs and Qadarîs also deny intercession (shafâ`a) and the karâmât of the Awliyâ'. "All Mu`tazilîs are Qadarîs but not vice-versa" (al-Maghnîsâwî). Modernists are fond of Mu`tazilism as [1] it affords them a historical antecedent without which their novelty shows too plainly, [2] it provides them with language against the Ulema of Ahl al-Sunna, [3] it allows them to remould their ignorance of the Sunna and even their atheism into a methodological posture.

The Prophet - upon him blessings and peace - said: "Disputing foreordained destiny is for the worst of my Community at the end of time."1 Al-Suyûtî succintly defined Qadarî doctrine as "the claim that evil is created by human beings"2 Ibn Abî Ya`lâ relates the following description of the Qadariyya: "They are those who claim that they possess in full the capacity to act (al-istitâ`a), free will (al-mashî'a), and effective power (al-qudra). They consider that they hold in their grasp the ability to do good and evil, avoid harm and obtain benefit, obey and disobey, and be guided or misguided They claim that human beings retain full initiative, without any prior status within the will of Allâh for their acts, nor even in His knowledge of them. Their doctrine is similar to that of Zoroastrians and Christians It is the very root of heresy."3

The Qadariyya or "Libertarians" are little different from the rationalists known as the Mu`tazila or "Isolationists" Both are traced back to the same founders: `Amr ibn `Ubayd Abû `Uthmân al-Basrî (d ~144) who left al-Hasan al-Basrî's teaching circle and "isolated" himself, and Ma`bad al-Juhanî (d 80) "the first who spoke about qadar in al-Basra."4 Al-Dhahabî introduces the former as "the ascetic (al-zâhid), the devout (al-`âbid), the Qadarî, the elder of the Mu`tazila and the first of them"5 while al-Ajurrî relates from al-Awzâ`î that Ma`bad took Qadarî doctrine from a Christian who temporarily turned Muslim then Christian again; then Ghaylân ibn Muslim learned it from Ma`bad6

The name of Qadariyya highlights the doctrine of qadar, while the name of Mu`tazila refers to the broader "Five Principles" - tawhîd, `adl, thawâb, îmân, and amr bi al-ma`rûf which al-Ash`arî and al-Mâturîdî refuted in whole and in detail in many of their books Following is a survey of these Five Principles integral to Mu`tazilî doctrine:7

1. In the chapter of tawhîd, the Mu`tazila - and the Shî`a in their wake - held that Allâh cannot be seen at all, whether in the world or on the Day of Resurrection as that would necessitate corporeality and direction for Him. In contrast, Ahl al-Sunna held that Allâh will most certainly be seen by the believers on the Day of Resurrection without our specifying how. Al-Ash`arî authored several refutations of the Mu`tazilî and Shî`î view, and the early Hanbalîs considered that the belief that Allâh will not be seen on the Day of Resurrection entails kufr.8 Furthermore, the Mu`tazila - and the Shî`a in their wake - held that the Attributes are none other than the Essence, otherwise, they claimed, there would be a multiplicity of Pre-eternal Entities (qudamâ'); therefore, to them, the Qur'ân is created and both they and the Shî`îs deny the reality and pre-existence of the Attribute of Divine Speech The vast majority of the early Muslims including Ahl al-Bayt reject this fallacious reasoning as summed up by Imâm Mâlik: "The Qur'ân is the Speech of Allâh, the Speech of Allâh is part of Him (wakalâmullâhi minhu), and nothing created is part of Allâh Most High"9 Similarly al-Tahâwî said of the Qur'ân in his "Creed of Abû Hanîfa and his Companions" known as the `Aqîda Tahâwiyya: "It is not created like the speech of creatures" This is the position of the totality of the Salaf including the Four Imâms and their immediate colleagues, in addition to Sufyân al-Thawrî, `Abd Allâh ibn al-Mubârak, al-Awzâ`î, Ja`far ibn Muhammad (Ja`far al-Sâdiq), Abû Ja`far al-Tabarî, Dâwûd ibn Khalaf, Zayd ibn `Alî and others of Ahl al-Bayt, Ishâq ibn Râhûyah, al-Bukhârî and his 1,000 shaykhs by his own verbatim report in Khalq Af`âl al-`Ibâd, and countless others of the pious Predecessors Dr. Sa`îd al-Bûtî wrote:

The Mu`tazila denied the existence of the "Attributes of Meanings" (sifât al-ma`ânî), asserting that Allâh is Knower without being characterized by any Attribute of Knowledge (sifat al-`ilm), and Powerful without being characterized by any Attribute of Power (sifat al-qudra). The only reason that made them adopt this position is their notion that to attribute such an essential Attribute (sifa dhâtiyya) to Allâh Most High entails assent to a multiplicity of beginningless entities (ta`addud al-qudamâ') equalling the number of these Attributes, which assent constitutes disbelief by unanimous agreement Therefore, they said that His "being-knower" (âlimiyyatuhu) and "being-powerful" (qâdiriyyatuhu) are necessarily true of His essence and need not, in order to exist, Knowledge and Power, contrary to the case for human beings They also said that Allâh Most High is perfect and complete in His essence, so that, if we said that His "being-knower" is established by means of the Attribute of knowledge, then His essence would be lacking something since it needs, for its completion, an external means - a position that is unanimously null and void
The above are all specious claims to which the Mu`tazilî perspective gave rise due to their burdening reason with more than its capacity in these matters This is their well-known method What is impossible in the multiplicity of beginningless entities is that the beginningless essences be multiple - not the Attributes of a single essence.

10 Now, the "being-knower" of Allâh is nothing more than the ascription of the Attribute of knowledge itself to Allâh Most High. Nowhere in this is there anything "needing" nor anything "needed" This also tells you that the ascription of the Attribute of knowledge to Him does not entail His being completed by means of something other than Him.
There is proof enough for us that Allâh ascribed to Himself the Attribute of Knowledge in the verse {they encompass nothing of His knowledge save what He will} (2:255).11 It is natural that reason categorically assimilate His other Attributes with this one, ascribing to Him, similarly, the Attributes of life, power, hearing, sight, etc.

The adduction of this verse as proof is well-established even if we interpret the terms "knowledge" in it to mean "the known" (al-ma`lûm), although there is no necessity for such interpretation. For if knowledge were not firmly established for Allâh Most High He would not have attributed it to Himself nor signified the object of the known by it Thus the signifying of "the known" by "knowledge" is still a branch of the validity of the ascription of Knowledge to Allâh Almighty.12

2. In the chapter of Divine Justice (al-`adl), the Mu`tazila - and the Qadariyya, Shi`a, and Christians likewise - held that Allâh Most High cannot possibly create the evil deeds of His servants, therefore they are in charge of their own destinies and create the latter themselves through a power which Allâh Most High deposited in them. This heresy is the core of Qadarî belief and was refuted by Imâm al-Ash`arî in his book Khalq al-A`mal, his student Ibn Khafîf in his al-`Aqîda al-Sahîha (§40: "Acts belong to Allâh, not to creatures, while earning - al-iktisâb - belongs to creatures, but earning is created by Allâh, not by them") and, before them, by al-Bukhârî in his Khalq Af`âl al-`Ibâd

3. In the chapter of Reward and Punishment, the Mu`tazila held that Allâh, of necessity, rewards those who do good and punishes those who do evil. This was refuted by Ibn Khafîf who summed up the Sunni position in his al-`Aqîda al-Sahîha (§32-34): "Allâh is doer of what He will: Injustice is not attributed to Him, And He rules over His dominion as He will, without [anyone's entitlement to] objection whatsoever." I.e. He rewards and punishes without being obliged to do so by the actions of His servants and He is free to place the disbeliever in Paradise and the believer in Hellfire without any injustice on His part, since He owns all sovereignty over the heavens and the earth, and no one received any share of authority from Him to object to what He does13 Further (§80), "The believers shall be brought out of the Fire, and great sins (al-kabâ'ir) will not cause those who committed them to remain therein eternally." The Mu`tazila denied all this and further held that Allâh does not forgive grave sinners unless they repent before death, even if they are Muslims Al-Mâturîdî refuted this position in his book Radd Wa`id al-Fussaq ("The Refutation of the [Doctrine of the] Eternal Damnation of Grave Sinners"). The Mu`tazila also denied the Prophet's intercession - upon him blessings and peace, since he said: "My intercession is for the grave sinners of My Community."14 Al-Hâkim stated, after narrating this hadîth: "It contains a rebuttal of the innovators who differentiated between intercession for light and grave sinners"15 Ibn Hajar similarly adduced this hadîth against the Mu`tazila by saying: "He did not restrict his intercession to those who repented"16 Ibn Abî `Asim even mentioned the apostasy of those who deny the Prophet's intercession - upon him blessings and peace, as it is related through mass transmission (tawâtur).17

4. In the chapter of îmân the Mu`tazila held that grave sinners were considered neither believers nor disbelievers and so construed for them a "half-way status" between the two (al-manzila bayn al-manzilatayn). They claimed that grave sinners belonged eternally in the Fire - as mentioned in the previous heading - but in a less harsh situation than pure disbelievers.

5. Finally the Mu`tazila held, as do Ahl al-Sunna and the Shi`a, that commanding goodness and forbidding evil was obligatory upon the believers However, in deriving this and the previous four headings, the Mu`tazila and Shi`a gave precedence to reason and reason-based methods over the Sunna, the Sunna-based principles of the Imâms of the Salaf, and the Consensus of the Companions and Salaf. They picked and chose whatever verses and narrations suited their views and rejected the rest either through manipulation of the meanings or through flat denial of the authenticity of transmission, as did the rest of the sects with limited or no knowledge of the Sunna and its methodology.

Al-Nawawî on the Mu`tazila and Qadariyya

Imâm al-Nawawî (d. 676) gave the following explanations of the belief in Foreordained Destiny (qadar) in his "Commentary on the Forty Hadîths":
The way of the People of Truth is to firmly believe in Divinely Foreordained Destiny. The meaning of this is that Allâh Most High has foreordained matters from pre-eternity and that He knows that they shall take place at times known to Him and at places known to Him; and they do occur exactly according to what He has decreed

Know that there are four kinds of destiny:

(a) Destiny in the Divine Foreknowledge. It is said concerning it: Care (`inâya) before friendship (wilâya), pleasure before childbirth, and continual harvest from first-fruits Allâh the Exalted said: {He is made to turn away from it who has been made to turn away} (51:9).18 In other words, one is turned away from hearing the Qur'ân and from believing in this life who was driven from them in pre-eternity. The Messenger of Allâh - upon him blessings and peace - said: "Allâh does not destroy except one who is already destroyed"19

(b) Destiny in the Preserved Tablet Such Destiny may be changed Allâh said: {Allâh erases what He will, and He consolidates what He will, and with Him is the Mother of the Book} (13:39).20 We know that Ibn `Umar used to say in his supplications: "O Allâh, if You have foreordained hardship for me, erase it and write felicity for me."

(c) Destiny in the womb concerning which the angel is ordered to foreordain one's sustenance, term of life, and whether he shall be miserable or prosperous

(d) Destiny which consists in joining specific forewritten matters to the appointed times in which they are to befall. For Allâh the Exalted has created both good and evil and has ordained that they should befall His servant at times appointed by Him.
The evidence that Allâh Almighty created both good and evil is His saying: {The guilty are in error and madness On the day they are dragged to the fire on their faces, they will be told: `Taste the touch of hell.' Lo! We created every thing with proportion and measure (qadar)} (54:47-49). That verse was revealed concerning the proponents of absolute free will or Qadariyya who were thus told: "That belief of yours is in hellfire."
As further evidence of what has been decreed the Exalted said: {Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of the Cleaving from the evil of what He has created} (113:1). The reading of that oath at the time something good befalls the servant of Allâh will repel foreordained evil before it reaches him. Also mentioned in the hadîth, good deeds and upholding family ties repel a bad death and eventually turn it into a good one.21 Also, "Supplication (al-du`â') and affliction (al-balâ') are suspended between heaven and earth, vying, and supplication
repels affliction before the latter comes down."22

The Mu`tazila claimed that Allâh the Exalted has not foreordained matters, that His knowledge does not precede them, that they begin to exist only when they occur and that He knows them only at that time. They lied concerning Allâh Exalted is He above their falsehoods, and higher yet They went into oblivion. Now the latter-day Qadariyya say that the good is from Allâh while the bad is from other than Him. Allâh is also Exalted beyond such a statement In a sound hadîth the Prophet - upon him blessings and peace - said: "The Qadariyya are the Zoroastrians (majûs) of this Community."23 He named them Zoroastrians because their school of thought resembles that of Zoroastrian dualism. The Dualists claim that good is effected by light and evil by darkness, and thus earned their name. Similarly the proponents of free will ascribe the good to Allâh and the bad to other than Him, whereas He is the creator of both good and evil.

The Imâm of the Two Sanctuaries said in his Kitâb al-Irshâd that some of the Qadariyya said: "It is not we but you (Ahl al-Sunna) who are the Qadariyya because of your belief in so-called Foreordained Destiny."24 [Ibn] al-Juwaynî answered these ignoramuses that they had ascribed the power of decree to themselves, and whoever claimed, for example, the power of evil and ascribed it to himself, he has earned its label, rather than one who ascribes it to other than himself and denies any authorship of it.

Narrated from Abû Hurayra by al-Tabarânî in al-Awsat, al-Hâkim, and al-Bazzâr in his Musnad with a sound chain as stated by al-Haythamî in Majma` al-Zawâ'id
2In Tadrîb al-Râwî (1:389).
3In Tabaqât al-Hanâbila (1:32) in the entry of Ahmad ibn Ja`far al-Istakhri.
4Narrated from Yahyâ ibn Ya`mar by Muslim, al-Tirmidhî, and Abû Dâwûd
5Siyar A`lâm al-Nubalâ' (6:330 #858). He returned onto the Ahl al-Sunna the label of Qadariyya - in the opposite sense of those who over-emphasize the Divine Foreordained Destiny - in a book entitled al-Radd `alâ al-Qadariyya.
6Al-Ajurrî, al-Sharî`a (p. 251).
7Adapted from Abû Zahra, Abû Hanîfa (p. 129-130).
8See Tabaqât al-Hanâbila (1:59, 1:161, 1:312) and our article on the vision of Allâh in the world and hereafter.
9Narrated by al-Dhahabî in Siyar A`lâm al-Nubalâ' (Dâr al-Fikr ed 7:416). Cf. Ibn Khafîf, al-`Aqîda al-Sahîha §26.
10Cf. al-Ijî, al-Mawâqif (p. 76):

"The Mu`tazila said that the Christians committed apostasy only because they assert three pre-eternal Attributes which they call hypostases (aqânîm).... What then about those who assert seven of them? The answer is that the Christians committed apostasy only because they asserted these three pre-eternal Attributes to be Essences (dhawât), even if they scrupulously avoided naming them so."

11. "What hope can the sciences nourish of encompassing His Essence and Reality? And how can such encompassment even be possible when no space of distance can ever traverse Him in His Might, nor limit (hadd) ever apprehend Him?" Al-Qushayrî, Latâ'if (1:209).
12. Al-Bûtî, Kubrâ al-Yaqînât al-Kawniyya (p. 119 n. 1).
13. The Ash`arî position is that Allâh rewards and punishes without being obliged to do so by the actions of His servants ("Allâh is doer of what He will"), contrary to the Mu`tazilî claim that Allâh, by necessity, rewards those who do good and punishes those who commit evil. Rather than being necessitated to do anything, He is free to place the disbeliever in Paradise and the believer in Hellfire without any injustice on His part ("Injustice is not attributed to Him"), since He owns all sovereignty over the heavens and the earth, and no one received any share of authority from Him to object to what He does The evidence for this is in the verses: {Know you not that unto Allâh belongs the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth? He punishes whom He will, and forgives whom He will. Allâh is Able to do all things{ (5:40); {Say : Who then can do aught against Allâh, if He had willed to destroy the Messiah son of Mary, and his mother and everyone on earth? To Allâh belongs the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. He creates what He will. And Allâh is Able to do all things} (5:17); {The sentence that comes from Me cannot be changed, and I am in no wise a tyrant unto the slaves} (50:29). At the same time it is obligatorily known that Allâh does not take back His promise to reward those who believe and do good and punish evil-doers:

{But as for those who believe and do good works We shall bring them into gardens underneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide for ever. It is a promise from Allâh in truth; and who can be more truthful than Allâh in utterance?} (4:122). The Scholars have described the former evidence as "based on reason" (dalîl `aqlî) and the latter as "based on law" (dalîl shar`î), noting that it is the latter which takes precedence over the former. Cf. al-Bûtî, Kubrâ al-Yaqînât (p. 149). See also Ibn `Arabî's `Aqîda §168-173 and Abû Ishâq al-Isfarâyînî's famous debate with the Mu`tazilî `Abd al-Jabbâr.

14. Narrated from Anas by al-Tirmidhî (hasan sahîh gharîb), Abû Dâwûd, Ahmad with a sound chain per al-Zayn in the Musnad (11:120 #13155), Ibn Hibbân with a sound chain per al-Arna'ût (14:387 #6468), Ibn Abî `Asim in al-Sunna (p. 385 #831-832), Ibn Khuzayma in al-Tawhîd (p. 270), al-Tabarânî in al-Saghîr (1:272 #448) and al-Kabîr (1:258 #749), al-Bayhaqî in al-Sunan al-Kubrâ (8:17 #15616, 10:190 #20563), al-Tayâlisî (p. 270 #2026), al-Qudâ`î in Musnad al-Shihâb (1:166-167 #236-237), and al-Hâkim (1:69) who declared it sahîh and was confirmed by al-Bayhaqî as quoted from al-Sakhâwî in al-Maqâsid al-Hasana (p. 595); also from Jâbir by al-Tirmidhî (hasan gharîb), Ibn Mâjah, Ibn Hibbân with a sound chain according to Shaykh Shu`ayb al-Arna'ût (14:386 #6467), Ibn Khuzayma in al-Tawhîd (p. 271), al-Hâkim (1:69, 2:382) who declared it sahîh and was confirmed by al-Dhahabî, al-Tayâlisî (p. 233 #1669), and al-Ajurrî in al-Sharî`a (p. 338); also from Ibn `Umar by Abû Ya`lâ in his Musnad with a sound chain according to al-Haythamî (7:5) - a fair one according to al-Albânî in Ibn Abî `Asim's al-Sunna (p. 384 #830); also from Ibn `Abbâs by al-Tabarânî in al-Kabîr (11:189 #11454) with a weak chain according to al-Munâwî; and from Ka`b ibn `Ajura by al-Khatîb in Târîkh Baghdâd (3:40) with a fair chain as stated in Zawâ'id Târîkh Baghdâd (2:274-276 #264) and by al-Ajurrî in al-Sharî`a (p. 338).

15. In al-Mustadrak (1:69). I.e. those who restricted the benefit of the Prophet's intercession - upon him blessings and peace - to light sinners only.
16. In Fath al-Bârî, book of Riqaq ch 51 (1989 ed 11:522; 1959 ed 11:429 #6190). Compare this fundamental doctrine of Ahl al-Sunna to the following statement: "Mercy is only for those who deserve it among the believers. The more the believer fears Allâh, the more he is more meritorious in receiving it It is not as is falsely hoped by some of the cretins (al-mahâbîl) who warble this saying of their poet, al-Bûsîrî: It may be that my Lord's mercy, when He distributes it, shall match the transgressions in proportion." Albânî, introduction to al-San`ânî's Raf` al-Astâr (Beirut: al-Maktab al-Islâmî, 1984, p. 24-25).

17. In al-Sunna (p. 385). However, the Mu`tazila did concede types of intercession hence they are not disbelievers on this chapter.
18. Al-Qushayrî in his Latâ'if (6:29) took the pronoun to refer to the Prophet - upon him blessings and peace, in which case the meaning of the verse translates to {He is made to turn away from him who has been made to turn away}.

19. Narrated from Ibn `Abbâs and Abû Hurayra by al-Bukhârî and Muslim: "None perishes with Allâh except he who is bound for destruction." Ibn Hajar said in Fath al-Bârî (book of Riqaq, Chapter 31 #6491): "That is, he who is adamant in clinging to evil in his resolve, his speech, and his deed, and avoids good by design, speech, and deed"

20. "Divine will (al-mashî'a) is not subject to contingency (al-hudûth), whereas erasure and consolidation (al-mahû wal-ithbât) are connected to contingency. The Attributes of the Essence - may He be exalted! - such as His Speech and Knowledge, His saying and His judgment, are not part of erasure and consolidation. The latter two are only among the Attributes of act (sifâtu fî`lih). Erasure refers to non-existence (al-`adam) while consolidation refers to origination (al-ihdâth). So He erases love of the world from the hearts of ascetics and consolidates in it renunciation instead, as in the report of Hâritha: 'I have turned myself away from this world until its rocks and its gold became the same for me.' He erases from the hearts of the Knowers the lot of the world (al-huzûz) and consolidates His rights instead He erases from the hearts of the upholdres of Oneness (al-muwahhidûn) the witnessing of other than the Real and consolidates the witnessing of the Real instead He erases the traces of humaneness (al-bashariyya) and consolidates the lights of the witnessing of Unicity. ... It was said that the Mother of the Book is the Preserved Tablet (al-lawh al-mahfûz) in which He consolidated whatever His knowledge and Judgment have preceded and which will neither be substituted nor changed" Al-Qushayrî, Latâ'if (3:234-236). Al-Qurtubî in his commentary on Sûrat al-Fâtiha showed that the term "Mother of the Book" is one of the names of Sûrat al-Fâtiha according to the vast majority of the scholars, as stated in the hadîth of the Prophet - upon him blessings and peace: "{Al-hamdu lillâh} is the Mother of the Qur'ân and the Mother of the Book and the Seven Oft-Repeated" Narrated from Abû Hurayra by al-Bukhârî, al-Tirmidhî (hasan sahîh), Abû Dâwûd, al-Dârimî, and others Al-Hasan al-Basrî said the Mother of the Book is whatever pertains to the lawful and the illicit (cf. Qur'ân 3:7); Anas and Ibn Sîrîn said it refers to the Preserved Tablet (cf. Qur'ân 43:4). Al-Suyûtî in al-Durr al-Manthûr cited a report from Makhûl that "The Mother of the Book is recitation, question, and supplication."

21. The following hadîths are related from the Prophet - upon him blessings and peace: "Charity (al-sadaqa) certainly extinguishes the Lord's anger and repels a bad death" Narrated from Anas with a weak chain by al-Tirmidhî (gharîb). Also: "Verily, because of charity and keeping uterine family ties Allâh increases life, repels a bad death, and repels all kinds of evils" Narrated from by Abû Ya`lâ al-Mawsilî in his Musnad Also: "Keeping family ties and good manners builds up one's house and increases life." Narrated from `A'isha by Ahmad in his Musnad; "Whoever would like for Allâh to increase his income and lengthen his span of life, let him keep family connections" Narrated from Anas by al-Bukhârî, Muslim, Abû Dâwûd, and Ahmad in his Musnad with a fair chain according to Hamza al-Zayn (10:504 #12526).

22. Something similar is authentically related from the Prophet - upon him blessings and peace - by the following: Ibn Mâjah in the introduction to his Sunan and the book of Fitan (#66); al-Tirmidhî; Ahmad, with three chains in the Musnad; and Ibn Hibbân.

23. A nearly-mass-narrated (mashhûr) hadîth narrated from eight Companions by al-Tirmidhî (hasan), Abû Dâwûd, Ibn Mâjah, al-Tabarânî, al-Hâkim in al-Mustadrak (1:85), Ahmad in the Musnad, al-Bayhaqî, al-Bazzâr, al-Bukhârî in his Târîkh, al-Lâlikâ'î, Ibn `Asâkir, and others Also established as authentic is the longer version narrated from Ibn `Umar whereby the Prophet said - upon him blessings and peace: "Every Community has its Zoroastrians, and the Zoroastrians of my Community are those who say there is no Foreordained Destiny (qadar). If they fall sick do not visit them, and if they die do not pray over them." Al-Qârî cited five others hadîths against them in his commentary of Abû Hanîfa's Musnad The chain of this hadîth to Ibn `Umar as narrated in the Sunan and by al-Hâkim is declared hasan by Ibn Hajar in his Ajwiba `alâ al-Qazwînî published in the 1994 edition of al-Qârî's Mirqât (1:540). As for the similar hadîth on the Murji'a and Qadariyya, Ibn Hajar reads it as a comparison, not an identitification.

24. See Ibn al-Juwaynî's al-Irshâd ilâ Qawati` al-Adilla fî Usûl al-I`tiqâd ("The Guidance to the Definitive Proofs Concerning the Foundations of Belief"), chapter entitled "The Blame of the Qadariyya" (p. 224-225). But Allah knows best.,Blessings and peace on the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions..Hajj Gibril