Friday, September 24, 2004

Different Levels of Life

Mawlana Syaikh Hisyam Kabbani, Lisaanul Mutakallimiin
Suhbat 12-12-2004 Jakarta zawiya

Audhu billahi min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem bismillah ir-rahman ir-raheem, Nawaytu al-arba`een, nawaytul-`itikaaf, nawaytul-khalwah nawaytur-riyada, nawaytus-salook lillah ta`ala al-`adheem fee hadha al-masjid,Ati` Allah wa ati` ar-rasula wa ulil-amri minkum. Obey Allah, obey the Prophet (s) and those in authority among you. [4:59]

Everything in this universe looks to us from Allah’s greatness as if it is a circle. Everything seems to us as a circle in this universe. Look at the start at night you see it round, look at the Moon, you see it round. Look at the Sun you see it round. Bring a telescope and look at Mars, Venus and any planet or any of its moons, you see them round. And all of them are in constant movement non-stopping.

And their movements are also in circles. You cannot see anything moving straightforward. Everything is circumambulating, making tawaaf. All of them are moving in a round direction, even the smallest possible atom, electrons inside the atoms are also in constant movement around the mass in a round circular situation.

Allah said, “wal-arda madadnaaha” – “And the earth - We have spread it out...” [50:7]
Was-samaa banaynaahaa bi-aydin wa innaa la moosi`oona – “With power and skill did We construct the Firmament: for it is We Who are expanding it.” [51:47]

Madadnaaha means if you have a bread, making it, you mold it with the roller, as much as you roll it, it will continue stretching, expanding. And Allah is saying He is always expanding this universe and expanding the earth. Earth cannot be expanded, but to expand something means for it to be circular, it does not have a beginning and an end like a square, but when it is circular it keeps continuing. Allah said in the holy Qur’an, wa kullun fee falakin yasbahoon.
“Everything is swimming in its orbit” [36:40] or “in its Ocean.” Every planet is swimming in its orbit. So all that you are seeing of stars and moons and sun, in these galaxies are moving in their orbits. The stars are moving in their orbits, the moons are moving in their orbits and the sun is moving in its orbits, and galaxies are moving in their orbits. And the scientist say they found 6 billion galaxies and each one contains 80 billion
stars and each one moving and all circumambulating – what is this? Subhana-Allah!

If this what we can express and explain, which is the knowledge that Mawlana gave to us, it is a drop of his Ocean. And Mawlana’s knowledge is a drop of Grand Shaykh’s Ocean and similarly to Prophet’s Ocean, from the chain of Grandshaykhs. What do you think Sahaba will say? What do you think the Prophet (s) will say? What do you think of Allah what He is hiding from us, from His greatness, `adheem ash-shaan.

There is, as you know the bahr of lahoot, Ocean of Lordship, bahr al-malakoot, the Ocean of Kingship, bahr al-jabaroot, the Ocean of Majesty and many other Oceans of Attributes that Allah has. There is one called bahr al-`adhamoot, that is the Ocean of Greatness. That is the Greatness of Allah swt, that is an Attribute, not the Essence. Allah is describing one Attribute of His Essence by that Ocean - one of the infinite number of
Attributes that Allah has. The Ocean of Greatness, if you dump all these universes that Allah created, because all these universes are in continuous creation from pre-eternal to post-eternal, from when there was no beginning to no end, what Allah was creating, if you put all that in the Ocean of`adhamoot it is only a drop of what He is creating more.

Look at Allah’s Greatness. The earth is turning around its axis, by itself. It is moving like that in a circle. Making day and night. So Allah made the earth to turn about itself to do what: to create a day and night. Then Allah made the moon to turn around the earth to create what? The months. Then Allah made the moon and the earth, to turn, although both are turning around their axes, and the moon as well, then the two together are turning
around the sun to make the years.

That is just what we see among the earth, moon and sun, what then do you think about the 6 billion galaxies and all the stars that are there? For us Allah ordered us to pray towards Ka`aba. All our prayers have to be facing that house of Allah swt. But this is when we are far away. When we are near, the Ka`aba, we have no right to pray there immediately before
making tawaaf al-qudoom. You have to make the tawaaf around the Ka`aba, then you are allowed to do your prayers and you `umrah or Hajj. But as soon as you enter Makkah and want to enter the Haram al-makki, you have no right to do anything until you make tawaaf. Turning around the Ka`aba in an anticlockwise direction. Similar to the turning of the earth, turning anti-clockwise. Similar to the moon turning anti-clockwise around the
earth. Similar to the earth and the moon in anti-clockwise around the sun. So everything is in tawaaf. The earth is in tawaaf, the moon is in tawaaf around the earth and the earth and moon are in tawaaf around the sun.

What is that power that Allah gave to these objects to turn around? Do they have a life like us? Do they have a soul that makes them to move, as we have a spirit that makes us to move? Is there a difference or is it the same? Of course they differ in the energy that Allah has put in them. It is a different power of motion, and that which Allah put in human being is a different power of motion. You can see that when earth is moving today,
scientists innovated a new machine that can detect the movement around itself and on the needle it makes a vibration, and it gives a sine wave. Even an earthquake happens it makes a sine wave.

The moon also makes sine waves. Similarly the sun we are getting these vibrations, the electromagnetic waves, are all waves. Everything is showing a wave, a wavelength, different wavelengths. And all these wavelengths have been coded. You need to decode them. Even human beings when he speaks, he makes wavelengths. Sometimes a wavelength that a human being is generating might coincide with a wavelength that earth or moon or sun, might resemble. So if there are intellectual scientists then they can understand the
language of that computer together with the language of the computer they can find a software to determine the language and find the answer.

The human being is like a computer, giving sine waves from every different part. That is why doctors do electrocardiogram, MRI, and test for rheumatology, and blood tests they look into wavelengths. And the human being’s wavelengths, they have machine to check
someone’s voice against a tape in which a person is speaking and they can determine if it
resembles.They know the sound of each letter, the ‘alif,’ the ‘ba’ and so on. That is why they can take sounds and cut and paste words to make someone say something that he did not say. Similarly they can produce they can develop a software to understand what the earth is speaking what the moon is speaking and what the sun is speaking and what these 6 billion galaxies are saying. That is in the hands of awliyaullah, that is no in the hands of scientists.

That is why Allah said, Innaa `aaradnaa al-amaanata `ala as-samaawaati wal-ardi wal-jibali fa abayna an yahmilnahaa wa ashfaqnaa minhaa wahamalahaa al-insaanu innahu kaana dhalooman jahoola - “We did indeed offer the Trust to the Heavens and the Earth and the Mountains; but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof: but man undertook it;- He was
indeed unjust and foolish.” [33:72]

Allah gave that secret. How do they speak if they do not have a language. It means they were able to give sound, a voice. And that is why Allah said, wa in min shayyin illa yusabihu bi hamdhii wa laakin laa tafqahoona tasbeehahum. - “There is not a thing but celebrates His praise; And yet ye understand not how they declare His glory!” [17:44]

Everything in this universe praises Allah but you cannot understand their praising. It means everything is in continuous vibration, motion, talking. You cannot what hey are saying why you don’t have the software. That is why awliyaullah can understand everything. That is why ordinary people want to put their opinion, and they cannot understand what the wali is seeing or hearing.

Awliyaullah can see millions of years. Normal people can go as far as their nose. One second. But awliya can go as far as Allah granted them from Rasulullah (s). That is why normal people interfere in what awliyaullah are saying. That is why there is a big difference between people. There are today hundreds of different languages among the computers today. And they produce software that can decode between all of them. And that is what an engineer is doing. What do you think awliyaullah can do. We still are defaming
awliyaullah by pushing our opinion and pushing our mind as if to say I know something you know nothing.

When you took baya` from Mawlana Shaykh it means we listen and we obey. Wa qaalu sami`na wa ata`na. “and they said, we listen and we obeyed.” [2:285]. How much is it happiness and enjoyment for us, can you imagine with this greatness of the world and the movement and all that they are creating of wavelengths. You see yourself now so small. Less than an ant. Sometimes there are spiders on the wall. What do people do, they crush them. You
are not even a spider on a wall, you are less than a spider on a wall. You know the smallest bacteria, the virus, that is running here and there, and how much it is small, yet how very poisonous it is. And they say they cannot stop the virus. They can stop the bacteria by antibiotics.

We are a virus. We are poison; all of us. Our mind, our body our heart, our legs our feet, our blood, it is all poisoned, it has to be rejuvenated. You have to take everything and clean it in a washing machine and then also do dry cleaning to be sure you are pure from all viruses. If you don’t use dry cleaning, which is extremely hot, to kill and purify all of them, they will not be clean. You must use sterilization. That is why they say you must
wash your dishes in a dishwasher to sterilize them from bacteria.

You need a guide to sterilize you, you are a virus. That can be crushed. With that poisonous virus that we are with, so proud of ourselves, so arrogant, we want everything according to what we think. We are virus and the other is a virus. The viruses fight, they poison each other. That is why awliyaullah are hidden now. It is the time of ignorance, as
Prophet (s) said, ignorance everywhere. Don’t think there is one perfect, only awliyaullah and even they are at different levels of understanding.

Don’t be a virus. Be at least a bacteria. If you raise yourself from virus to bacteria and from that to sterilization, at that time you will be able to understand that meaning of the movement of these celestial objects, the stars, moving in different ways, you can understand their language. When they move they produce a language, not music but in fact
an angelic source of enlightenment that awliyaullah can understand those secrets and
Allah will dress them with that beautiful dress because of the angelic movements of the constellations around each other.

May Allah make us a the feet of awliya to learn from them and not to be bacteria or virus, but to be sterilized and to receive what they are understanding of these secrets.….

Wa min Allah at Tawfiq

Whose Stamp You
Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
12-10-2004 Jakarta Zawiya, after tahajjud and salaat al-Fajr

Audhu billahi min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem Bismillahi ’r-rahmani ’r-raheem
Ati`Allaha wa ati` ar-rasula wa uli ’l-amri minkum. Obey Allah, obey the Prophet and obey those in authority. [4:59]

Allah swt created creation for a hikmah, for a wisdom. Allah will never create anything without a wisdom. There must be a wisdom out of everything. Allah swt does not resemble his creation. No one knows His Essence. No one can understand the Creator: No one knows except through what the Prophet described for us of Allah’s beautiful names and attributes.

Sayyidina Ibrahim when he was thinking about the creation of this universe, he was saying, “There must be someone that created creation. I am not that person.” He knew he was `abd a servant. He knew he cannot do anything, he cannot create anything. So there must be someone who created this creation. Sayyidina Ibrahim looked at what his father and his tribe were worshipping and he saw a bunch of stones that they make with pictures and they say these are gods that created us and he knew that was false. So what did he do.
He went and cut off their heads.

This is a cup, is it not. And if you look at it from bottom it is stamped “made in China.” So we know who made this. So Sayyidina Ibrahim, “Who made me? Whom was that stamp that stamped me as this form, this personality? Who was behind it? Are these gods that are stones or is there someone else? You understand? [yessir] not you, you understand nothing. Is he translating well? Are you sure? Sometimes the cup is stamped “China.” Some are stamped “Taiwan.” Some are stamped “Thailand.” We say that is cheap. But is something is stamped “USA,” oh, that is good. If it is stamped “England,” that is the best. If it
is stamped Middle East countries, that is the worst.

So it depends on the stamp, what do you call it: the label? There are products that are labeled, trademark. We think that they are the best. There are more than that, fashion designers, the sell their signatures. They say this is made by Cartier, Oh. Then they go to flea market and buy something marked Cartier, but it is made in China. They take it for one dollar. So it is the name [that matters]. So everything its importance comes because of its maker, its manufacturer. So if it is made by a good manufacturer we are very happy to wear it and you now show the people. You know they have the label on the back of the
neck, but some people, take it out and wear it on the front. To show they are wearing Cartier, or Christian D’ior or Hermes they take it out and put opposite side to show who made it. You become famous because of who made that fabric or who made that cup.

Today there are very big companies that are using poor countries to manufacture and they put their names and everything becomes expensive. So Sayyidina Ibrahim was thinking, “Who do I belong to? Who is my manufacturer?” He looked at the stars in the evening and he said, these stars are my manufacturers. He saw them shining in the nigh in which there is no light except these stars. He said these stars must have manufactured me.[and today we see Hollywood making many movies showing that people were not created on earth but were manufactured in space by intelligent creatures and programmed to be ready for their return]

He looked and morning came and stars disappeared. He said “how can that be. I thought these were great, that they were huger than me, and therefore I thought they were my manufacturer, my creator." Then that night he saw the moon. He said "that must be my creator." So as things come bigger and bigger, greater, they become more great.

So every time human beings like to connect themselves to the greatest thing. So Ibrahim wanted to connect himself to the greatest power, so that by knowing himself he would know his Creator. As long as you are connected with someone famous, you become famous. That is
the criteria that people have in their minds. To whom he is connected he is famous: “I am connected to this president I am famous. I am connected to this embassy I am famous. I am connected to this shaykh I am famous.” It depends on your connection. If you are connected to someone important you become important. This is human nature in this dunya. I will not be long, but to say that Sayyidina Ibrahim then looked at the moon, and he saw it bigger, and said, "I am better with this one." Then he saw it went. Then he saw the sun coming, that is bigger and has more power.

That is my Creator. Then the sun went down behind the horizon. Then he was thinking again. Then he said, “I am directing my face towards the one who created the stars, to the one who created the moon, to the one who created the sun, to the one who created creation. To the one who created me …” and he was proud of that stamp that Allah stamped on His creation. Then Allah made him a prophet, because of his sincerity, because of his belief. Allah chose him as His friend, Khalil ar-Rahman. We, are so small. Just now we were saying istaghfirullah al-`adheem min kulli dhanbin `adheem. Just now asking forgiveness from Allah who is al-`Adheem. There is no description of Allah’s `adhama, His Greatness. You
cannot describe the greatness of that word `adhama. It means, “Ya Rabbee I am so small that I am nothing and you are the greatest, there is no way to describe your greatness. Forgive me from the sin that I see myself as great.”

When we say that our sin is great compared to Allah’s Greatness, then Allah will erase that sin and waive that sin. That is why it is highly recommended in Fajr time to recite astaghfirullah al-`adheem min kulli dhambin `adheem. Compared to His greatness your sin is nothing. Allah swt, we must be happy that we are Allah’s servant, we are his creation, he created us, we relate ourselves to Him. Allahuma anta rabbuna wa ana `abduk, O our Lord we are your servants. We are relating ourselves to him. we have to be happy that he created us, because by him creating us we became famous, we are related to him. we have to be very happy because our brand name or the label on our neck is `abd. He did not only make us `abd, but he made us also to send our favors on us, as he said in Quran kuntum khayr ummatan ukhrijat lin-naas - you are the best of nations sent forth to mankind. I made you from the Ummah of Muhammad (s) you must be proud that you are connected to Muhammad (s).

So when we are from Ummatan-Nabi and we are `abd to Allah swt, we must be very happy and in sincerity and piety to our Lord, thanking him that He created us and made us from the nation of the Prophet Muhammad (s). We must always praise Him, if we praise Him from day to night from beginning of the dunya to its end it is not enough. May Allah swt forgive us and accept us to be from the Nation of the Prophet (s), Ummat an-Nabi and to give us shafa` and to always keep us under the guidance of our Shaykh Sayyidina Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani.

Bi hurmati 'l-Fatiha.

Doctor Donkey
Suhbat after salawat, Qasidat al-Burdah and other recitations
Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
Home of Sunarto,Tomang Jakarta, 11 December 2004

Audhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-raheem
Ati` Allah wa ati` ar-rasula wa uli ’l-amri minkum Obey Allah, Obey the Prophet and those in authority among you. [4:59]

After this beautiful recitation of praising the Prophet (s) the tongue, the mouth is not capable to speak. We try as much as Shaykh Nazim will send to my heart, insha-Allah I will try to say something. How much someone can think and imagine, and how many times these poets have written books and books thru their lifetimes minute after minute, hour
after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year, thinking in every moment and in every second of the greatness of the Prophet (s) to come with such nice poetry to deliver it to us on a beautiful extraordinary, undescribable plate, a plate that is completely decorated with pearls and gems that no one can express except thru the heart.

I am sure and positive that in every language that Allah has created on earth, with different races and languages, they have written poetry in love of Sayyidina Muhammad. And people cannot understand how they were inspired. What kind of hearts that they were able come out with such pure and unconditional love, an eternal love that never ends only to be able to describe how they are willing to see Prophet Muhammad (s) only one time in
their lives.

That is the case for poets, who were not ale to see the Prophet (s), they were expressing their emotion and asking Allah thru his greatness to show them the spiritual power or spiritual presence of the Prophet (s) thru their lives. What then do you think of the sahaba, who In their lives, were every day, every hour, every moment they were with the Prophet (s), defending their state with him, eating with him, praying with him, worshipping with him, fasting with him, they were so connected to the Prophet (s), just
as much as twins are connected to each other. They were so connected that they were not able to be away from his sight even for a moment.

If that is the case of the Sahaba, what do you think about those whom Allah created them to be praising the Prophet (s) day and night, when he said, inna-allah wa mala’ikatahu yusaloona ala an-nabi, those angels that Allah ordered day and night, continuously from the day that Allah created them, until judgment day until eternity, some of them standing, some of them sitting some of them laying down, there is no description of them, what kind
of a human being is that Prophet Muhammad (s) that there are so many and such angels praising forever, according to that verse and that order of Allah swt?

The whole goal of humanity the whole goal of angels, the whole goal of creation is to praise Sayyidina Muhammad. Because Allah swt wanted them to praise him. Allah is the creator He is rabb al-`alameen. No one can say no. He ordered angels He ordered human
beings, He ordered nature, its mountains, trees and … to praise Sayyidina Muhammad.

Shame on us, when we are not praising Prophet (s), in every moment of our life. Shame on us when we are fighting and struggling for dunya. Shame on us when we are fighting for business. Shame on us for everything that we dont struggling for what is no benefit, compared to the Sahaba and those angels who are praising the Prophet (s) in every moment.
We are, we have an obligation on us, there is a capacity on us and we are able, it is an obligation to stand day and night praising the Prophet (s) and it is not enough.

We are weak servants. We are helpless and we are heedless and we are ignorant and we are stubborn; we are liars. We are liars. Because Allah said, inna Allaha wa mala’ikatahu
yusalloona `ala an-nabi. We are not doing that. We are lying to Allah saying that we are mu’min; we are Muslim. Instead we are fighting and cursing each other. Everyone is stubborn with his opinion, because Shaytan is riding on him, not only riding on us, but telling us what to do. He is riding us like a horse and sitting on us.

One time Abayazid al-Bistami was in Madina visiting the Prophet (s) physically and he saw there a strange man, an old man. He knew who he was. He said “what are you doing here?” He said “I am distributing bridles for the horses to put in their mouths. I am busy putting bridles in the mouth of people to ride on them. That is now my job in Madina.” And that man was Iblees in the picture of a man, giving people, putting bridles in their mouths. Making them to fight with each other: “My opinion is better. No my opinion is better.” And they end up with fighting. They are irresponsible, they are disabled, they are mentally incapacitated, because they do not accept what Allah gave to them.

So Iblees said, “I am busy with making them to fight each other and that is what I am doing putting a bridle in their mouth.” Sayyidina Bayazid said, “Are there different groups of these people?” He said, “yes there are different donkeys for me. Not horses. They are different donkeys. One is big, one makes that sound hee haw, always angry. So every donkey is different for me.” He said, “Can you tell me what kind of donkeys you
have?” He said “there are some donkeys that I begin to stir them to make them angry.” You know these old-time cars, there was no key. So they put a handle and turn it and turn it and the car runs. So Shaytan says, “I put that for them, turn it, turn it, turn and as soon as they begin to be angry I go.

That is one group. So he ran as much as I turned his crank, but it appears he has some mind, he is not completely mentally retarded. He might repent and say Audhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem, istaghfirullah. Like this group making salawat and praise and istighfaar and so Shaytan cannot come. But as soon as they go to the door, they begin to fight and … but then they remember and repent. Shaytan said, “As soon as they repent then I leave them.”

“The other group, I turn them and turn them and they begin to fight with each other. ‘You listen to me.’ ‘You listen to me.’ ‘No you listen to me.’ Then they begin to fight and they become enemies to one another and then it never ends, the fighting goes on and on.
The third group is when I stir them, anything that is positive they make it negative. They never say ‘This is correct.’ If it is not correct they say it is correct. Never they agree with anyone on anything.”

And today this is our problem. We are donkeys for Iblees. We are allowing Iblees to ride on us. We are listening to him, not listening to Allah and to the Prophet (s). I explained at the beginning how much these angels and the poets and Sahaba were spending their time to find ways to praise the Prophet (s). But we have lost that way and are busy with dunya, with business and only doing the five prayers like a habit, or a custom. There is no
sincerity in it, no khushu`.

Iblees continued, “So those people are the ones that I am riding today, O Bayazid.” Ask yourself. Let us ask ourselves here just now. Think with your mind, which type of donkey - I don’t like to say donkey - but which kind of horse are you? If I say donkey they are angry. Let us say lions. If we say lion he is happy. If we say donkey they get angry. But both lion and donkey are animals. Then which type are we? So Bayazid was thinking and then he decided to ask a question to Iblees. Everyone knows himself. He is a donkey that repents quickly or he is a donkey that goes his separate way or he is a donkey that is an enemy to everyone.

In Arabic it is said that al-insanu hayawanun naatiqan human beings are a talking animal. He is a talking creature, like other creatures. So don’t complain, “He called us donkeys.”
Today people have become hysterical in describing their CVs, their resumes. How many ‘doctors’ do they have to put in front of their names and how many Phds do they have to put after their name and how many times they have to put before their name: “Doctor” “doctor” “doctor?” Let them put doctor doctor doctor donkey. Professor professor professor donkey; carpenter carpenter carpenter donkey; lawyer lawyer lawyer donkey; teacher teacher teacher donkey. At the end everyone is going to end with donkey. So no need to put something in front of your name because at the end you are ‘donkey.’

Also shaykh shaykh shaykh at the end ‘donkey.’ Also scholar scholar scholar ‘donkey.’
But not wali, they are not donkeys. Wali means `alimun `amil. An `alim that is sincere. Like the imams that came in the past: Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik, Imam Shafi`i, Imam Ahmad. They were pious ones, not like today’s ulama, Internet ulama. Don’t put donkey at the end, just put the initial, d. they will think that it means doctor. Put so and so d. let them figure out what is that initial.

And in Arabic you put your name and at the beginning or end but the letter ‘hah.’ Because in Arabic donkey is himaar. You know yourself what you are, but let people think “what is that ‘hah?’” It might be for hillu, sweet. Allah described them as humurun mustanfira. Like lions running fighting, they want to kill each other. People are like that today. Like haywan. You have that in Indonesian language? Yes. We say in slang hayone, but in
classical Arabic haywan. Or put hah, for hillu, sweet.

So Abayazid thought himself above that. Even a wali, if a little bit of pride comes to his heart, or arrogance, for one second he becomes heedless, Allah will make him zero. He asked Iblees, “O these are donkeys you are so busy with them. Do you have one bridle for me?” It means, “I am not of that type, I don’t have a bridle.” He said “O Bayazid you are easier than them. I will ride on you without a bridle.”

He is one of the biggest awliya, one of the Golden Chain. One second pride entered in his heart, that is a lesson for us, not for Bayazid. He is a big saint, but if he was heedless for one second, it was enough for Iblees to ride on us. He said “I don’t need a bridle for you.” And he went his way and Iblees went his. Then after a few days, it rained heavily in Madina. You know in Madina, the water does not get absorbed by the earth. It stays on the ground so people can collect it and use it. So that day it rained and the whole city
was flooded. And he saw the hundreds of people walking thru the flood and he saw one old man walking, and he was about to fall. He needed to cross the river to his house. He said, “I am very old, very sick.” Bayazid said, “Can I carry you?” “No, I don’t want to bother you.” “O no bother, I am Bayazid” and he put that old man on his shoulders and carried across the water.

Then he said, “Ok I did you a favor, I saved you from the flood.” Then that old man looked at him and said, “O Bayazid, did I not say I would ride you without a bridle. I am Iblees.”
So check now, make an account of yourself, each one of us, which type we are. I am not talking to the people on the street. I am speaking here on behalf of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. It is very important for us to know that we all have this sickness. Everyone in this room who hears this or hears this tape, let him ask his wife what type of donkey he is or let her ask her husband what type she is. Or if they are not married, let them ask a friend
what type they are. Or ask a brother or sister, what type of these three categories they are. True love to the Shaykh is if the Shaykh humiliates you, curses you, beats you and kicks you out never your love to him will change. Else you are not a real mureed.

In tariqah there is no way to say to the Shaykh “no.” Period. “No” is not acceptable in tariqah. Because we are under the tarbiyyah of isma`u wa awu – “Listen and obey.” That is our Islamic principle. The Prophet (s) was listening and obeying. He listened to Jibreel and obeyed. Tariqah is to listen and obey. If the Shaykh asks your opinion you are
to give your opinion, but it is not for you to decide. The Shaykh may take opinion from everyone. That is if we are following tariqah else you can go out the wide street outside. When you accept it comes easy. When you don’t accept it becomes difficult.

What did Allah say in the Qur’an: sami`na wa ata`na, ghufraanaka rabbana wa ilayka al-maseer. Not sami`na wa `asayna. Iblees listened and he did not obey, he did not make that sajda. What happened? Allah cursed him. Say sami`na wa ata`na. Ita`at is important to Prophet (s) and to those in authority and ultimately to Allah. Obedience is he heart of Islam and the essence is tariqah. In tariqah you listen to the one in authority. If
the guide tells you “come” you come. If he says to you “sit,” sit. If he says “go and walk one mile you do it.” If he says “go and empty the ocean with a bucket” go and do it. If anyone wants to follow tariqah they must not use their mind. Then the dunya is open to them.

Mawlana called me in his presence, shortly not too long ago. He said to me, “My son there is no complaining in tariqat. You are with me now 45 year or more, 47 years. There is no complaint in tariqah. I don’t want to hear complaint from anyone. You cannot go to this one and complain and go to that one to complain.” You might see someone speaking to the mirror, they go and complain to themselves. They go and look in the mirror: “I am very pretty. I own the world. I am sultan. I am sultan of dunya. I have to curse you, who are
in the mirror; you are nothing. I am everything. I have everything and you have
nothing. If I break the mirror I can crush you.” There are people who speak to themselves in the mirror and that is the problem in ourselves. Everyone has that problem in their self. That is why Mawlana said “no complaint inside the heart, (to complain to oneself).
And no complaint to other people, else you will be destroyed.”

May Allah forgive us and bless us and keep us under the banner of our shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani and give us long life to see Sayyidina Mahdi and Sayyidina `Isa physically and to see the Prophet (s) in the next life and in this life in ru’yah.

What’s after death?
Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
Suhbat 10-December-2004, evening
Jakarta, home of Mr. Tony

When you go to the grave, they thrown dust on you. It is Sunnah. What is the reason? Each bit of dirt will be absorbing the body of that person. Habil (Abel) was killed by Qabil (Cain). And Allah showed Cabil how to bury the body. If mankind had not learned to bury the body of the dead, Mawlana Shaykh - Allah bless him - said, “If the body of the dead person were not covered by earth, the smell of the body after death would cause everyone on
earth to faint.”

That dust with which we cover the dead body is rahmat – mercy – because if it was not covered everyone would curse that person for the bad smell coming from his or her body.
That means when you bury people you are burying their bad actions as well. Allah’s name is as-Sattar - He veils the sins. He is veiling the body, by covering it. You cannot see a body laying on the floor, and live, from the fear coming to your heart. When someone dies in a house and the body is there, they become afraid. Why are they afraid? Death has a heyba - a majestic appearance - something tough on the body, that you feel fear of the
angel of death.

Allah made it rahmat to cover it underground. If it is above the ground you cannot eat or drink looking at that dead person, it seems so disgusting. When someone dies for how many days, you don’t eat and you don’t drink. You put the body in the grave to cover that disgusting picture. If you are disgusted and feeling afraid from a dead body, what do you think that dead body is feeling from Allah’s punishment?

Answer: they are calling you.

How much the body is fearing from Allah swt punishment and sending the two angels to ask questions: Munkar wa Nakeer. That person is left alone, under dirt and cannot move right or left because they put dirt on the sides to keep the body straight. And everyone goes and no one is left the prophet said that Allah sends the soul back to the body. As soon as the soul is sent back that person sits up. He hits his forehead on the stone. When is he
going to sit up he hits his head. At that time he knows that this is the last time in dunya. At that time he realizes he is in akhira.

Then the two angels come asking him, “Who is your Creator? Who is the seal of messengers? What is your religion? What is your holy book?” If your tongue is frozen at that time, you are in a bad position. If your tongue is not frozen and you are able to answer, only then you are safe. That is why in past the shuyukhs made their mureeds to do seclusion in the
grave, to teach them, "one day you are going to be like that." Then they know that one day Allah swt is going to call them for death. If we feel this and think about it and realize it, we will not be sitting like that [doing nothing]. We will be sitting in the corner reciting dhikr and salawat and reading Quran - doing nothing but praising our Lord and waiting for death.

But Allah made us ghaafil, heedless. That is why we are busy with our work in dunya. Else the whole dunya will stop. If Allah did not make us heedless everything will not move.
Awliyaullah are not heedless. That is why every moment they are in dhikrullah; every moment they are following their mureeds, to observe their behavior. They are looking in every 24 hours to see their mureeds. May Allah save us and forgive us.

I was looking and remembering when I saw the pictures of the two women on the wall and I remembered they left everything and went. You are not taking anything with you, not even your clothes; not even a ring. Leaving and going. May Allah forgive us. It is very difficult - how to face the grave?

Rabi`a al-`Adawiyya used to spend here whole day crying and making istighfaar. She was always saying, “How am I not going to make istighfaar,when I don’t know how Sayyidina Azra`eel is going to take my soul with punishment or mercy.” If you know then it is ok, but no one knows.

Bi hurmatil fatiha.


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