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The Saviors Imam Mahdi as & Jesus Christ as

The Saviors Mehdi & Jesus Christ AS
excerpted from the talk of our beloved Maulana Sheikh Nazim Al Haqqani Al Qubrusi

Muhammad-ul-Mehdi alaihi salaam peace be upon him is a descendant of the Holy Prophet Sayyidena Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam peace be upon him through his daughter Fatima-tu-Zahra and her sons Sayyidena Hassan and Sayyidena Hussein radiyallahu anh may Allah be well pleased with them, in the 40th generation. So he is Sayid- Hassani and Husseini. His parents live near Jeddah.

He was born between 1930 and 1940 in the Wadi Fatima, a green valley on the way from Jeddah to Medina. When he was growing up, miraculous looks started to come out of him. He had such lights. The lookings of people started to come very much on him because his growth was miraculous. He has a spot of ashes on his right cheek, like a star, and his arms reach to his knees.

By the order of the Prophet sws he was taken away from people by the Awliya/saint- Nuqaba, Nujaba, Budala, Autad and Ahyar, whose Imam is Shahabu’din- to a place behind the Mountain of Qaf. Then he was ordered to remain in the empty quarters, the Ruba Qali, a desert between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. No one can go there, because there is quick-sand, moving sands. He is not living with ordinary people now because he has such heavy power that people can’t be able to look to him.

He is living in that desert with His 99 Caliphs- highly spiritual, powerful people. There is a huge cave; its entrance is 40 meters wide. In that cave is the ‘Dome of Happiness’, which has been built by the Angels. No one can approach that cave because it is protected by Jinns/beings of smokeless fire who inhabit the earth with us, who send out electricity that may kill anyone and throw them away. Mehdi a.s. and his Caliphs are there, waiting for and expecting the holy command of Allah Almighty to appear. Sayyidena Mehdi a.s. is the most spiritual person on earth now, and all Awliya are under his command.

When he appears, he will say: "Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar..." , three times, in Damascus, and this will be heard from East to West. And the Archangel Gabriel/Jibril a.s. peace be upon him will shout: "Caliphatu’llah! Allah Almighty’s Caliph has just appeared! Join his army, oh believers!" Everything will be clear. S.Mehdi will appear with such a power that all technology will stop...

Each man in his army will be worth an army. 12000 soldiers from five countries of the West (known only to the Awliya) will come. They are always in contact with Divine Powers, which is a sign of real faith. They are steadfast, never turning their face from the Face of Allah Almighty under any circumstances. Armies turn to ashes under their gaze. They are descendants of Sayidina Ali r.a.wa k.A.w may Allah be well pleased with him. When Sayyidena Mehdi says: “Allahu akbar!” they will be ready at the South gate of Damascus, from Amman.

Sayyidena Mehdi is coming as a Saviour before Sayyidena Isa/Jesus Christ alaihi salaam peace be upon them to stop Armageddon, the 3rd World War, with Divine Power, because no one and nothing except Divine Power can stop it. No country will remain neutral in this war. All the bombs are under the control of Jinns, and the Jinn are under the command of Sayyidena Mehdi a.s. So nothing will be by chance; it will be only as much as Allah is asking. Everything is just arranged. There is a group of Saints, the 5 Qutubs/spiritual poles, that look after everything according to the Will of Allah. Nothing on this earth happens by chance or accident. And nothing happens without a reason...

Armageddon is the War between East and West, and it is written that the West will win and the East will vanish. This biggest of all wars is between the believers, followers of Jesus Christ, people who have prepared themselves for the Saviour, and the followers of the Anti-Christ, unbelievers, who are running after this life’s pleasures, following materialistic thoughts, seeking pleasures which their egos are asking for, asking for every freedom. They are people who always come into contact with the devil, falling under his control, and supporting the kingdom of Shaitan. They will be with the Anti-Christ because they are evil in themselves. The devils will carry them to the source of evil and devils: The Anti-Christ .

Mankind is now following satanic teachings, supporting the kingdom of devils on earth, and that is why a storm of fire will come as a punishment, blowing from East to West, North to South. The supporters of the devils will die, but the supporters of the Saviours Sayyidena Mehdi and Sayyidena Isa a.s. peace be upon them will be saved. There is no shelter for cruel people who harm others, or disobedient people who do prohibited things. Therefore everybody must try to prevent his ego from doing bad things and from having bad intentions... There is no shelter for unbelievers; nothing and no one can protect them. There is always the danger that Divine Revenge will reach them, even underground or in the skies... Therefore to believe is the first shelter.

Wrong beliefs are also dangerous. For these people it will be like they have a shield with holes around themselves, so that Divine Revenge arrows may reach them. Therefore another shelter is to believe in the right way. For some people their good character will be a shelter; people with good intentions who are pityful, helpful, just and respectful towards others, loving them. And another shelter is to give charity and to pray and make Sajda/prostration. Allah Almighty is promising to shelter good servants. Everybody must ask how he can be a good one.

Now everything is mixed up; Truth with untruth, goodness with badness, purity with dirtiness. Until the last World War comes, the times will get worse and worse. When Jesus alaihi salaam comes he will put everything in its place, and no one will be able to object... The 21st century will be the century of truth. In the last days so many men will be killed. There will be 40 times more women than men. This is because men are mostly cruel. So many of them will die, and most of the women will stay. And in that War from seven people six will die and one will remain... For those women who don’t have a husband anymore Allah will send people from behind the Mountain of Qaf, so that no one will be alone in that time. When Sayyidena Mehdi alaihi salaam peace be upon him comes, he will bring with him so many people from unknown worlds around this earth- Nuqaba, Nujaba, Budala, Autad and Ahyar...

The world will be empty after that War...everywhere will be open for the believers. According to their Kismet/share, which is written on the ‘Lauh-ul-Mahfuth’, the Preserved Tablet, Sayyidena Mehdi a.s. will show everyone their place... After this big War people will be like a candle ready for the match. Sayyidena Mehdi a.s. will open the seed of faith in their hearts, opening the hearts of the believers who lived through that War. Common people will be dressed sainthood and will be granted miraculous powers and lights from Allah Almighty.

Awliya will be love-springs... People will be perfect servants of Allah, living on prayer and Dhikr, and swimming in love-oceans... Everywhere you will find the Love of the Lord...creatures will take from you that Divine Love. We are created for that. The perfection of creation should appear in those days...No one will be interested in eating or drinking. And if they should ask to eat something, light quality natural food should come from the skies. Everyone will take his share and Dhikr should burn it, so there will be no need for toilets... May Allah make us reach those days... Bi hurmati’l Habib/for the honor of the beloved Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam peace be upon him, Fatiha.

Appearance of Mehdi & Descention of Jesus Christ AS
excerpted from the talk of our beloved Maulana Sheikh Nazim Al Haqqani Al Qubrusi

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim... Sayyidena Mehdi’s first appearance was in Hijaz, in Mekka, on Mount Arafat. That was around 1960. It was a private appearance, only for Saints. 12000 Awliya/saint came and put their hands on his hand, taking Beyat/pledge with him.
Once, when I was passing through Beirut -Lebanon-, on my way to Cyprus, I met a Sheikh from Lebanon, and I was a guest in his house. He asked me: "What news is your Sheikh giving about Mehdi alaihi salaam peace be upon him ?" I told him, that so and so many years ago we were on Arafat with Mehdi a.s. and 12000 Rijalu’llah, Awliya, and that we all took Beyat with Mehdi a.s. I was with Grandsheikh at that time. He took me with him, like a hunter keeps his dog with him. When I said this, the Sheikh from Lebanon said: "You are right. I was in Mekka Mukarama the same year with my Sheikh, and we met a person from Sudan. We asked him: "From where are you coming?", and he told us that he had come from Central Africa: "One year ago I was ordered by the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam peace be upon him to be here this year to take Beyat with Mehdi a.s. I have been walking on foot for one year, and I have reached here..."

So the Awliya have already taken Beyat with Mehdi a.s. in that year. There is a second kind of Beyat, in dreams, for people who are not prepared to meet Mehdi a.s. physically. And now he is waiting for the order, and then common people will take Beyat with him.
He will appear for all people, according to the Lord’s command, in the Great War, Armageddon... There are one hundred and one hindrances which he must overcome, before he can appear. Ninety-nine of those hindrances have passed. Now only two are remaining..
‘Red coloured people’ have come to Afghanistan. They must also come to Pakistan, and then to Turkey. That is the first sign: Russians coming to Turkey... Huge Russian powers will be at the West of Aleppo. They will come up to the plain of Yarmuq(?) near Aleppo. At the same time the American powers will be in Turkey, in Adana, near the sea. There will be a great slaughter in that plain. The War will last three months and during that War, Mehdi a.s. will appear. It will be in a year of the Hajj-ul-Akbar.

Mehdi a.s. will appear on Hajj, where people will take Beyat from him... From there he goes to Damascus. He will make Tekbir 3 times: "Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar!" With those Tekbirs the problem of technology is going to be finished, and it is going to be the signal for all Muslims to attack the devils...
There are 40 stations on Sayyidena Mehdi's way between Mekka and Damascus... He will come to the gates of Damascus, firstly to a place where the foot-prints of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam peace be upon him and his camel are on a stone... He will enter Damascus, and there the people will take Beyat with him.

Then there are 7 stations on his way from Damascus to Istanbul- Homs, Hama, Trablus, Halep, Konya, Bursa- and in Istanbul he will take out the flag of the Prophet SAW peace be upon him from the Topkapi Palace... But before that, the Padishah will appear and they will meet in Konya, where Mehdi a.s. will put on the sword of the Prophet and his coat, the Amanats/the relic...

After Mehdi has taken out the flag in Istanbul, the Anti Christ will come quickly through Khorasan in Iran, and run to Jerusalem, to go around the whole world from there for 40 days. He is now in chains- imprisoned on an unknown island that no one can approach- because he is saying: "I am your Lord", claiming to be the Lord of mankind, not just a prophet, but the Lord... He cannot move from there. He is Shaitan, the father of all devils. He is giving orders, and he has 30 deputies who are preparing people for his coming... And he is one-eyed...

Muslims are expecting Sayyidena Mehdi a.s. and they are waiting also for Sayyidena Isa/Jesus Christ a.s. to come from the Heavens. Christians are expecting Jesus Christ to come back from the Heavens, too. But the Jews, because they do not believe in Sayyidena Isa and Sayyidena Muhammad sws are still waiting for a Prophet from among themselves to appear...There will be a heavenly announcement: "The enemy of Allah, Dajjal, has appeared. Whoever wants to save himself from him must go to Damascus, Mekka or Medina". So believers will run because Dajjal will be after them. They will run like streams to Damascus, and all believers must be there for 40 days... Dajjal will go around the whole world, but 700 Angels, 700 Jinn/beings made of smokeless fire who inhabit the earth with us, and 700 Awliya from Budala, Nujaba, Nuqaba, Autad and Ahyar will protect Damascus, so he won’t be able to enter.

Damascus is a holy area, the place of the Judgement Day, where twice a day come Nur, Divine Lights, and Mercy. This area covers all that a man can see from the minaret of the Omayyad Mosque, and its Baraka/blessing spreads for a distance of six or seven days’ camel ride in all directions. After 40 days, Jesus alaihi salaam peace be upon him will come down from the Heavens. It will be the time of the Fajr prayer, when he comes down in the Omayyad Mosque in Damascus. He is coming down to a minaret of that Dome in the East, under which Sayyidena Yahya a.s., John the Baptist, is buried. Two Angels will protect him with their wings, and bring him down to earth. He will be wearing a green turban, and he will be shining. He has the most beautiful face, rosy and white. His beard is red, and he is sweating. And he has a sword. When he was on earth, he never touched a sword, but now he is coming as a Saviour, to save people from the hands of the Anti-Christ. His sword is a miraculous sword, a heavenly sword. It can reach any point to where he sends it. The Lord gave it to him...

He is not coming as a Prophet anymore, but as a member of the Ummah/nation of Sayyidena Muhammad sws, following his Shariat. Sayyidena Mehdi a.s. will offer the place to Jesus to be Imam, but Jesus will refuse. Sayyidena Mehdi will lead the prayer once, and after that Jesus will be Imam... And Sayyidena Mehdi a.s. will be with him for 7 years...
Jesus will kill the Anti-Christ, break the crosses, and make clear the truth about himself and his mother Sayyidena Mariam... He will govern the Heavenly Kingdom on earth for 40 years. In his time, all technology will be destroyed, and everyone will be given miraculous powers, so that when you look somewhere and you say: "Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, by Your Divine Permission, oh My Lord, You honoured me to be Your deputy, I ask of You", and if He gives permission, you may put your step from here to there.

After Jesus has killed the Anti-Christ, there will be no more devils and evil in his time...people will live a life like in Paradise, Paradise appearances, Tajallis/visions, will come on them... At that time, the purpose of Allah’s creation will appear.
Isa a.s. will marry and have children. When he is going to die, he will be buried in Medina, in the fourth tomb next to the Holy Prophet, S.Abu Bakr and S.Omar radiyallahu anh may Allah be well pleased with them, that is empty now. Then all believers will die by a sweet scent from Paradise. Everything terrible after that will come to the unbelievers, who will have started to re-appear during Jesus’ time... And the world will come to its end

Wa min Allah at Tawfiq

Ya Sayedena Mahdi {as},His Signs are Here
{1425 Hijri 1+4=5.then 2+5=7 = 57}
{Holy Quran Iron 57.19 }

{57th Name of Rasul is Mahdi }

And those who believe in Allah and His apostles- they are the Sincere (lovers of Truth), and the witnesses (who testify), in the eyes of their Lord: They shall have their Reward and their Light. Iron 57.25 :We sent aforetime our apostles with Clear Signs and
sent down with them the Book and the Balance (of Right and Wrong), that men may stand forth in justice; and We sent down Iron {Mahdi 57}, in which is (material for) mighty war, as well as many benefits for mankind, that Allah may test who it is that will help, Unseen,
Him and His apostles: For Allah is Full of Strength, Exalted in Might (and able to enforce His Will). Laqad arsalna rusulana bialbayyinati waanzalna maAAahumu alkitaba waalmeezana liyaqooma alnnasu bialqisti waanzalna alhadeeda feehi basun shadeedun wamanafiAAu lilnnasi waliyaAAlama Allahu man yansuruhu warusulahu bialghaybi inna Allaha qawiyyun AAazeezun

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Jesus, Al-Mahdi and Moshaikh (Anti-Christ) AL MAHDI, JESUS and MOSHAIKH the ANTI-CHRIST
Narrated by the late Grand Muhaddith of Morocco Shaykh, Abdullah ben Sadek, Ph.D.
(1914 - 1993) may Allah be pleased with him Translated by Shaykh Ahmad Darwish

This book is divided into four parts. The first part is the translation of the work of the late Grand Muhaddith of Morocco, Shaykh Abdullah ben Sadek, may Allah have mercy upon him, and consists of hadith pertaining to coming of Al Madhi and his circumstances. It also mentions a few hadiths concerning the false Messiah, and Prophet Jesus.

The second part contains hadiths extracted from "The Gardens of Righteousness" by Imam Nawawi in which there are more authentic hadiths pertaining to the arrival of the false Messiah and the second coming of Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him. The third part is a summary written in layman's terms of the preceding hadith however, they should not be used as a substitute for the study of the hadith that are the actual sayings of Prophet
Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, that have been verified and transmitted verbatim from one generation to the next since his time.

The fourth part consists of questions and answers replied to by Shaykh Abdullah.

Muhaddith Abdullah ben Sadek, a direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, was not only the foremost Muhaddith of Africa but one of the top seven scholars in the world on the Science of Hadith, which is the science of the transmission of the sayings and practices of Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him.At an early age the Muhaddith became a Professor of Hadith at Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt, and to his credit several of his former students include Grand Muhaddiths and Islamic officials in many parts of the Islamic world. During his lifetime he wrote over one hundred books on Islam, including an encyclopedia of hadith falsely attributed to Prophet Muhammad. His also originated the Science of the Innovations of the Explanation of the Holy Koran.

Muhaddith Abdullah was born in Tangier, Morocco in 1914 (A.H. 1328).

As a child he learned the Holy Koran by heart and studied the Koranic science of calligraphy. Later, he studied the complete sciences of Malik Jurisprudence and the Explanation of the Holy Koran at Kairouan Mosque in Fez, Morocco. In December, 1931, he
began his studies at Al Azhar Mosque where he took and passed its final examination within the short period of one year after which he was offered a teaching position in the prestigious university of Al Azhar. In 1942 he received his Ph.D. then returned to Tangier where he continued to teach in the Mosque and Center founded by his father up until the time of his death, may Allah be pleased with them. Although Muhaddith Abdullah was a Sunni scholar he was extremely well versed with the Shi'ite doctrine and nominated by the late Imam Yahya of Yemen to revise the Zaydia Encyclopedia of Shi'ite.


The first part of this book was first printed at the beginning of the Iranian Islamic Revolution and was so well received that it was completely sold out in the first week of its publication, in Cairo, Egypt. Until now there has never been such a well documented book in English on the subject of Al Mahdi from the Sunni point of view, which incidentally, with the exception of a few minor issues, is very close to that of the Shi'ite. It was decided to make an abridged translation of this book in the English language for the enlightenment of all English speaking Muslims, and those interested in the return of Jesus, as well as the anti-Christ and the lands of the prophets.

When we refer to the book as having been abridged, we refer to the omission of the chains of narrators with the exception of the Prophet's companions, because this matter is only of real interest to the scholars of the Science of Hadith Terminology to which the
average western reader is unfamiliar. However, these omissions do not detract from the information contained within this book, rather, it simplifies it's reading.

Also omitted in this translation are the false statements which unscrupulous liars tried to attribute to the Holy Prophet, praise and peace be upon him. This has been undertaken so that the reader does not confuse the false with the truth. However, for those who
wish to study these false statements we refer them to the original Arabic version of this book. In the original Arabic version, Muhaddith Abdullah draws the attention of the reader to the falsely attributed statements by using the expression "very weak". In Hadith terminology we are forbidden to use such statements as an argument, or that it has been
reported as being an 'hadith' of the Holy Prophet, praise and peace be upon him.

In the section "The Prophetic Sayings transmitted by Thirty-Three Companions" , the reader will observe that more than thirty-three hadith are mentioned. This is because some of the companions transmitted more than one hadith relating to Al Mahdi, or, that the hadiths have been combined.

by Muhaddith Abdullah ben Sadek

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds. Veneration and peace be upon our master Muhammad, the honest Prophet. Surely, Allah is pleased with his purified family and his righteous companions - the supporter and migrator. I have written two other books, the first is called: "Establishing the Proof of the Descent of Jesus from Heaven at the End of Time",
and the second: "The Islamic Belief in the Descent of Jesus." Both books have been translated into Urdu but are no longer in print.

The aim of this book is to destroy the false statements made concerning the rejection or denial of the Prophetic statements relating to Al Mahdi, Al Muntazar, the Expected, Guided Leader, by proving these statements to be 'mutawatira1 Whosoever denies these statements is considered to have fallen into the error of innovation and is thereby classified.

I call this book "Al Mahdi Al Muntazar", and Allah is the One who should be asked to benefit the reader through its reading in the way in which He benefited the readers of it's two brother books. Surely, He is near us, and answers supplications.


Unfortunately, there are many people, including some who are knowledgeable, who believe there will be no Mahdi. This is because they are ignorant of the Prophetic sayings prophesying his appearance towards the end of time. I was told by someone, during the course of a meeting in which Al Mahdi was mentioned, that a knowledgeable teacher stated that the Hadiths bearing the news of Al Mahdi were false. I asked that person why he had not questioned their falsehood by asking which authoritative source from the Science of Hadith had judged them false. By Allah, if he had asked these questions the teacher would
not have been able to reply. It is impossible that the Hadiths which have been proved to be 'mutawatira', by Al Hufaz (the highest authorities in Hadith terminology) to be false.

Hafiz2 Abu Hussain Al Abiri said in his book: "The Merits of Imam Al Shaf'i", may Allah be pleased with him: "The news reported via the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, of Al Mahdi was spread far and wide and has been verified as 'mutawatira'. He is from the
family of the Holy Prophet, and when he comes the earth will be filled with justice, and Jesus, upon whom be veneration and peace, will follow him and assist him in the slaying of al masiikh often referred to as ad-dajal - the lying, false messiah, the anti-Christ."3

Al Muhaddith, Idris Al Iraqi Al Hussaini wrote: "The Prophetic sayings concerning Al Mahdi are 'mutawatira' or extremely close, however, the first opinion has been certified by many Al Hufaz4.

Ash-Shawkani said in his book: The Authentic Proof Concerning Transmissions about the Expected Imam, the false Messiah and the Messiah, " ... there are fifty transmitted prophetic sayings concerning Al Mahdi. Amongst them are those classified as authentic,
good and also the amended. There is no doubt that they are all mutawatira." The expression 'mutawatira' can also be applied to Hadiths of a lessor degree according to all the expressions listed in the principle of this science. On account of so many of the companions reporting the same narration it is impossible to say that these statements were generated from themselves and are not from the Holy Prophet because the information contained therein is above their capability.

The King of Bohpal in India, Al Muhaddith Al Kinnawji said in his book: "The Broadcasting of what Happened and what is Going to Happen before the Hour of Judgement, " '... the Prophetic sayings concerning Al Mahdi together with their various narrations are numerous and are classified as being 'mutawatira'. This fact has also been recorded in other references of Hadith and Islamic records such as dictionaries together with their chains of narrations of each transmitter ...' Then he added: 'Some of the Prophetic sayings
concerning Al Mahdi are extremely high in their soundness, some sound, whilst others are lessor in soundness. One must also take into account that throughout each generation his circumstances have always been very well known."

The scholar, Abu Abdullah Jasus said: "The news concerning Al Mahdi has been reported in many hadiths and Al Hafiz As-Sakhawy judged that they had reached the level of mutawatira.
Ash-Shaykh Al Arabi of Fez said: "Every science has been delivered through the authentic news via the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him. That which has been prophesied is a truth to be expected and will, indeed, occur ... and the news of Al Mahdi is transmitted in
numerous narrations so therefore it is powerful."

The scholar Abu Zayd Abdur-Rahman of Fez commented: "There is an abundance of news about Al Mahdi and he will be sent at the end of Time ..."

As-Safarini wrote in his poem describing the articles of belief: "Everything came in the Prophetic text from the true science. There is no deviation amongst them concerning the eloquent seal - Imam Muhammad Al Mahdi and Jesus." Explaining his poems, As-Safarini said: "There are many opinions concerning Al Mahdi -- even the false -- and it has been said that there is no Mahdi except Jesus. The authentic reports followed by truthful people is that Al Mahdi is other than Jesus and that he will come before Jesus descends from the heavens. There are many narrations reaching the degree of 'tawatur' and because of this it became very well known among the scholars of the Sunnah5, so that is was included as being an article of belief."

After this As-Safarini mentioned some of the Hadiths reported by a group of the Prophet's companions and commented: "These have been reported via the companions together with others who are also mentioned in numerous chains of narrations. It has also been mentioned via the second generation of Muslims from which we glean great benefit with the absolute knowledge of him. Therefore, belief in the coming of Al Mahdi is obligatory because it has been confirmed by knowledgeable scholars and listed in the Articles of Faith of the people of the Sunnah."

Amongst those who describe the Prophet's sayings relating to Al Mahdi as 'mutawatira' is the Shaykh of some of our shaykhs, the Imam, the Seal of the Scholars of Hadith in Fez, As-Sayyid Muhammad, son of Jafar Al Kittani. In his book: "Organizing the Scattered Mutawatira Prophetic Sayings" via twenty companions, he reported statements similar to those already stated by the previously mentioned scholars.

He also said: "In his introduction, ibn Khaldun traced the chains of the Prophetic sayings concerning the coming of Al Mahdi according to his knowledge, however, he approached them incorrectly." Accordingly, the scholars criticized him saying that the Prophetic
sayings reported about Al Mahdi are numerous and reach the height of being 'mutawatira.' It is reported in the references of Ahmad, At- Tirmizi, Abu Dawood, ibn Majah, Al Hakim, At-Tabarani, Abi Yal'ly, Al Bazaar and others that they were able to trace them directly to a group of the Prophet's companions." Consequently, the denial of this together with all the above are illegal because the Prophetic sayings support each other and become powerful with witnesses and arguments. The Prophetic sayings pertaining to Al Mahdi either reach the highest degree of soundness, or are determined to be sound, or some are classified as being lessor.

Scholarly witnessing to these statements are numerous, however, it is not our aim to gather them all, neither is it to defeat the opinion of ibn Khaldun, because this has already been dealt with in "The Appearance of the Hidden Delusions from the Sayings of ibn
Khaldun" by my brother As-Sayyid Ahmad. This book defeats all ibn Khaldun's criticisms word-by-word, in a way that leaves no room for anyone else to add to it.

Our aim is that we mention the Prophetic sayings relating to Al Mahdi with their references as reported by the scholars of this Science of Hadith, together with their chains of narrations with an examination of these chains that sustain the proof of their degree of soundness according to the indisputable regulations of the Science of Hadith with its high principles thus making it 'tawatur' clear to everyone.

Al Mahdi is mentioned in the Prophetic Sayings reported by thirty- three of the companions they are:

1. Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib
2. Imam Hussain ibn Ali
3. Al Abbas ibn Al Muttalib
4. Ibn Abbas
5. Ammar ibn Yasir
6. Abi Sa'id Al Khudri
7. Abdullah ibn Masood
8. Lady Ummu Salamah, Mother of the Believers, may Allah be pleased with her
9. Thawban
10. Abdullah ibn Al Harth
11. Anas ibn Malik
12. Uthman ibn Affan
15. Hudhayfah ibn Al Yamam
16. Jabir ibn Majid As-Sadafi
17. Abu Ayyub Al Ansari
18. Kyrrah Al Muzani
19. Lady Ummu Habibah, Mother of the Believers, may Allah be pleased with her
20. Abi Umamah Al Bahily
21. Abdullah ibn Amru ibn Al As
22. Tamim Ad-Dari
23. Lady Ayesha, Mother of the Believers, may Allah be pleased with her
24. Abdu Rahman ibn Awf
25. Abdullah ibn Omar ibn Al Khattab
26. Talha ibn Ubaydillah
27. Ali Al Hilali
28. Imran ibn Hasan
29. Amru ibn Murrah Al Juhani
30. Awf ibn Malik
31. Abi A Tafil
32. A man from the companions
33. Kays ibn Jabir via his father, via his grandfather.

Al Mahdi has also been mentioned in the Prophetic sayings reported by five of the friends of the companions: 5

1. Sa'id ibn Al Musayyab
2. Al Hasan Al Basri - student of Imam Ali
3. Kitadah
4. Shahr ibn Hawshab
5. Mumar

Christian's Messiah vs Unbelievers's Moshiakh

It is important for the reader to know that many Arabic and Hebrew words are very close in pronunciation. At this point we would like to draw the attention of the reader to an important issue: The Arabic word "Masiih" = the Messiah. The Arabic word "Masiikh" = the false messiah, which is equivalent in pronunciation to the Hebrew word "Moshiakh" = the Messiah. However, when the Arabic language is compared to the Hebrew, it is found that the Arabic letter 's' is equal to that of the Hebrew 'sh', as in the Arabic word 'Salaam' and the Hebrew word 'Shalom'. The Unbelievers await the coming of the 'Moshiakh' to lead them, therefore one understands the Unbelievers will follow the false messiah, and once again reject Jesus who is the true Messiah.


Part 1 - Authentic Sayings of Prophet Muhammad, {S}concerning Al Mahdi narrated by thirty-three Companions and five of their Companions Al Mahdi's Lineage. 5

Physical appearance and characteristics
The state of the world before his advent
The stern trial
Al Mahdi and Jerusalem
Distribution of wealth
The certainty of his appearance
The importance of following Al Mahdi
The return of justice
Unification of Muslims
Children of Lady Fatima
When and where Al Mahdi is give allegiance
The Black Banners
The government of Al Mahdi
Constantinople and the mountain of Al Daylam
The emergence of the false messiah
Dwellers of Paradise
An army from the direction of Iraq
The coming of Prophet Jesus
The tyranny of kings
Description of Al Mahdi
The worst creation of Allah
Caliphs, princes, kings and tyrants
Al Hasan and Al Hussain
When the desert swallows the army
When Medina shakes thrice
When pilgrims are robbed
The hidden treasures of Antioch
Pure musked children
The march against Al Mahdi
The facial description of Al Mahdi
The Youth from Tamimi
The Trial
Some of the Prophet's last words to Lady Fatima, peace be upon them
Seventy-three sects of Muslims
The purified soul

The Narrations of Five Friends of the Companions
Black Banners
Time of Al Mahdi's appearance

The Narrations of Imam Ali {as}and several companions of the Holy Prophet, praise and peace be upon him.

Master in Paradise, Al Harth, Arrival of Al Mahdi
Four trials
Anxiousness for Al Mahdi
The Gate of Istakhr
Ar Rufaka and Al Abdal
Al Talakan
The birth place of Al Mahdi
The Black Banners
The false messiah
Slaying of Muslims in Kufa
The sign of the coming of Al Mahdi Hasan
Murder on the pilgrimage
Shuayb, the son of Salih
As-Sufyani and Kufa
Four people from the House
When Constantinople is opened
Prophet Jesus and Al Mahdi
The eclipse of the sun and moon during Ramadan
Upon finding Al Mahdi
The Black Banners
The Black Banners in Kufa
A youth with a thin, yellowish beard
The battle in Medina
The death of As-Sufyani
The children of Lady Fatima, peace be upon her
The marked Banner
Personality of Al Mahdi
Humility of Al Mahdi
Disbelief in Allah
Al Rukn and Al Makam
Safety after the trial
The four thousand men of Shuayb, son of Salih
Abundant Wealth
When a man sleeps as a believer and wakes as an unbeliever
Muhammad, the son of Ajlan

PART 2: Quotations of Prophet Muhammad, {s} concerning the coming of the anti-christ, then Prophet Jesus and the events at the end of the world :

Description and deeds of the anti-Christ, Water and fire of the anti-Christ, The events surrounding the end of time, The protection of Mecca and Media, The seventy thousand Unbelieverss from Isfahan, The fear of the anti-Christ, The mischief of the anti-Christ
The tortures of the anti-Christ, The provisions of the anti-Christ, The mark of the anti-Christ, When Paradise appears to be Hell, Description anti-Christ's eye, The tree of the Unbelievers, When a mountain of gold appears in the river Euphrates, Abandonment of Medina
Scarcity of men

PART 3: A summary of the preceding hadiths in layman's terms Conditions before the advent of Al Mahdi :

Al Mahdi's lineage, name and physical description His place of birth, his appearance and allegiance, The enemy of Al Mahdi, Al Mahdi's army, troops and battles, The appearance of the anti-Christ, Prophet Jesus, the true Messiah, peace be upon him, The description of the false Messiah, the anti-Christ, The affairs of the anti-Christ, The time of Truth

Authentic Sayings of Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, concerning Al Mahdi narrated by thirty-three of his Companions and five of their Companions

Al Mahdi's Lineage, Physical Appearance and Characteristics: Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, said : "Al Mahdi is (descended) from me. His forehead will be radiant, and his nose prominent. He will fill the earth with both fairness and justice just as it will have been filled by oppression and injustice,and he will govern for seven years."
"... so a man will come to him saying:'O Mahdi, give me, give me!" So he will fill his clothes with as much as he can carry."

The State of the World before his Advent:

The Hour will not occur until the ground has been filled with injustice and transgressions.
Then, a man from the Family of my House will come and fill it with fairness and justice
just as it was filled by harm and oppression." "At the end of my nation Al Mahdi will come
for whom Allah will send rain so that the earth produces its plants. He will give wealth equally; cattle will increase and the nation will be great. He will live for seven or eight." " ... so a man from my pure musked children will govern for seven or nine ... "

A Stern Trial

"At the end of Time a stern trial from their governor will come upon my nation -never before will they have heard of a trial such as it. The wide earth will shrink before them
and the earth will become full of oppression and injustice so that believers find no refuge from harm. So, Allah, the Mighty, the Purified will send a man from my pure musked descendants who will fill the earth with fairness and justice, just as it was filled by oppression and injustice. The inhabitants of Heaven and Earth will be pleased with him.
The earth will not withhold any of its seed -- all will be produced. Nor will the Heaven withhold any of its showers except that Allah pours it upon them in abundance. And he will live among them seven, eight or nine years; the dead will wish for life because of that!
Allah, the Mighty, the Glorified will give the inhabitants of the earth from His Goodness."
"At the end of Time, a Caliph will come who distributes wealth without count."


"A man from my nation will come who speaks with my Sunnah and Allah, the Mighty, the Glorified will send showers of rain from the heavens so that the earth will produce its blessing. Through him the earth will be filled with fairness and justice just as it had been filled by oppression and injustice. He will govern this nation for seven years, and go to Jerusalem." "I bear good tidings for you concerning Al Mahdi. He will be sent when people differ and the earth quakes!"

Distribution of Wealth

"He will fill the earth with fairness and justice just as it had been filled by oppression and injustice. The inhabitants of the heavens and earth will be pleased with him. He will distribute wealth equally." At this point a companion asked what 'equally' meant so the Prophet {S}eplied: "Equally, between the people, and Allah will fill the hearts
of the nation of Muhammad with richness and his justice will satisfy them until he sends a messenger saying: 'Who is in need of wealth?' None except one man will stand and say, 'Me'.
So he will say: 'Go to the treasurer and tell him that Al Mahdi orders you to give me wealth.' So the treasurer will say to him: 'Fill with your hands!' And he will put it in his clothing then tie it. Then he will become contrite and say: 'I was the most greedy among the nation of Muhammad, and he will attempt to return it but it will not be accepted,
and it will be said to him: 'We do not accept what we have given.' And so he (Al Mahdi) will remain seven, eight or nine years -- then, there is no goodness left in life nor yet in living after him. The preceding narrations were reported by Abi Said Al Khudri in the
reference of Abi Dawood, Al Hakim, At-Tirmizi, Ahmad, ibn Hibban, Muslim, Al Tabarani (in his middle dictionary), Al Barudi and Abu Nuaym in his forty Hadith concerning Al Mahdi.

The Certainty of his Appearance:

"Even if there remained only one day left to be lived Allah will prolong that day until He sends a man from me8 His name is like my name, and his father's name is like my father's name. He will fill the earth with fairness and justice just as it was filled by oppression and injustice." "The days will not end and life will not vanish until the Arabs are governed by a man from the Family of my House -- his name is the same as mine."

The Importance of Following Al Mahdi

Ibn Masood reported: "We went to the Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him,
and he came out with good news and happiness was easily recognizable upon his face.
When we asked him about a matter he would tell us about it, and we were never silent about anything until he spoke of it, until a party from the Bani Hashim passed by amongst whom were Al Hasan and Al Hussain, peace be upon them. When he saw them he hugged them with tears in his eyes, so we asked: 'O Messenger of Allah' we see something has changed your face which distresses us.' Thereupon he replied: 'We are a Family of a House for whom Allah has chosen the Hereafter rather than the present. After me my family will be refugees, driven out of countries until the Black Banners are raised in the east.

They will ask for the truth but they will not be given it, so they will ask again for it,
and they will not be given it , so they will fight and be given victory. Those of you or your descendants who live during that time go to the Imam of the Family of my house even if you have to crawl over ice to him. Indeed, they are banners of guidance. They will deliver it to a man from the Family of my House his name is the same as my name, and the name of his father is the same as my father, and he will fill the ground with fairness and justice." This hadith is in found in the references of Abu Dawood, Al Hakim, At-Tirmizi, Ibn Hibban, Ibn Majhah, Au Ash-Shaykh, Ibn Adiy, Abu Dhabi, Ibn Asakir and Abu Nuaym.

Return of Justice

Prophet Muhammad, praise and peace be upon him, said: "If only one day in life remains,
Allah will send a man from the Family of my House. He will fill the earth with justice
just as it has been filled by injustice." "Al Mahdi is from the family of the House
Allah will 'yuslihu' him in a night."

Unification of Muslims

"He is from us as Allah opened with us, so He will close, and with us they will be saved from polytheism. And with us Allah arbitrates between the hearts after open hostility
as He arbitrates between their hearts after the hostility of polytheism." Ali asked: 'Are they believers or unbelievers?' He answered: "Some are on trial and others are unbelievers.


"At the end of Time there will be a trial in which people will be sorted in a way similar to that in which gold is sorted from metal." "So do not rebuke the people of Syria but rebuke the evil people among them because amongst them is Al Abdal. A flood is about to be sent down upon the people of Syria which will disperse their groups in such a way that if foxes attacked they would be beaten. At that time a man from the Family of my House will come under three banners; between twelve and fifteen thousand and their password is -'Die, die.' Then, there will come seven banners and under each will be one man seeking the kingdom. Allah will kill all of them and restore unity and favors upon the hearts of Muslims, and those who were far come close."

The preceding hadith was reported by Imam Ali in the references of Ahmad, Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah and At-Tabarani. Children of Lady Fatima, may Allah be pleased with her and them
"Al Mahdi is from my pure musked descendants from the children of Fatima10" "Yes, he is the truth, and he is from the children of Fatima."

When and Where Al Mahdi is given Allegiance

"Differences will occur after the death of a caliph and a man from the people of Medina will escape to Mecca. Then, some of the people of Mecca will come to him and drag him out against his desire11 and give him their allegiance between Ar-Rukn and Al Makam. An army will be sent against him from Syria that will be swallowed up in Al Bayda - desert
between Mecca and Medina. When people see this the Abdal of Syria will come to him
as well as a group of people from Iraq and pledge their allegiance between Ar-Rukn and Al Makam. Then a man from the Koraysh will come whose cousins are from Kalb, and he will send an army to them that will overcome them and this will become known as the Battle of Kalb.
Whosoever does not witness the spoils of war from Kalb is lost! And he (Al Mahdi) will distribute wealth and practice the Sunnah of their Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, with the people. And Islam will spread throughout the earth. He will remain seven years then die, and the believers will pray14 for him."

This hadith was reported by Lady Ummu Salamah, wife of the Prophet, Mother of the Believers, may Allah be pleased with her, and is found in the references of Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah, Al Hakim, Ibn Hibban and At-Tabarani.

The Black Banners

"Before your treasure, three will kill each other all of them are sons of a different caliph but none will be the recipient. Then the Black Banners will appear from the East
and they will kill you in a way that has never before been done by a nation."
Thawban, a companion said: 'Then he said something that I do not remember by heart'
then continued to say that the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, said: "If you see him give him your allegiance, even if you have to crawl over ice, because surely he is the Caliph of Allah, Al Mahdi. If you see the Black Banners coming from Khurasan go to them
immediately, even if you must crawl over ice, because indeed amongst them is the Caliph, Al Mahdi." "The Black Banners15 will come to you from the East, their hearts are like iron.
Whosoever hears about them let them go crawling -- even over ice!"

The preceding Hadith was reported by Thawban and is found in the references of Ibn Majah, Al Busiri, Al Hakim, Ahmad, Nuaym, Ad- Daylami, Al Hasan, son of Sufyan, and Abu Nuaym.

The Government of Al Mahdi:

"People will come from the east and will establish the government for Al Mahdi." Reported by Abdullah son of Al Harth and is found in the references of Ibn Majah and At-Tabarani in his middle dictionary. "If only one night remains in the world, a man will come from the House of the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, who will govern it."

"Al Mahdi will be in my nation for at least seven (years) or eight or ten, and my nation will enjoy favors which it has never enjoyed before. The heavens will send an abundance of rain, the earth will not store any seed, rather it will yield all its fruits. There will be a surplus of wealth but a man will stand up and say: 'O give me,' so he will be told 'Take.'" "The Hour will not occur until a man from the Family of my House comes. He will beat them until they return to the truth." It was asked: "How long will he govern?'
Whereupon he answered "Five plus two."

Constantinople/Istanbul and the Mountain of Al-Daylam

"If there only remains but one day left in the world, Allah will prolong it until a man from my house governs. He will open Constantinople and the Mountain of Al-Daylam." "A man named As-Sufyani will come from the center of Damascus. The majority of his followers will be from the tribe of Kalb. He will kill until he rips women open and kills children. So the tribe of Kays will rise up in retaliation and he will slaughter all of them! Then a man from the Family of my House will come in Al Hirrah and the news will reach As-Sufyani.
Then he will send his army but it will suffer defeat. As-Sufyani will march with his followers to him until they reach a desert and the ground will swallow them up. None will be saved except the one bearing the news."

The Emergence of the False Messiah

"The Romans will surround a leader from my pure musked children. His name will be the same as mine. They will fight each other at a place called Al Imak and one third, or thereabouts, of the Muslims will be killed. They will fight again on another day and again one third or thereabouts of the Muslims will be killed. On the third day they will fight again and the Romans will be defeated. And they will remain there until they open Constantinople. It is whilst they are distributing the spoils of war that a messenger will come informing them that the false messiah is in their home town with their children."
Reported by Abu Hurayrah in the reference of Ibn Hibban, At-Tirmizi, Abuya'li, at Tabarani, Al Bazaar, Abu Nuaym and Al Hakim.

Dwellers of Paradise

"We are the children of Abd Al Muttalib, the Masters of the Dwellers of Paradise myself, Hamza, Ali, Jafar, Al Hasan, Al Hussain and Al Mahdi." An Army from the Direction of Iraq 5
When the Holy Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, slept in the house of Lady Ummu Salamah he awoke saying: "There is no movement or power except from Allah." "What makes you say that?" asked Lady Umm Salamah. He replied: "Because an army will come from the direction of Iraq to seize a man from Al Medina whom Allah protects. When they reach the desert in the direction of Dhi Hulayfah the ground will swallow them up. Those that are on top cannot reach those beneath, and those beneath cannot reach those on top up until the Day of Judgement. Their motivations are different." Lady Umm Salamah then asked: "O Messenger of Allah, praise and peace be upon him, how is it that they will be swallowed up although their motives are different?" He replied: "Among them are those that have been coerced to join." This Hadith was reported by Anas and is found in the references of
Ibn Majah, Al Busiri and Al Bazaar. "At the end of my nation a Caliph will scatter wealth without count." When the second narrator, Abi Nadrah, was asked if this referred to Caliph Omar Abdul Aziz, he replied: "No".

The Coming of Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him

"Jesus, the son of Mary, peace be upon him, will descend when the prince is Al Mahdi
and Al Mahdi will say to Jesus: 'Come, lead us in prayer.' But he will decline saying:
'You are princes over each other which is the Favor of Allah to this nation.'" A group from my nation will keep fighting for the truth until Jesus, the son of Mary descends at dawn in the Mosque of Jerusalem.

He will approach Al Mahdi who will say: 'O Prophet of Allah, come, lead us in prayer.'
But he will decline saying: 'This nation has princes over each other.'" The two preceding Hadiths were reported by Jabir, son of Abdullah, and are found in the references of Muslim, Abu Nuaym, Abu Amru Ad-Dani and Al Bazaar. "If only one day remains in the world,
Allah will send a man with a name like mine. His manners will be likened to my manners."


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The man with the sign/seal of KHATAMUN NUBUWWAH had been found here in Malaysia and we believe that he is the real Al-Mahdi. The sign of Khatamun Nubuwwah proven that he is the right person. Please tell this important message to Sheikh Nazim/Sheikh Hisham/Sheikh Adnan about this. We are not joking or call me +60135844722 imediately.

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Qiyamat has already arrived.
Still there are many who doubt the coming of Imam Mahdi (Mahamati Prannath) whilst there (were and) are still many who (had proclaimed and) proclaim to be the appointed one (Imam Mahdi). If that's so, I would like you to ask following questions to those false claimants of Imam Mahdi (and their supposed believers) like Mīrzā Ghulām Aḥmad, Muḥammad bin abd Allah al-Qahtani, Riaz Aḥmed Gohar Shahi etc to name a few claimants:
Can your Mahdi's claimant say that his entire life is fully based on the events described in the holy Quran ? If it is, then simply mention one. Only one.

True Mahdi is present only in Alif Lam Mim (Mahamati Prannath) and what more bigger authentication than the Events or the stories of the Quran itself. Recall the event (or story, to understand) in the life of Rasul (saw) when he was bewitched by a Jew (11 knots). The encrypted message of that event is actually the coming of Imam Mahdi in 11th century Hijri. Each knot of the 11 total knots represent a century and in each century a knot actually unties. Therefore, 1100 Hijri years meant the liberation of all the 11 knots and the starting of the Fajr (or the dawn) of Imam Mahdi's Khilafah(reign). The holy Quran backs this analogy in 34:29,30 whereby the coming of Qiyamat (Judgment day) will be known. Recall the holy Quran that 1 day = 1000 years and 1 night = 100 years of Allah. So, 1000 + 100 = the date of the starting of the dawn of the Judgment day, the glorious coming of Alif Lam Mim.

For more, go to: and

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Please!IMAM MAHDI will be from the west.

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