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01. We Must Rebuild Our Personality!
Mawlana Syaikh Nazim Adil

Astaghfirullah!...Tubtu wa rajatu ila-llah…Tubna wa rajana ila-llah!…Destur, ya Sultanu-l AwliyaMeded, Meded, ya Rijalallah, a´inuna bi madadikum! As-salamu alaikum!... O our Lord, put Your weak servants under Your DivinelyProtection! Therefore - you must try to say as much as possible more: As-salamualaikum, As-salamu alaikum, As-salamu alaikum!… As-Salam, peace - when you are saying (it) too much, (it is) bringing peace toyou and (to) everything around yourself and also spreading that blessings andmercy through East and West. But now people are not using too much to say:As-salamu alaikum.

Say (it), as much as possible! And we are saying: As-salamu alaikum! As salamu alaikum, ya ´ibadallahi salihin…Allah Allah…Allah Allah…And we are asking Divinely Support; and Divinely Support (is) never coming to people directly. That is like a - as we are saying it for understanding blessing is coming like Niagara Falls. You can't reach to take from that, but if it is going through pipes, (you) may drink (from it), (you) may use it. Therefore, Awliya, whole Alwiyas, Awliyas means, Waliyullah that means: Friendof Allah, or (someone) who is going to be friendly to Allah. Try to be friendlyto Allah! But people (are) running to be friends of Shaytan, because it is (fromthe) Last Days' signs that people should run to be friends of Shaytan and veryfew people (are) running to be Friends of Allah Almighty.

And you can't be friend of Allah Almighty, till you are going to be friend toHis most beloved servant SayyidinaMuhammad - sallaLlahu ´alayhi wa sallam! Andyou can't be reaching to that point- to be friend of Rasulullah - sallaLlahu´alayhi wa sallam - till you are going to be friendly to (the) friends ofRasulullah - sallaLlahu ´alayhi wa sallam. If you are not reaching (the) friendsof Rasulullah - sallaLlahu ´alayhi wa sallam, you can't reach to be friend ofAllah Almighty! A´udhu bi-llahi mina shaytani rajim! O our Lord, please give Your Protection onYour weak servants! We are saying: "We are weak servants, please make YourDivinely Protection on ourselves, not to be friends of Shaytan!" Friends ofShaytan (are) going to be in Hells, (and it is) beginning here, they areburning!

They are burning from inside of themselves or (from) outside (they are)burning, but they are insisting to be, yet to be, friends of Shaytan! Say: "A´udhu bi-llahi mina shaytani rajim, o our Lord, we are running to You,not to be friends to Shaytan!" Say! In such a meaning say: A´udhu bi-llahi minashaytani rajim!…People (are) coming to me, saying: "O Sheikh, I am ill, but I am going to Doctors (and) they are sending me to tahlil, analysis, (saying): 'Go to that oneto make (a) check-up for yourself and bring that (result) to me to look', and Iam going (to a) different analysts, (the) analyst (is) saying: 'Oh, you are…nothing with you, you are okay!' "But" - he is insisting - "I am (still) feelingthat I am not healthy!" Yes… but yet there are not thinking that that is something (which is) notbelonging to their material being, no, (it is something) from inside! Yet theyare not coming to say, to accept that we have another being through ourselvesthat that is our souls.

They (are) never going to ask, to make a check-up fortheir souls. (They are) running to make check-up (for) every organ throughthemselves, but they (are) never going to look, to make a check-up for theirsouls, no, because people (are) becoming such materialists. They are thinking(that they are) only material beings. Material beings never making a thing tomove by itself, no. (A) car is a car, but you must put in its box a kind of water and that water(is) changing in(to) another… position and moving… making car to move. They arealways looking: "What is the matter? Our car can't walk, (but) we are looking(that) everything (is) okay." "Look, if it has fuel"… "What is fuel? Our car isokay, for what fuel?" "Ya Hu, without fuel your car can't move!"… People (are) running to Doctors.

(The) doctor (is) saying: "You are 100% okay!""O Doctor, if 100 % I am okay, why I am coming to you? I am feeling something inmyself that (is) making me not to be rest; (there is) disturbing me somethingfrom inside. What is that?" "You must go to Haci X… there is a person that hemay understand such a matters…what is their name?… Their name (is)psychiatrists… And so many psychiatrists (are) coming to Sheikh, saying: "OSheikh, I am feeling no good!" "What you are doing?" I am asking. "Psychiatry.""Ahhh… psychiatry… and you are coming to me for (a) treatment, to treat you?"… I am saying first: "Jump!" If (he is) jumping, I am saying: "You are alright,okay, go away, finished!" "(But) I am coming for (a) check-up!" "That is mycheck-up! If you are jumping, (it) means, (that) you are okay, nothing (wrong)with you!…

(But) if (it is) not enough (for you), (we make) another check-up:Run from up to that side!" "For what?" "There is a cat running in front of you,run and catch it!"… I am psychiatrists' doctor! All psychiatrists also they arestrange…antika… All psychiatrists, their minds out of their minds, two feet… "Iam trying you, if you are okay or not." "I can't be!" "You can't be? (Then) youmust try to run every day 100 meters to catch a cat. Catch and bring (it) tome!" "How…?" "I am doctor of psychiatrists, you don’t know! Come, what I amsaying to you, it is okay!" (For) everything: Check-up! But for psychiatrists - they are unhappy to bechecked up! You are making check-up for people and (you are) saying: "Nothing(wrong) with you", but I am looking that you also (are) falling into a deepwell, (and) you can't be able to take yourself out. That is my check-up to you! And we are in need (for someone) who (is) making (a) check-up for our unknownbeing, souls! The authority for that just (has been) granted to Prophets.

Then,Prophets, from Prophets that (have been) granted to make a check-up, (it is)granted- what they have been permitted (to do)- (to those who are) throughProphets line people. They may do this, not (just) anyone (who is) saying: "Ican do!" You cant do! But people are running non-sensely to make a check-up,check-up… for themselves and it is impossible. Really we are in need a check-upfor our souls and who can do that check-up for our souls? Those whom they areauthorized with heavenly Authority, authorised by heavenly Authority! They cando only this, not (just anyone who is) going (to a) school (and who is) reading,reading, reading… They can't understand anything! And they are so very rare now, (these authorized people), because people arerunning to make their check-up with psychiatrists and their level (is) on (the)same level (with them) and (so) they can't take any benefit. Finished, finished!Mankind just finished, because they are in ruins innerly.

In ruins! They mustrebuild their personalities once again! First they must try to recognize their real identity. Who are you? First, forrebuilding himself through this life, to recognize himself: Who are you? Someonemust teach him: Who are you? Because by yourself you can't know, who are you.You can see everything, except yourself; your eyes (are) looking and seeingeverything, except yourself. What you are in need? You need a mirror! (You are looking into the mirror), (but) you say that: "I am this one (in themirror)?" (Then) you must bring two witnesses (to confirm to you) that throughthat mirror you are that one! By himself he can't recognize himself also in (a)mirror! He may think: "That is another one! I am not this one, because I am notlooking myself, putting myself second to that and to see that this and this(are) same no. Perhaps that mirror it is a strange instrument, showing shadows,showing something in it."

But if no one in that area, you can't say that: 'Thisis, I am that one.' You need two witnesses (to tell you) that: "This you are,you are looking. That is mirror, showing to you." Therefore, (for a) man who is asking: Who are you? (there) must be a person like(a) mirror (for him), to be able to show (to him): "You are this one!" When heis accepting, what he is saying, then that person (is) just permitted to build,to rebuild your existence, to manifest yourself again, as before. Because youare in ruins, destroyed; your real being (is) destroyed, therefore you are inneed a rebuilding, and rebuilding (is) only (for) those people, who have beengranted heavenly Lights and (who are) authorized through Heavens- not fromearth, no! (Authorization) from earth (it means:) on our level…(the) level ofanimals…zoo level…We are on zoo level…(They are) putting some examples in(tothe) zoo-garden, but (they are) not putting one man inside also that we are onsame level!… You went zoo-garden?… You have been in zoo-garden?… I went also,but I was escaping, not to put me also in another place… (because they aresaying) that: "This one also (is) on that level, (he is an) animal!"… Our level (is the) first level, (that) of animals. Only (that) we have beengranted (the ability) for speaking, other animals are not speaking. Samequalities that they have, we have same also, only they are running on four legs,we are running on two legs… But we must get up for rebuilding our realpersonality! If you are not recognizing yourself, you can't be able to understand anything!(then you are) coming (here as a) 'hayvan', going (as a) 'hayvan', coming as(an) animal, and going as an animal… And this life that people (are) living now,it is not (on the) 2nd level of real mankind. Because first level (people),their characteristic (is) on… same character, all of them! If they are gettingon (the) 2nd level, they can't touch like this…(they) can't give (troubly toanyone)… (they) can't harm anyone! Once my Grandsheikh showed me in Mecca Mukarrama Baitu-llah sharafaha-llah:"Look, Nazim Effendi, up!" I am looking one, first level people: they are makingTawwaf, but they are quarrelling and making everything, giving harm (to) people,pushing them, pulling them… but the 2nd one, (there) I am looking and seeing agroup of people, (that) they are like butterflies… no sound… no trouble…noharming…! (On the) first level, (the) level of animals; they are giving to eachother harm, biting, hitting, everything they are doing… Now look and say truth! What is the level of living people, whom they areclaming that: "We reached to top of civilization"? They are so big liars,because that is Shaytan's teaching to them, to say: "Now you are on top level ofcivilization!" For what? "Because you have so many kinds of weapons and hightechnology you have, therefore you reached (the) top of civilization." And I amsaying: "Yet you are on (the) same level (with animals)! Technology (is) nevertaking you (up to be) on (the) second level. Only spirituality can take you (up)and your spirituality (is) under (such) heavy pressure (that) you can't be ableto leave it, to reach to that point." And people are trying to kill, to harmpeople, to destroy - what is that? That is the level of mankind? I am sorry tosay (that) it is not (the) level of real… human beings level. And I am sorry tosay that even animals level they are not accepting (these people on) their leveland (so they are) kicking them down! Kicking them down! That is the position, general view of our world in our days that it is lastdays, and we are reaching to Yaum al-Qiyyama… O people, come and listen and ask truth! To ask truth, it is your most importantcharacteristic (as human beings). You must ask truth and you must try to learn(the) truth about your life (so) that you should be up (on the 2nd level), neverharming (anyone). Therefore - (the) Prophet - sallaLlahu ´alayhi wa sallam -(was) saying: "A surrendered people"- that people are running away from Islam,the name of Islam; they are hating (it) and (they are) running away (from it),but really Islam what (it is) saying? (it is saying): "A real Muslim (issomeone) who (is) never harming people, (neither) by his tongue, (nor) by hishand, (or) by his power." They are not real Muslims, now (these) people,Muslims! You are looking and seeing what (is) happening! And people (are)thinking that Islam (is) ordering to kill people without any… with reason orwithout reason! (They are) destroying every day and they are saying: "In thename of Islam!" A´udhu bi-llah! Allah takes them away! Takes them away… Don’t be with them! Don’t say that they are doing good! That is not Islam andthey are not Muslims! Only by name; their names may be written Muslims, but theyare so far - as far (as the) earth (is far) from Heavens, they are far away fromIslam!… May Allah forgive us and bless you! For the honour of the most honoured one in His Divine PresenceSayyidinaMuhammad - sallaLlahu ´alayhi wa sallam, Fatiha.

Sohbet 7.05.06
Follow the way of the true ones!

As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu!
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim!
Say: Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim.

Khairu Kalam - best talking, to say: "Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani
rajim, Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim."

O, so honour to you, o mankind to say: "Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim!"
Allahu akbar!

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded!

We are thankful or we must be thankful or we must try to be thankful to
Allah that we are asking truth! And truth is (the) capital of true
ones!… Clear? You are understanding?… Truth is (the) capital of true ones. You can't find truth through liars. True ones- whom they are? They are Prophets and their followers that they are sacrificing their souls for true ones, whom they are carrying truth from Heavens. And it is honour for mankind to be true ones, highest honour- or to try to be with true ones.

Not everyone can be true ones, no. They are like ruby among stones or
like emerald through stones; they are (the) pearls among people, they
are like diamonds. Don't think that every stone is a ruby. Don’t think
that every stone (is) going to be (an) emerald. Don’t think that very
stone (is) going to be (a) diamond, no… But man likes to have diamonds,
they like to have rubies, they like to have jewels. Yes, everyone likes, and they are stones, but they are not asking true ones that they are (the) most valuable creation among creation!

They like to have much more jewels to put on their fingers or on their
necks or their hands or to put their ears… and- (it is a) very bad
habit now- (that) men (also) are trying to put (that in) their ears, their noses, their hands! Men (are) asking to have such a jewels and jewels is not for men; (for them it is) only to carry through their rings a precious stone, but not to have golden rings, golden bracelets… They are putting and it is no good! Men must try to be men, women must try to show that they are women!

Now we are living in a time that men (are) trying to look like women
and women like to be seen like a man. I know women they are thinking that men (are) higher than themselves, therefore they are trying to reach the level of men. No! They are wrong thinking creatures! Men have a level that Allah granted to them. Not try to reach to that level. Worst women who they are trying to show themselves like a man (and) therefore they wear trousers! I am swearing to them: "You are not women? Why you are dressing that trousers? For what? They give to you honour? Never give to your honour, but you are going to be cursed one with dressing trousers to show that: 'I am also a man or like a man'!" Ignorant ones; they are not knowing what Allah Almighty (is) giving to them, to women!

And men also - (they) are trying to be like women. Worst ones! Their
heads should be cut down. Angels should cut (them) down. S.Mehdi (is)
coming (and) cutting their heads also! Try to show yourself that you are a man! And women must try to show themselves that they are women. Allah Almighty created male and female. If He was asking to create only one kind, He can do, He was able, but (He was) making this and that.

I am saying to you something perhaps you never heard it. (It is) from
Prophets' knowledge that (is) reaching to me also, that Shaytan… How its generation (is) going (on), you know it?… Never!… Shaytans one leg (is) carrying man's (sex), (the) second leg (is) like (that of a) women. Making itself by itself and his generation in such a way (is coming)!

But Allah Almighty (is) honouring you, O people, to be man and woman.
That is honour! But now people are running to be like Shaytan! (It is
the) worst thing; that (is) making Heavenly Anger to fall on those
people! And now people (are), as (the) Prophet (was) saying sws, that: "(There) should come a time on my nation that (a) man (is) going to be satisfied by (a) man and women (are) going to be satisfied by women!" That is (the) worst situation that reached (the) 21st century 'civilization', (as) they are saying... It is not civilization, but it is (a) falling down… Man can't be woman, woman can't be man, but artificially… Shaytan (is) making them to run men after men, women after women. Therefore (the) Heavenly Anger (is) just ready to burn them!

O people, whole nations (are) on (the) wrong way and governments (are)
never taking any care! Even (the) European 'civilization' (is) making a
law or giving a permission - even I am sorry to say that churches they
are so (much) on (the) wrong way - that (it is possible) making a
marriage man to man. What is that! What is that? (It is the) worst dirtiest acting from man!

Jesus Christ was walking - that is another knowledge that (is) reaching
to me also from Prophets' knowledge, Heavenly knowledge: Jesus Christ
was walking or travelling - (church people must listen to that point and they must ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty, because they are doing so wrong things!) - he was travelling and he saw in a plain, on a land out of (the) cities, two persons. One burning, then that one burning one and second, when that was burnt, second one going to be fire and burning second one. First (one) going to be fire and- Allah creating quickly their bodies as before- one going to be fire and burning that one, then it is ashes, coming and becoming like a man (again), and burning second one. Therefore, (from) that second one's ashes Allah creating that person again and it is… this first one going to be fire and burning, one burning, then another (one) burning…

And Jesus Christ was saying: "O my Lord, it is a very strange. You know
that I am asking to learn what is this?" Then Allah Almighty (was)
sending to him Archangel Gabriel and saying to him: "O son of Maryam, son of Mary!" (He was not (the) son of any man, and he is not (the) son of the Lord! They are wrong ones! If I am saying to you that: "An ant
(has) just born a man", you are saying: "(The) Sheikh (is) going to be (a) no-mind person.. (An) ant (is) bringing a man? What is that!" (So-) how Mary (is) bringing (a) baby from Allah? What is that foolishness? But no one (is) saying anything! They are (only) saying: "We find it like this and we must follow." Follow, up to (the) fire!)

He (Jesus) was asking and (the) Lord (was) sending Gabriel, saying: "
O, son of Maryam, Isa, o Christ", they are as now two men, going to be
married- they are saying (it is) okay- "two persons are marrying each
other, therefore Allah Almighty (is) punishing them (in this way that
first) one (of them is) going to be fire, and burning second one, and
(then the) second one (is) going to be fire and burning (the) first - up to Yaumu-l Qiyama!" …Na´udhu bi-llah!…They are not looking their books! (It is) through their holy Books, I may show them!… I know nothing, but sometimes I know something!… Dirtiest thing, dirtiest acting that man can do: that man to man, women to woman…

May Allah forgive us and protect ourselves, not to fall into the trap
of Shaytan, because Shaytan, its generation (is) coming for itself- one
leg (is like that of a) man, one leg (is like that if a) woman, making
itself by itself and bringing generation- (and he is) trying to make
man on its way! Allah (is) cursing that one and who(ever is) following
that one!

O people, whom they are on wrong way - Heavenly Revenge (is)
approaching! I don’t know (if) today or tomorrow, I can't say this week or next week, I can't say this month or next month, I can't say this year… I can't say next year…(it is) so (quickly) approaching! Heavenly Anger (is) approaching to people that they are living and making so dirty things and making Heavens to be angry with them…coming on them...

May Allah forgive us and protect ourselves from wrong things! O people,
don’t trust on yourself, on your ego - ego is Shaytan! See: when your
ego (is) going with Shaytan, quickly (it is) coming a wrong acting
(after that). O people, try to run away from shaitanic actings! Try to save yourself, or something (is) reaching to you from Heavens and it is
(going to be) a Revenge from Heavens! Oh, oh, oh!…

We were saying about true ones… True ones…ask true ones! (The) whole world (is) under the hegemony of liars now and people (are) running after them! Those leaders that (are) leading people to false and who(ever is) running after them, (they) should be taken away, because cursing (is) making them to finish under divinely Anger.

O people, you have been honoured to be from mankind and Allah Almighty
(is) ordering His servants, (making) wasiyat, advising them and making
His Will and saying: "O My servants, follow My true ones: Ya ayyuha
ladhina amanu, ittaquLlaha wa kunu ma´a sadiqin!" That (is an) Ayatu
Karim, that is (a) Holy Word (that) Arabs must look for it much more.
Arabs, you must understand and you must close the doors that (are) opening to wrong ways. First Arabs must close down (the) doors to wrong actings.

First (the) leaders and Sultans of Arabs must close their doors, (so)
that people (are) not (going to) run into fire, (so that they are) not
(going) to run after shaitanic teachings and reaching to Hells!
Therefore Arabs - that they are first believers - now they must try to be also……Hu… leading people to Holy Quran's true way! And (the) true way - they are knowing that - (it is) only with true ones. True ones may show you true ways! That is our mission: To call people to Allah Almighty and they are making me to speak to you in such a way that you must take your much care (for) what we are saying: what (it is that is) making a person to fall into fire eternally, (so that he is) never getting out (again)…

O people! O people, give your pity! First for yourself be merciful,
give your mercy, merhamet… (Sheikh is asking for the translation of the
word 'merhamet': …No one (is) understanding, no one (is) knowing
anything!… All of you!… I am saying pity, I am asking (for the translation of the word) 'merhamet', (and) no one (is) saying 'mercy', till I am saying… All of you, I must swear (to) all of you, because some of you (are) sleeping, some of you (are) taking so many things… and not taking care!…)

Whom they are not giving mercy to themselves, no one (is) going to give
them mercy! First give mercy to yourself - but mercy (has) just (been)
taken up from the hearts of people… and this is the time of tyrants
that (it is said that): When (the) last days (are) coming, tyrants (are) going to be leaders. And they are on behalf of Shaytan making everything to make mankind down and dishonoured…

We are trying to show you (how) to journey the way of honour that the
Lord of Heavens honoured us, ourselves (with). O people, that is honour
for you: to follow true ones. If (you are) not (doing that), (there is)
no honour for you, no mercy for you, no blessings for you, no favours
on you, no eternal life for you! Try to understand and try to follow
that true way!

May Allah forgive me and forgive you and bless all of you!
For the honour of the most honoured one in His Divine Presence,
Sayyidina Muhammad - sallaLlahu ´alayhi wa sallam,
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76. Mevlana Rumi
77. This religion is easy.
78. Claims about the Sultan of Awliya'
79. Why do some Sufis act like circus performers?!
80. Responding to a critic of Mawlana Shaykh's Dawah
81. The Pseudo Salafi
82. Where do we worship
83. Children of Abraham
84. An Interview with Sheikh Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi by Carter Phipps for "What is
85. More on Keramat
86. Rumi, "Mathnawi"
88. Khutbat al-Jumu`ah Shaykh as-Sayyid Muhammad Hisham Masjid al-Iman, Oakland Calif. 02-
14-2003 "Throw Away Your "intellect" !
90. Suhbat: "A Loss which is Forever" Shaykh as-Sayyid Muhammad Hisham al-Kabbani Scott's
Valley, California
92. Love of the Prophet Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
93. Wiping the slate clean?Getting back to praying regularly
Answered by Shaykh Gibril Haddad
95. The Month of Muharram-The First Month of the Islamic Calendar Night Prayer
96. The Day of `Ashura': The Tenth of Muharram
97. Giving in Charity on the Day of `Ashura'
98. Explanation of Sufiyya and Wilayat Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

101. RUMI
102. Kinship with the detached
103. Tafsir Surat ash-Shams, Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, Masjid al-Iman, Oakland, CA
104. Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani Cyprus, April 02, 2003
105. Muslim Women's Coalition Mawlud Series Muhammad SallalAllahu Alaihi Wasalam
106. The Messenger Of Islam by Hajjah Amina Adil "AND MUHAMMAD IS HIS MESSENGER"
107. The Veneration of the Prophet in Islamic Piety
108. Donating The Reward For Koran Recital To The Deceased
109. The Saints' Unveiling Of The Unseen
110. Excerpted from Encyclopedia Of Islamic Doctrine.
"The Prophet" by Shaykh Hisham Kabbani.
112. Muhammad Khwaja al-Amkanaki
113. Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Qubrusi Al-Haqqani Cyprus, April 19, 2003
114. Love of the Prophet PEACE BE UPON HIM Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
115. Thinking of Other Women in a Sexual Way… Turning to Allah, Repentance, Seeking
Sufficiency in the Halal, and Thanking Allah for His Blessings
116. Thinking of Sin & Determining to Sin
117. Taking Care of One’s Eyes and Ears
118. Repetitive repentence? Answered by Shaykh Gibril Haddad
119. Repentance: Keep Erring, Do I Have To Tell?
120. How Does One Repent?
121. 'Your ego, your God' by Maulana Sheikh Nazim
122. ‘Importance of Communal/Weekly Dhikr’Maulana Sheikh Nazim
123. Dhikr’ by Maulana sheikh Nazim
124. Tariqatuna as-suhbah, By Shaykh Hisham Kabbani an-Naqshbandi
125. HUU
126. I'TIKAF 2003
128. The Khatm al-Khawajkan
129. Answered by Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari,
130. Film review - THE MATRIX
131. RE: Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, Shaykh Nazim, and the Encyclopedia of Islamic Doctrine
and Beliefs…
132. Oh Master of the Masters
133. From the "Memorial of the Saints" of Fariduddin Attar
134. The light shining from Pattani Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
135. Listen, open a window to God
136. Fight your tongue.
137. Seek Your Heavenly Dress, Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani Suhbat 10-03-2003
138. The Night of Bara`ah
139. Secrets of Laylat al Bara'at, 26 NOVEMBER 2001
140. The inner knowledge/ilm-i batin
141. The Prayer of Benefits [Salat al-Khair]
142. It is Disliked to Pray the Sunna of Wudu & Other Non-Obligatory Prayers
143. During the Disliked Times
144. Have Salafis Taken Over the Muslim World and Muslim Communities
145. Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani Cyprus, Monday, 1st of December 2003
147. I need a supplication to say at the end of prayer…
148. Loss and Tragedy by Sheikh Nazim Al-Qubrusi
149. From "Divine Sources" in the Mercy Oceans series ON LAYLAT AL-QADR
150. Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al Haqqani Cyprus 9 July 2003
151. Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al Haqqani Cyprus 8 July 2003
152. Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al Haqqani Cyprus 6 July 2003
153. The Last Ten Days of Ramadan Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
154. Don't listen to everyone's speech. Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (q)
155. Levels of ‘Ilm and Our Heavenly Names
156. Wali Qutb
157. Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al Haqqani Cyprus 5th July 2003
158. Wahhabi /Deobandi/Tablighi Do Not Proclaim Ya Muhammad
But Muslims Do Proclaim Ya Muhammad.
159. Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al Haqqani Cyprus 3rd July 2003
160. Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al Haqqani Cyprus 7 July 2003
161. Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al Haqqani Cyprus 1st July 2003
162. Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil al Haqqani Cyprus 14th July 2003
163. Ponder Allah's Creation- Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
165. LIE
167. The Spiritual Significance of the Miraculous Night Journey and Ascension of the
Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him BY SHAYKH MUHAMMAD HISHAM KABBANI
168. Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi
169. Mawlana Jamaludin al-Ghumuqi al-husaini (q)
170. The Night Vigil Prayer
171. Excellence of Prayer at Night - Qiyam al-layl
172. A practical program for the development of the belief .. (Eeman)
173. Position of Grandsyaikh Nazim Adil al Haqqani
174. Keep your Sheikh in your heart
175. His Crown is BismilAllah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem
177. Secrets of Ablution/Wudu & Power in The Hands


Blogger RepentInPeace (stop the lies) said...

Asalaamu Alaykum. SubhanAllah. Allah Knows our hearts. No one else. Intention is our best meaning. Ego-defense is the dirtiest thing. Ego-worship (materialism) is the worst sin. The worst seems best. The most dishonorable act is people's most honorable act. To defend the ego. Our self is the worst hurt to our self. Our false self. My true self submits to Allah alone; not my false self. Thus, we will obey the pillars of Islam. We will return the salaam (peaceful greeting). We will shun vain talk. We will speak Truth and real good things. We will understand and forgive us. We will feel equal respect (humility!!!!!). The best equity. Prophet Musa, Isa (son of Mary only!), etc (pbut) all preached there is no Lord (god) but Allah (ta ala). Who does more wrong than he who invokes a lie against (G-d) The Truth?! Patience bears with the worst pain. Humility finds it out and thus tames/removes it. Just as death will.

The best virtue is closest to Truth (sincerity). Actions speak falser than words. ??? Cause they themselves oppose the greatest action. ??? To humble our own self to Allah alone. To lower the voice. Truth is not loud. Nor is peace. Nor is clarity. Nor is good reception. Soul cleansing. The spirit must repent. Tauba starts when self submits to Allah alone. In the Quran. On the streets. In the store. On the phone. In the Masjid. On the internet. On Faceugh (social sites; not sinful/ill sites!). On the train. In words. In deeds. In the flesh, heart, mind, etc. Jihad u Akbar. Allah Akbar. Allahumaghfirli.

8:34 PM  
Blogger RepentInPeace (stop the lies) said...

Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

Is it best to be uplifted or undeceived?

Is it worse to be depressed or deceived?

It's best to repent to Allah.
Be not deceived by the life of this world. Every soul shall have a taste of death. Then will it receive its full recompense. So he who is admitted to Eternal Paradise and saved from (grave punishment) underworld fire will have attained his desire. And what is the life of this world but enjoyment of delusion. Allah knows those who are sincere and those who do nothing but lie. Audhoo billah. Astaghfirullah.

9:27 PM  

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